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Katherine Heigl -- Smokin' Hot Butt-head

9/18/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She plays a doctor on TV -- so shouldn't she know smoking is bad for you!?

TMZ caught amazingly gracious Emmy winner Katherine Heigl outside the Ivy yesterday, where she was having a celebratory lunch with her mother. Lighting up a cigarette and puffing away as she signed photo after photo for all the autograph hunters, Heigl was extremely generous to the paps -- and at one point even signed our photographer's arm!

Hi-gull's mom had to step up and play handler for a moment -- calling a code red and whisking her daughter from the crowd and into her car.


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who gives a rats arse about here? i sure don't. More on the downfall of Brit Brit.

2593 days ago


Katherine Heigl, Smoking not cool!

2593 days ago

Lenn K.    

She the rule in Hollyweird not the exception. More celebs smoke than you know and some just hide it!!

2593 days ago

The Warden    

Talk about being dumb, TMZ. You guys cover actors/hollywood and you should know more than anyone that actors ACT! They PRETEND to be something they are not for a whole lot of money!!! And actors usually aren't the smartest of people! As well, actors act because they typically don't like WHO they are and thus find it easier to PRETEND to be someone else.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that she'd smoke.

Btw, just how much did you guys PAY that memorabilia collector for the audio of OJ SIMPSON?

2593 days ago


Not a surprise.
This idiot is like all the rest.
It is an appetite suppressant....
how else would she be able to fit into those dresses?

2593 days ago


Been a non-smoker for 2months now... i know none of ya care, but i do... if anyone wants to try to quit - NICODERM CQ is pricey, but it works wonders.... **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

2593 days ago

The Warden    

And to prove JUST HOW DUMB KATHY is, her addiction to cigs is so strong that she can't wait to smoke in private where she won't be photographed. The actors who understand good PR don't smoke in places where it can be caught on camera as to hide this fact from their fans who might be anti smoking nazis.

2593 days ago


I hate to be the one to say duh but honestly TMZ have you been to Hollywood lately? practically 9 out of 10 actresses smoke. For some reason they still believe the more they smoke the less they will eat. Pretty stupid but its the truth.

2593 days ago

The Queen    

Give me a break! People smoke - get over it. I bet half the TMZ staff do, too! And in this state, CA, the worst complainers of smoking and yet, yes you guessed it, the cheapest cigarettes in the country I bet!

2593 days ago


Bummer, I thougt she was smarter than that.

2593 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Maybe she wants to be on those high school nurse station posters as the new 'smoking is very glamorous' lady.

2593 days ago

french vanilla    

Smoking is legal, get over it. It's not like she's doing illegal drugs on the street ffs!! All people have vices, some you can see, some you can't. Are you all so perfect? Look in the mirror first before you judge! What goes on behind YOUR closed doors all you perfect people?

2593 days ago


Thanks Katherine----another great role model for young women!!!! SHeeeesh

2593 days ago


Are you surprised she's smoking she is the biggest hypocrite on the show. She made such a big deal out of the whole Isiah ordeal went down and to this day when asked how life without Isiah is she nevers has anything positive to say. At the Emmy's when asked how is life on the set without Isiah her comment was "it's very peaceful very calm" was all of that needed. She never has anything positive to say but let someone disrespect her cast mate it's a whole nother story. Although I do not agree with the way Isiah handled that situation I believe he paid for his mistake. The only mistake I think is left on this show is Katherine Heigl. I mean really if it weren't for Grey's Anotomy where would we see this girl in another Steven Siegel movie. Although I would love to support the show I can no longer do that. Isiah and Sandra Oh made that show despite how he handled the situation. But these are merely my thoughts and my opinion don't shoot me lol.

2593 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Never cared for her, she a snotty, know it all b**ch, who seems to be overly opionated about things she just needs to stay out of. But hey it was free publicity. Priceless

2593 days ago
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