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Jayden James Makes It to One

9/12/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and Jayden JamesSomebody wake up Britney and tell her that her youngest son, Jayden James, is one today. Ding dang!

In his short life so far, Jayden has witnessed mama Britney's divorce, her infamous head shaving, two stints in rehab, an umbrella attack, endless bad outfits and one career-ending VMA performance. Happy birthday, baby!

May this year be even better than the last!


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TMZ is ruthless

2568 days ago



They aren't picking on the baby! They're picking on his mother. AS THEY SHOULD! She's a flaming hot mess and a sinking ship. If i were on "team britney" i'd jump.

AND! if you're going to defend the woman, SPELL HER NAME RIGHT!

2568 days ago

Dean of OK    

She has two just beautiful little boys. Let's hope for a good future for them.

2568 days ago


TMZ - do you know when enough is enough? You've now stepped into the realm of heart-less, cold and hateful... that's not fun... it's like throwing punches at a man already on the ground. You're trying to play cute, but this is just plain hateful..... enough!

2568 days ago


Well for those who are being ignorant....Britneys heel broke on her boot...thats why her performance on Sunday wasnt so hot. Quit bashing when you dont know what the hell you are talking your perfect or something .....

Go Britney your fans are proud of you!!!!! Can't wait til the album comes out. And happy Bday to the baby....Love ya Britney

2568 days ago



if you insist on re-posting the same thing over and over, please re-write it and make it more coherent. i still can't figure out what you're trying to say.

2568 days ago

Jason Abbas    

TMZ is a bunch of idiots. They claim her career ending MTV performance but then pay someone a $1000+ for her picture to post on their website today. There's one article a week that's truly news and everything else is pictures sold by nuts chasing people around and reporters writing garbage articles. Levin go eat some pork tonight!

2568 days ago


As long as you can keep her down ... you make more $$$!
Enough already!

2568 days ago


This website has become as bad as the TV show.

2568 days ago


I think Brittany bashing is getting boring and everyone needs to move on. I bet Brit feels bad enuf without everyone kicking her while shes down. Thanks Sarah! Your personally responsible for setting back sisterhood into the dark ages! Brit, ignore the comments and move on! Its NOT the end of the world either. Everyone makes mistakes!
Just hold your head up and dont pay attention to any of this crap & thats all it is too,
C R A P! Remember this song ? Hold On For One More Day, things will change, things will go your way! I always listen to that song when Im down and it works wonders for my spirit! Try blaring that song & drown out the rest of the garbage!

2568 days ago


HAPPY BIRTHDAY what cute boys she has and I wish them all the best and to the haters try to be nice y'all, if you can't say aything nice............................................say nothing.
HAGD all

2568 days ago


Please what has Britney done that is so terrible that you all don't have one nice thing to say about the girl!!!! Good heavens she has problems but give her a break you guys are just mean to her!!

2568 days ago


Well I'm sorry that saying someone's child just might be okay is enabling.. obviously you read what you wanted to "truth hurts." If you read the rest of my statement you would see that I said I expected her to make a complete 180 degree turn. Sorry if you don't understand what that means. Jackass.

2568 days ago


Why won't someone help those babies? I can't imagine why some people are still supporting her!!!

p.s. Ding Dang is still, and always will be, funny!!

Ding Dang, Ding Dang, Ding Dang . . . that's the bell tolling the death knoll of Britney's career.

2568 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

TMZ, you rock! And so do your hilarious comments about Britney! Keep up the good work! If L.A. County Children's Services paid half as much attention to her antics as you do, she wouldn't have those kids anymore. They need to be removed from her custody immediately. A family of chimpanzees could take better care of those kids. Keep the heat on her, TMZ!!

2568 days ago
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