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O.J. Simpson Popped for Armed Robbery -- in 1996?

9/20/2007 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, this isn't the only time that Orenthal J. Simpson has been charged with armed robbery -- in Las Vegas.
Is this the real OJ?
TMZ has obtained court papers and police records that show that an O.J. Simpson got pinched back in 1996 for robbery with use of a deadly weapon. According to the arrest report, this O.J. held up a restaurant delivery guy along with two pals, taking cash, some keys ... and even the "exceptionally large" amount of food he ordered. That's stealing your cake and eating it too!

Was O.J. pulling small-change delivery guy stickups in Vegas before his raid on a Sin City hotel room?

Well, unless O.J. -- the Juice, that is -- was lying about his age and weight to authorities, it's just an amazing coincidence! This Orenthal J. was born in 1977, whereas his more famous namesake is thirty years older. And this O.J. lists his weight at a mighty 370 pounds; we know that Juice has put on some chunk over the years, but not that much.

Of course, it didn't work out so well for Orenthal the younger, who pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to five years in the slammer.

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Lock him up already and throw away the key!!

2587 days ago


Isn't there a 3 strikes you're OUT law? Any lawyers out there???
Let me guess not w/him b/c that's baseball not football.

2587 days ago

pay atention    

I believe it!!! I am sure that if they start investigating all of his activities their going to find more!! I don't believe this is the first time since he murdered Nicole and Ron that he has broke the law. I think he has finally going to have the pleasure of prison!! Whehewww

2587 days ago


It was just a schmuck some idiot named after OJ, he was fat and born in 1977.
Pay attention people!

2587 days ago


I highly doubt that this was O.J. as it would have been all over the news just like this recent crap is...nice try TMZ!

2587 days ago


Did you first few people actually read the article??? Clearly not, since you're ready to burn him at the stake. It said it was a different OJ Simpson.

2587 days ago

Off The Rack    

Wow, you commenters have the stuff genious is made of. Maybe you should go back and actually READ the article.

2587 days ago


Did #1  read this story?? It's not the same O.J.!! Just some poor snook whose parents had the bad idea to name their son after their football hero. Since this guy didn't have the good sense to change his name after the murders, he will live with this kind of stuff the rest of his life!

2587 days ago


Why does OJ get such a bad rap?

2587 days ago


Hey DUH, maybe YOU should go back and check out a dictionary so you can spell genius right :-)

2587 days ago

weezulette900 the dang article.........

2587 days ago


Your kidding right BrooklyNYC? Gee, I wonder if it's because he's a murderer??

2587 days ago

Just my opinion    

Is this the type reporting TMZ does?
First they "think" they are talking to Judge Ito...guess what?, it wasn't Judge Ito.
Get your s**t together....

2587 days ago


Is TMZ the Goldmans personal website ??? Get over it ....after seeing the bond it is becoming clearer that they have nothing .....And how is this all caught on tape ...Not many hotel room armed robberies are ....It all is too fishy

2587 days ago


Mia you sound like a nice person but if you think OJ will get time for this you are kidding yourself. I seriously doubt he would get anytime if he killed again while it was being taped. You must of not watched the murder trial. The police had so much evidence to convict him but an almost all black jury let him off. All OJ needs is his dream team of lawyers once again to stack the jury with blacks like they did in the murder trial. If the jury didnt believe the DNA evidence they sure wont take the word of a few white guys over OJ

2587 days ago
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