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Colin Farrell -- St. Alexander?

9/13/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Colin Farrell's known as a philandering, dirty-mouthed, Hollywood bad boy -- but this week, he spent around $10,000 on a homeless man.
Colin Farrell
Rewind to 2003 when a local radio station offered $2,000 to anyone who could get the swaggering lothario into the studios -- when a homeless guy known as "Stress" pulled off the incredible feat. On Tuesday, the same vagabond was outside Colin's hotel, with Farrell not only remembering him, but sweeping him into his car for a shopping spree!

According to the Toronto Sun, Farrell took the man to Europe Bound Travel Outfitters, telling workers there to "Get him anything he wants." Stress picked up a $500 jacket, a backpack filled with socks, underwear, boots and a sleeping bag. After shopping Colin then went to an ATM, took out "a wad of twenties" and arranged to pay the dude's rent for a year!


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It was only around $3,000.............get your facts right TMZ!

2594 days ago


u did well my friend

2594 days ago



2594 days ago

Mikhail Sebastian    

I admire you Colin. You are a wonderful person. Way to go. All those clebreties who have huge amount of money have to do something good from it, help not only homeless people but other kids because this charity counts. All celebreties have to contribute something to this society. Colin thank you so much for what you did. Angelina Joile I love you with all my heart, you are a wonderful humn being this earth can ever have.

P.S. Colin will you help me to get into the big studio films also? Just wondering

Mikhail Sebastian

2594 days ago


You forgot to mention... when the radio show offered up $2000 to anyone who could get Farrell into the radio station... Colin Farrell went and found a person who could use the money and he took them to the station with him, so they could have the 2g's... and the person he grabbed 4 years ago was Stress.

Killer guy! A real human who has good fortune, go figure!

2593 days ago


well it was a nice gesture by colin farrell so good job to him, thats a great thing to do!

2593 days ago


That is SOOOOO cool!! I wish more celebs (or just rich people in general) were so generous like that :)

2593 days ago


Dear Colin.

I love you.

Love Jessica.

What an awesome and amazing thing to do.

2593 days ago


That is very awesome of Colin, god bless his heart he does more than any other star out there.

2593 days ago


I think this bum really took advantage.A $ 500 jacket for someone homeless,and all that other expensive stuff.Looks like he went for the high end price tags.

2593 days ago



Damn...that is one SEXY Irishman!

2593 days ago


He has so much class. You rock Colin.

2593 days ago


I agree Colin did a nice thing. The TV news reports tonight here in Canada (this incident happened in our largest city, Toronto, during the annual international film festival) say that besides the shopping spree, the homeless man received $800 for rent. I'd be curious to know what the exact amount is.

Other millionaire celebs can take a lesson here.

2593 days ago

Noxious Bob    

You cannot buy this kind of publicity. The 10K he spent on the bum is peanuts considering how this was picked up around the world.

The man is a genius

2593 days ago

Joey David    

I live in Toronto and this has been all over the media here, it was a nice gesture but sorry, all sources here say he spent $2,100 at the clothing store and another $1500 for the homeless man to pay for 1st and last months rent. Anything to get your name out there and good publicity. In total $3600 CAD. And our dollar is at $1.03 for every $1 USD, it doesn't add up to $3600 doesn't add up to $10,000 at an exchange rate of $1.03.

2593 days ago
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