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Brad and Mad in School Daze

9/21/2007 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maddox Jolie-Pitt's daily trips to and from school have officially become a police matter.

When Daddy Brad arrived yesterday afternoon to pick Maddox up, NYPD had set up barriers to keep the snapperazzi and onlookers a few yards away from the front door of the Lycee Francais. When it came time to leave, the crush of peepers was so insane, Brad decided to take Maddox out a back door.

Earlier in the day, Brad brought along Pax and Zahara to take big bro to school. No word on whether the Lycee will be bringing in the Marines when Brad's three other kids enroll.


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I plan on flying to NYC next week to get in on this action. *Snap* *Snap*

2551 days ago


So, I take it that now that everyone knows where his son goes to school @ everyone is there waiting every morning to see them go to school. Even tourist are waiting...Now that is just going overboard... Leave the damn family alone. They just want him to get a good education....

2551 days ago


Brad is whipped.

2551 days ago



2551 days ago


I love how TMZ writes about this like they had NOTHING to do with the media frenzy outside the school. You are part of the problem, jerks!!! Dont you have telephoto lenses you can use for your stupid pictures and leave these kids alone? They deserve a normal life. They are not celebrities. Their parents are.

F you.

2551 days ago


Why don't they have someone like a nanny or home helper take the child to school? It may be nice to have your parents drop you off--but the zoo the parents are creating by their presence is not cool. Are the parental units doing the drop off for the child--or for the publicity? I imagine they're creating a nuisance for the other parents and kids, too.

2551 days ago

the madder hatter    

Too OTT. People really need to get a life. Really wonder how long little Maddox will last there before they sweep the family off to a new location and another expensive private school. I hope those kids really get a good education, especially if Brangelina pay such a high price for tuition. Wonder what the families (old money, international dignitaries, etc) of the other children think of the circus? Oh well...

2551 days ago


Boy, they are really pushing their movies, guess they know they are going to be bombs like all the rest. Just more lame celebutards seeking attention the cheapest way possible and using their kids to get it.

2551 days ago

Miss Smith    

I completely understand them wanting to take their children to and from school, instead of a nanny. I still remember how exciting it was to see your mom or dad waiting for you instead of a babysitter, neighbor (carpooling), etc.

BUT, why don't they just ALWAYS use the back door??

2551 days ago


uh, maybe if you had used that from day one Brad this wouldn't be happening.
But of course you wanted the publicity didn't you mediawh0re??
Stop selling your children on a daily basis and then complaining about it.

2551 days ago


this is OBSCENE! leave these people alone!

2551 days ago


How can any idiot blame the parents on this issue? Parents have a right to take their kids to school, park, doctor, wherever, and not be impeded in any manner. Can any dope possibly think Brad and Angelina need or want any more publicity, that they would use their children to obtain more publicity? Where the children attend school is a security issue and should be private. Can you imagine the hounding? It should be illegal to take pictures of any child playing, going to school, church, the doctor etc, by anyone other that a family member, for publication. If the family is attending a public event that could be different. This isn't right and it is time for change before something terrible happens.

2551 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This is why you live in a gated community. Slightly limiting, but safe and simple.
It's one of those trade-offs you make if you become ridiculously rich and famous.
Reality is that it's affecting everyone else at the school and on that street. It would
also be feasible to import a great tutor, but I think the point is attempting to mainstream
a bit for the kids along with a top notch academic curriculum. It's a conundrum.
Best wishes to them.

2551 days ago


I love them this family. I hope Brad & Angie stay together forever.

2551 days ago

Robert Lombard    

Definitely a "NO FLY" zone should be given to all fans and paps when it has to do with their families.

A bit of respect extended goes along way.

REVERSE yourselves into their place and believe me you would not want your 15 minutes of fame.

2551 days ago
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