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Britney's Fat Tony: "I Feared for Her Life"

9/23/2007 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The big former bodyguard who last week in an L.A. court gave apparently damning testimony about Britney Spears' drinking and drug use has now let it all hang out about Brit to a Brit tab.

In an interview with the News of the World in both print and on video, Tony "Fat Tony" Barretto makes numerous and specific allegations about the popwreck, and details her bizarre behavior as a mom and employer. He claims that she allowed her boys to walk around the pool unsupervised, that she would often forget to feed them, and she "would scream and cry uncontrollably" in front of them. What's more, she would talk in gibberish -- Brit-ish? -- that would confuse and scare the kids.

Barretto also charges that Britney "burps and farts a lot," but insists to her staff that she "can't be disgusted by your breath." What's more, she tromped around in the nude all the time -- but staffers had to "act coy." Barretto will appear on the "Today Show" on Monday morning.

Mariah Rolls with Nine – Count 'Em – Assistants

Is she a balladeer princess or a walking film production? Everyone agrees that Mariah Carey looked diva-ine at last week's Save the Music Foundation gala attended by the Clintons, but boy did it take a village to keep her that way!

Gatecrasher reports that Carey required nine staffers to perform "a ballet of maintenance" on Mariah all night, including one whose only job it was to "dispense breast tape" and yet another who was wearing a belt with brushes and hair spray. And then there was the one who brought portable hot rollers, just in case.

Rosie Ditches Diane

Rosie O'Donnell has bailed on an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer for "Good Morning America" about her new book, after saying "no" to Oprah earlier in the week.

Ro had written on her blog that her diss of Oprah wasn't nothin' but a thang, and she wasn't doing any interviews at all, which was probably news to "GMA" producers. "We were looking forward to having Rosie as a guest on the program. Unfortunately, today we were informed she has decided to cancel all of her interviews."

O'Donnell has said that the book and the things it details are "too raw" to discuss.

Party Favors: Scotland's KT Tunstall Particular About Her Scotch ... Big Pussy and Playmates Collide for Best Buddies

Scotland's KT Tunstall showed up to Angels and Kings in Manhattan the other night, and Gatecrasher says one of her people called ahead to make sure they had single-malts Talisker and Macallan in house, because she's very particular. ... Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore and Playmates old and new joined forces to support Best Buddies, a charity devoted to helping those with "intellectual disabilities," at the Manhattan's Prince George Ballroom.


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How much more can be said about her? She's mentally unfit and needs a tremendous amount of therapy. If what the bodyguard said helps keep her children safe from her, great! Re: Mariah Carey--whatever would these people do if they had a real job? Re Rosie O. What a coward! She turns down Diane, more than likely because she won't be in charge of the way the interview goes. I would never read her book. Another nutcase heard from.

2586 days ago

Lenn K.    

Britney is in big trouble in her life and remember Anna Nicole had people like Howard to just bounce thing off. Britney is basically alone and she probably going crazy. Her career is over and she spending money like it's going out of style. This will come to an end!!!!

2586 days ago


Who cares about Rosie, people are acting like she's somone. She's nothing but that fat ugly lesbian who's bitter at society. I pray for the woman who has to go d**** on her, EWWWWWW.

2586 days ago

oh really    

isn't this the same man that was so "secret"?

2586 days ago


Mooriah NEEDS nine assistants to roll her ... er, I mean "with."

2586 days ago


This is all spin to hype up her book. Rosie is holding out for more $$$$$$$ plain and simple.

2586 days ago


Surprise, Surprise i don't even know why is it that we even pay attention to Britney any more, she is crazy and she deserves to have those kids taken away from her. Then again this might be a ploy from K-Fed and the body guard to do just that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2586 days ago


She was an idiot for having children for media attention in the first she better just hire really good help to raise them & stop screwing them up herself. Those poor little kids should just know her as their mom & not as any sort of role model.
She is KA-RAY-ZEE!
I have 2 kids the same ages & can't imagine partying like her...I would be a wreck if I missed out on their day to day lives. It's the whole point in having kids is enjoying their days. Not just showboating them for photo ops shopping. How many 1-2 year olds like to do that? We have seen her at a playground ONCE!!!! I have no idea how she could treat them with such little attention & such little love, time & disrespect. I will never be a fan.

2586 days ago


Tony did right in exposing her trouble, so she can get help..
What happens to friends and family of a person who doesn't get help?

2586 days ago


Who give a flying f*** about Brittney?!?! Why do you care so much?!?! Talking about her all the time is just making her more famous then she already is!!! Do you really care what happens to those kids? Because if you did you wouldn't you be out there trying to help the kids instead of just talking about what some one should do? Be truthful here love her because she’s interesting about you like seeing her f*** up! You don't like her for the reasons that you how well she sings (even though her voice is for crap). Think about it!

2586 days ago


If Rosie doesn't want to do an interview, so what? That's her decision to make. I wouldn't do it either after all the crap people say about her. These idiots that constantly rag on her, such as FAUX News and ET, etc., are giving her book enough exposure. More people should be as generous as Rosie is with her charities. She has a big heart. More celebraties should be as real as she.

And I don't know how all this nasty coverage of Britney is working for TMZ and others. What are people trying to do, push her over the edge.

People are so damn mean it makes me sick.

2586 days ago


She's apparently been driving those kids all over L.A. for quite a while now -- without ever bothering to get her Cali. driver's license.


Or just about "Poor, misunderstood Britney?"

2586 days ago


News of the World = Star Magazine.
I'm so sick of hearing about this Bodyguard, This man stood by and watched ILEGAL goings on and he did nothing to prevent it NOTHING. He claims she was always induging in drugs. WHY did he NOT call The CHILDREN PROTECTIVE SERVICES. When it was happening (there was BABIES in the house) ? He also claims Britney would walk around naked. LOOKS like he didnt mind it. HE DIDNT QUIT. he was FIRED. Just seems awfully funny that MONTHS later he says He feared for Britneys life and was concerned for her BABIES. Well Mr Bodyguard I believe as most of the world your JUST another LEECH making money off of Britney.
His actions leads me to believe he was induging in the ilegal use of drugs, that the babies WELFARE was that last thing on his mind.UNTIL NOW thats there MONEY to be made. I wonder if he could be charged with Child endangerment since he just stood by and watch.
Shame on you TONY. !!! I'm sure were all gonna be seening you on TV so. ENJOY yout 3 mins of fame
And he calls himself a BODYGUARD, who needs enemys with this guy around. sure I wanna hire you. NOT

2586 days ago


Poor Britney.
Poor Britney.
Poor Britney.
Poor Britney.
Poor Britney.

(Is that what we're supposed to do?)

2586 days ago


as much as i hate britbrit unfit i dont believe half of what this lardbutt says, yeah he cared so much that he waits all this time to talk, he is afraid for his family but he is running around blabbing now? Im sure there is some truth to it, but i think most of it is made up and blown out of proportion, read his whole interview where he tries to say britney came onto him in a club, yeah right, i believe she came onto his ugly ass, sure. she might be a psycho but i dont think she would come onto this guy, look at him!! Just another attention whore just like britney.

2586 days ago
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