Seth Green Defends Britfan Chris Crocker

9/14/2007 12:22 PM PDT
Bashing Britney Spears' VMA performance is sooooooo Monday morning. The web community has moved on, and now it's time to lampoon Brit's most famous defender: weepy Chris Crocker.

By now you've seen Crocker's tearful, passionate Britney Spears defense plea ("Britney is a human!"), but now Seth Green of "Robot Chicken" fame is teaming up with MySpaceTV to poke fun at Crocker. How abstract!

Sporting enough eyeliner to make Pete Wentz jealous, Green screams into the camera, "You have not spent a mile walking in his sneakers ... or platform pumps. I don't know what he wears but I bet it's stylish!" Just a guess, but it's probably the pumps.