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Ja Rule: Protect My Kids from My F**kin' Language

9/12/2007 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ja RuleThe eloquent rapper Ja Rule threw his fitty cents in the mix regarding an upcoming congressional hearing that will address content and imagery of African-American women in hip-hop. This is like having George W. Bush speak on international peacekeeping.

Complex Magazine reports that Ja Rule offered his objections to the hearings, saying, "Let's get into s**t like that, because that's what's tearing up America, not me calling a woman a b**ch or a ho on my rap songs. And if it is, then we need to go step to Paramount, and f**king MGM, and all of these other motherf**kers that's making all of these movies and we need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and let's talk about all these f**king shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can't watch this s**t."

Ja will be releasing his seventh solo album The Mirror in November. His head will be removed from his rectum well before the release date.

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what an idiot....... that last line is quite funny!!!

2575 days ago


He has a point. Hiphop is not only responsible to set examples. Big corporations show as much inappropriate content and they are not having fingers pointing their ways

2575 days ago



2575 days ago



2575 days ago


It would seem to me that someone who promotes violence against women, random sex and encourages criminal behavor in his songs is an unfit parent?

Maybe DCFS should find a more suitable home for his children?

2575 days ago


okay, what do u mean rectum removed? ha ha ha im laughing b/c he cusses all the time and hes not practicing what hes saying.

2575 days ago


. . . but they can be around a father with an apparent case of Tourette's???

2575 days ago

Smarter Than These OTHER Posters    

Fascinates me that racism can be found in EVERY facet of our society. Amazing how the posters here are missing the point in lieu of wanting to somehow imply that this man is inferior to them because of his background or race. Viacom IS responsible for the content. Clear Channel IS responsible for the content. Interscope Records IS responsible for the content.

I am perhaps a "chimp" as well. And I am not dead as one poster asked of Ja Rule. And I still say that the masses or blind idiots if they believe that boardrooms full of middle-aged advertising execs - that look NOTHING like Ja Rule - determine the content of your viewing, reading and listening EVERYDAY you wake. So since people blindly follow and apparently are so unaware I guess that would make people like the previous posters the "chimps."

And the band played on and people keep getting dumber and dumber and more consumed with frivolty than the world around them.

p.s. Your government is planning military action against Iran. Russia is testing bombs more powerful than those that the US has. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Oh, and there is that other thing going on in Iraq. There is HIV. There is Dafur. But NOTHING says action like congressional hearings on rap lyric content.

2575 days ago


p.s. Your government is planning military action against Iran. Russia is testing bombs more powerful than those that the US has. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Oh, and there is that other thing going on in Iraq. There is HIV. There is Dafur. But NOTHING says action like congressional hearings on rap lyric content.
Enough Said. Well put Smarter then these other posters.!

2575 days ago


Before screwing up his reputation and making an ass of himself, he almost managed to make a good point-- he brought up the Jena 6, a group of black kids who are getting railroaded by the police in Jena, LA. See:

2575 days ago


What i find amazing is that an african american feels he has a right to be homophobic in this country... He's from a minority that has been oppressed in this country, so he has no room to oppress anyone else.
By the way, i love how he's worried about what his kids watch, read, hear, but his lyrics are incredibly vulgar and he used the worst of the worst obscenities to get his point across...I'd call him a hypocrit, but i think he is literally too dumb to be one...

2575 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

As the crack flies
On a cold and gray New York mornin
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And her mama cries
cause if theres one thing that she dont need
Its another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto

2575 days ago


Ja Rule (where do these idiots come up with these names?) is apparently homophobic. He claims networks are promoting homosexuality? That's not likely to go over very well. The issue of censoreship is a tough one, freedom of expression is important but it is sorely abused. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. White kids think they will somehow become "cool" if they listen to this filthy garbage that is not even music. It's just a bunch of jerks dressed in baggy clothes chanting a bunch of hostile sexist rhymes and it should have gone the way of disco a long time ago. It's still just a fad, nothing more, albeit a longrunning one but there are huge amounts of money in it because kids will always buy junk if the adults don't approve. Way back in the 1950's, there were hearings held on the content of comic books which a few witchhunters claimed were a bad influence. The comic book industry decided to police itself but went overboard like everything else and cleaned up to the point of being pretty sterile for a while there before gradually blossoming into a fantastic medium. There is no talent involved in rap. I for one am sick to death of having it infiltrate our movies and tv, it's trash plain and simple.

2575 days ago

old school    

I agree with the poster implicating our concress has an abundance of other issues to deal with. Not only the increase of weapons world wide but also the homeless and hungry, and the fact we still have not found ben laden in 6 years.
also why are the rappers the only target, because they speak more directly. Eighties punk was pretty provocitive and angry music, ZZ Top (one of my favorites) has quite a few songs talking about sex. Like "Woke up with wood", "Mexican black bird", "Slip inside my sleeping bag" among others. Tom Petty sings about smoking pot, last dance with Mary Jane. Music is merely a place to vent not many hold words to live by. Singers just sing, the producers and advertisers are the ones that get it out to our kids. Let the courts attack where the blame really lays and let congress deal with more relevant issues they were voted in to address.

2575 days ago


A Friend of mine just told me that she so from the TMZ that Ja Rule was caught with transvestite in West Hollywood in his car.

Apparently, he was pull over for speeding probably and someone recognize him and took a picture. I asked my friend where did she sees it.

Check the

2575 days ago
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