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The Mystery of Mystery Persists

9/16/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This past week, the cell phone number of eyeliner-wearing, crushed velvet-hat clad Mystery, host of hit VH1 show "The Pick-Up Artist" was posted online. The ladies of decided to give Mystery a ring. Among the topics discussed: Mystery's favorite rock gods, his sex life, and Scott Baio. Yes, Scott Baio.

Mr. Mystery -- real name Erik Von Markovik -- rambled on about why Scott Baio was "45 and single" as his hit VH1 show proclaims. "It's sort of the same thing as if I were to see Bea Arthur of "The Golden Girls" have sex. Why would I want to watch someone who has already gone through menopause go through that? It's biology. I'm evolutionally calibrated to not find that attractive." Say what? Maybe he's trying to "Neg" Baio.

He also waxed poetic on how hard it is to have a relationship, now that he's known worldwide as a lead lothario. "I've put myself in an interesting position where I have a lot of opportunities. And there are some people on this planet who we're spiritually connected to," he said. So that's what the kids are calling it these days, a "spiritual connection!"

And watch out L.A.-area ladies -- Mystery just relocated from Las Vegas to the Thirty Mile Zone. He's looking to have a spiritual connection with you.


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Nasal- voiced Mystery and his goggles are pure lame shiznit! What a tool! Is he going for the pilot- deep sea diver or 80's rocker look? What a mess!

2561 days ago


" Spiritual Connection "

= A woman with a nice condo, Good job and a nice ride.

Good luck in LA charmer.

2561 days ago


The only mystery here is what he is putting in the drinks of all the women he gets.
Dirty pirate!

2561 days ago




That lady is getting long in the tooth.

2561 days ago


This guy is a complete joke, who is he to give out advice on picking up? Run for the hills women of L.A. the freak birdman is on the way. YIKES

2561 days ago


I agree he is a dirt a**. I would never look at him. I would think "NO JOB!" and "he needs a shower!"

2561 days ago



2561 days ago


Mystery? Yes, two. The smaller mystery is why the hell anyone is remotely interested in this poser/loser/arrogant turd. The larger mystery is why any woman would ever be attracted to him. I can only guess that the show is a joke. I can't take it seriously. Can you say total-body condom? Ick.

2561 days ago

Reality TV Sucks    

I'm really thrilled that VH1 has once again come up with another great show that teaches people how to be better human beings. I watched it once and was so excited how the show helped the guys pick up girls like cans in a supermarket. Let's pretend that the girls have no feelings and somehow enjoyed watching themselves months later on TV knowing that the guy who pretended to be interested in them was merely using them to win a game.... Way to go. These guys couldn't pick up girls because they felt like they were losers... Well congrats. Your new vocabulary and outlook, considering girls inanimate objects will ensure now you won't pick up girls because you are douchebags.

And Mystery? The mere fact that you gave yourself that name along with Matador and Peanut or whatever.... That's hysterically pathetic. Dude you try to hard. Take all that crap off your face and walk around like a normal person. Do you need that many props to get it up too??

2561 days ago


This guy is such a creep that when I read this article on my computer I blew my rape whistle

2561 days ago


Kim, you are my new hero! Funniest thing all day by far.

2561 days ago


Lot of playa-haters here, hehe.

Mystery is an interesting guy and The Pickup Artist show is an original reality show that is fairly entertaining.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.


2561 days ago

whoo dun it    

i like that guy

2561 days ago


This guy is a joke and a Tommy Lee wanna be. Love the fake lip tatoo on the neck!! LOSER!!!!

2561 days ago


The only mystery is why women would want to hook up with him in the first place...

2561 days ago
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