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Zahara & Ange -- Girls' Day Out

9/11/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt got a little one-on-one time with her hot mama today -- and Miss Z couldn't have looked happier!

TMZ cameras spotted Angie dropping off Maddox at his posh, five-star cuisine eatin' school this morning, with a subdued Zahara clinging to mom as they entered.

Moments later, with Mad in school, Z was absolutely ecstatic as photogs snapped the wildly grinning mom and daughter on a mini shopping spree at a nearby toy store. It didn't look like Zahara got any new toys, but she almost left the store with a shiner after an umbrella wielding pedestrian nearly crashed into them.


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why is she never with Shiloh???? She should be ashamed. It seems she cares nothing for her birth daughter. Thank God Shiloh has a father who cares.

2602 days ago


I would like to see them spend as much time with Shiloh as she does her addopted children, you never see them having a day with just her, if she is with them then the rest of the children are there too. I just cannot see where that is fair to her.

2602 days ago


Racist mother fathers!

2602 days ago


I am a scientist? You're the one who gave the lesson on how hair grows. Stop hanging out in the hair care forums!

Thats chics hair isn't simply "pulled back"...its in the same stub of a pigtail its always been in. And I am sure from the pics you can tell its thickness to a "T"....

She ain't got no HAIR! Thats that. It wasn't for you to create an issue out of!!!

SHE NEEDS A HAIRSTYLIST AND FAST if Angelina insists on pimping her to the media every other day....

PS...a 3 year old shouldn't be deciding how she wears her hair...your argument is WHACK!!

2602 days ago

Britney fan's are pathetic    

Angelina is not as good as she pretends to be, in my opinion.

Someone who is really caring and helpful wouldn't publicize it so much.

Again just my opinion.

2602 days ago

just me    

she aint got no hair. lol. nice grammer. how else would you like to show your stupidity?

2602 days ago


TO: Whack Jess

Glad to know you aren't the Jess I thought you were. : )

But in regards to your comment: call it what you want. I didn't call the chic a racist. I said that she fix the chics hair. And I am sticking to it. Zs hair looks like crap. As for you? I can give a flying **** what you look like.

If you are 19, then that explains your quickness to make assumptions in a comment that simply states the child's hair should not be called "wild" as a justification for the tired ass pigtails.....

Scary spice has wild hair? Wild hair is a negative statement, simple as that. Mel B. has curly free flowing hair (when not blowdried)...Angelina is an actress..she could have found a better word to describe her child's hair outside of "wild" as if she is some sort of animal. She should know how important her word choices are....

For you to bring up Racism just shows that in your mind is does exist. And my point taken.

2602 days ago

Just wasted my time    

Angie, I think your plan is really clever!! Let them photograph you everyday and they'll soon be bored with it. Then you and your beautiful family can go about your buisness in peace - Brilliant!!!!

(Are the paps seriousy going to wait every single day? It won't be long till there's no profit in Mad-goes-to-school pictures! - hooray!!)

2602 days ago


Actually, I was putting it in a manner in which you would understand...its obvious where you come from...and thats from the "not so bright" population of America...

And before you comment on grammer, double check your spelling (CAIR) and do check your punctuation.

2602 days ago


Here we go again. Weirdo Angelina trying her best to stay in the limelight. If she would not have been a homewrecker and ended up with Brd she would be nobody. Now her and Brad are both has beens trying to act like saints for collecting children form different countries. How can these children be normal or happy constantly traveling and being spoiled to make up for the time mommy does not give them. AJ & Brad have enough money, neither has to work, so why doesn't Ang just stay home and be a mommy to all these kids she collects. Oh, that's right, then SHE would not be constantly in the spotlight. These poor children do not have a chance turning out right with such weird parents who find everything else more important than their children they collect.

2602 days ago

william giiligan    

TMZ must have it wrong- how can a 6 year old still be in pre-school? He should be in kindergarten or first grade, depending on his birthday and state cut-off dates. Pre-school?Let the poor kid grow up.

2602 days ago

just me    

the CAIR is what you posted dumbass

2602 days ago


Hey "People," are you calling Angie a liar? Give it up, Angie herself has given interviews and admitted she has little feeling for Shiloh the "blob", everyone knows that. Everyone also knows Angie has sick and twisted feelings for her brother, or did you miss that long passionate kiss between creepy Angie and her sick brother on the red carpet, a kiss that Brad has probably never experienced himself, certainly never got kissed by Angie like that in public for the cameras. Brad and Angie are in trouble and they are doing the usual damage control PR shoots because they are hoping people will forget what a trainwreck of a couple they are if they get enough phony PR photos in all the magazines - they always do this PR crap when one or both of them have a movie out. Two phony a$$holes, they deserve each other. I just feel sorry for the kids, and especially for Shiloh, having a mother that ADMITS she has trouble getting close to her daughter. And "People," Angie does keep making one movie right after another just so she doesn't have to stay home with her family.

"People," if you try to deny what Angie herself admits, you just look like a PR a$$hole.

2602 days ago


WTF is wrong with some of you people? They love their children, all of them. They take time to give each child personal attention as well as family time. Why do you want to only see picture of her and Shiloh? What's wrong with some of you? There are dozens and dozens of picture of Angelina with Shiloh, and with all of her children. Stop trying to make a mother choose one child over another you closet racist because that is what it all boils down to. LEAVE ANGELINA AND HER FAMILY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

2602 days ago


this is for medialady/proboards.105. Please, don't hold back. Tell us all how you really feel. I think you may need to seek some psychiatric help. I mean, why else would you dedicate a website to hating a celebrity. Pretty fricken strange, lady. I belive you need to find a less maniacal, obsessive hobby. Wingnut

2602 days ago
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