Britney's Fat Tony: "I Feared for Her Life"

9/23/2007 10:30 AM PDT

Britney's Fat Tony: "I Feared for Her Life"

The big former bodyguard who last week in an L.A. court gave apparently damning testimony about Britney Spears' drinking and drug use has now let it all hang out about Brit to a Brit tab.

In an interview with the News of the World in both print and on video, Tony "Fat Tony" Barretto makes numerous and specific allegations about the popwreck, and details her bizarre behavior as a mom and employer. He claims that she allowed her boys to walk around the pool unsupervised, that she would often forget to feed them, and she "would scream and cry uncontrollably" in front of them. What's more, she would talk in gibberish -- Brit-ish? -- that would confuse and scare the kids.

Barretto also charges that Britney "burps and farts a lot," but insists to her staff that she "can't be disgusted by your breath." What's more, she tromped around in the nude all the time -- but staffers had to "act coy." Barretto will appear on the "Today Show" on Monday morning.

Mariah Rolls with Nine – Count 'Em – Assistants

Is she a balladeer princess or a walking film production? Everyone agrees that Mariah Carey looked diva-ine at last week's Save the Music Foundation gala attended by the Clintons, but boy did it take a village to keep her that way!

Gatecrasher reports that Carey required nine staffers to perform "a ballet of maintenance" on Mariah all night, including one whose only job it was to "dispense breast tape" and yet another who was wearing a belt with brushes and hair spray. And then there was the one who brought portable hot rollers, just in case.

Rosie Ditches Diane

Rosie O'Donnell has bailed on an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer for "Good Morning America" about her new book, after saying "no" to Oprah earlier in the week.

Ro had written on her blog that her diss of Oprah wasn't nothin' but a thang, and she wasn't doing any interviews at all, which was probably news to "GMA" producers. "We were looking forward to having Rosie as a guest on the program. Unfortunately, today we were informed she has decided to cancel all of her interviews."

O'Donnell has said that the book and the things it details are "too raw" to discuss.

Party Favors: Scotland's KT Tunstall Particular About Her Scotch ... Big Pussy and Playmates Collide for Best Buddies

Scotland's KT Tunstall showed up to Angels and Kings in Manhattan the other night, and Gatecrasher says one of her people called ahead to make sure they had single-malts Talisker and Macallan in house, because she's very particular. ... Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore and Playmates old and new joined forces to support Best Buddies, a charity devoted to helping those with "intellectual disabilities," at the Manhattan's Prince George Ballroom.