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Zahara & Ange -- Girls' Day Out

9/11/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt got a little one-on-one time with her hot mama today -- and Miss Z couldn't have looked happier!

TMZ cameras spotted Angie dropping off Maddox at his posh, five-star cuisine eatin' school this morning, with a subdued Zahara clinging to mom as they entered.

Moments later, with Mad in school, Z was absolutely ecstatic as photogs snapped the wildly grinning mom and daughter on a mini shopping spree at a nearby toy store. It didn't look like Zahara got any new toys, but she almost left the store with a shiner after an umbrella wielding pedestrian nearly crashed into them.


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D.Michelle got it.

If you think that child's hair grows from the roots and doesn't need to be combed...than you got it.

I am a dumbass, and you think people don't need to comb their hair cause it grows from the roots. I will be a dumbass. And you will remain a no-hair-combing, kinky headed heffa!


**Please note, again, my use of punctuation

2607 days ago

Just wasted my time    

Madd: My mum is awesome! She brings me to school everyday !

Zahara: Love riding with mama and Maddox everyday. Sometimes we also go to the toyshop and she buys me a toy if I've been good. But sometimes she doesn't.

Angie: These children are my life. I thank God that he's blessed me with so much that I can repay his kindness to me. This time spent with them is so precious, they grow up so quickly.

(I'm happy, so I only think beautiful thoughts, unlike a lot of hurting people posting here)

2607 days ago


For those bitching about never seeing Shiloh, Zahara smile, or the kids walking go to or They have a lot of pictures and videos of them. TMZ hardly has any.

2607 days ago

just me    

I never said people didn't need to comb their hair. I said that combing it will not make it grow. And since you are so adament that I am wrong about it growing from the roots, please prove me wrong. There bitch. I can use puncuation also. Happy honey?

2607 days ago

Britney fan's are pathetic    

This is in response to #90. The press won't leave them alone because they put themselves out there. I don't see Julia Roberts on TMZ everday with her kids. you know why? Because she stays home and tries to raise them instead of using them for publicity!!

2607 days ago

Just wasted my time    

# 90
Yeah! Go Lisa!!!

I'm sure you're also a happy person just like me!!

2607 days ago


Given the new tone of your comment, I was not trying to say she was being racist in calling the child's hair wild. Forgive me if my tone turned combative. I was ASKING if that was her way of not calling it nappy because she knew it would likely be taken negatively, so I said "politically correct".

I don't think she has enough hair to "go wild"...just my opinion. Due to its length, she should be able to work easier with it. I recall reading a time when Brad said they were learning to do her "type" of hair, and the response was, just like you do your own! Wash, comb, and style! That baby would be better off with a fade than those atrocious dukey plaits!

So, thats what upsets me...the other kids are styled a lot more glamorous than Z, both clothes and hair...and I am just tired of her being photographed looking so tired.

Brangelina has more than enough money to buy a customized Zahara Lace Front if all else fails! : )

And go on with your funky (creative) self, GorJess!

2607 days ago


Hey - TMZ can you call this couple out on their posing, media manipulating ways and be done with them soon? Thanks.

2607 days ago


i don't get it.......why only take one child with you on outings?? have you forgotten you have 3 !! mothers everywhere can handle all their kids on an outing....why not you?
if you didn't EVENTUALLY want the paparazzi taking pics of you & your should never have chosen a public career........i mean after all....the paparazzi are who made you world famous....

2607 days ago


Geez, so much anger from a picture of a happy mother and daughter! They both look like they're having fun...I'm sure Shiloh is not scarred from it.

2607 days ago

Just wasted my time    

# 96

Yay!!! Another happy person!!!! Go Louise!!!!

Will go and look at Just Jared - thanks!

2607 days ago


TMZ - play the video and you can see that crazy attention-starved Angie just created a big ol photo op for herself. Heaven knows what she promised that cute little Z to smile for the papz! Poor babies.

2607 days ago


Do these kids ever walk on their own 2 feet!

2607 days ago


What a sorry excuse for a human. Using one of the kids once again for a photo op. That seems to be what they're good for. And I agree, Z is ugly as hell, but so is her mama.

2607 days ago


Agnicko--or whatever the hell it is---your whack. Do know this is my last response to your "rediculous" ass. (Thanks Shame on You for pointing out that this broad can't spell either...or use caps to start sentence)

I said that it needs to be combed so it can retain length or can you not read either? Yes, it grows from the roots, and from there, nothing else you said held not a drop of water. After it grows from the roots, then what? It needs to be combed and maintained so that it can continue to acquire LENGTH and not just break off and remain the same stubby dukey plaits they have been for 1.5 years now???

Get a life chic. And ask your mama why she never got you "Hooked on Phonics" because you are all around terrible in phonics, English, Language Arts....I mean seriously....learn to read, interpret, and write before you comment in any other blogs and forums, unless you like sounding like a harlequin...

2607 days ago
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