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Money Talk with T.I.

9/25/2007 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ATL rapper/actor T.I. was seen on Melrose Ave. yesterday -- and he had some words of rap wisdom -- invest that money!

The platinum-selling artist advises to "invest and pay your taxes." He's the next Suze Orman!

T.I. also says, "You'll get a lot more from the return of an investment, than the shine of a chain!" Where was he when MC Hammer was going bankrupt?!


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Boo Hoo    

Stop pretending you have something intelligent to say.

2564 days ago


Is it true that T.I. had herpes in one of his videos? I LOVE him and his music but thats what everyone keep saying?

2564 days ago


#1 You should follow your own advice.

2564 days ago


who said he isn't following his own advice?!? i'm just hating because i like T.I.....

2564 days ago


T.I is all about profession !!!!! Quit hatin #1......Don't be mad because the boy knows how to handle his money and buissness !!!!!!

2564 days ago


School 'em TI.

2564 days ago


I know, all you poor people. T.I. could buy and sell you jerks.

2564 days ago


Thats one thing about many rap artist, they really know how to invest their money. 50 Cent made a cool $100 million dollars by investing in Vitamin Water, PDiddy and Jay Z with their clothing lines and resturants and other business ventures. While some rap artist spend all their money on jewlery and cars, many others are taking Wall Street by storm

2564 days ago


TI is damn HOT!!

2564 days ago


These guys are natural idiots . Responsible finiancial minorities started pulling these ignorant buffoons aside and telling them that a fancy car wont be worth anything 10 years from now . They was tod to Grow up and invest or end up like MC hammer and Mike Tyson!. These guys are learning this stuff on their on ,someone has to hold their hand. Without someone schooling them on world finances ,they would still be purchasing BMW's and spending all their money in strip clubs. Come on ,these guys can even count . Comeon ,Trogonometry or bussiness math is not something these type of guys can comprehend.

2564 days ago


HA! This guy is just repeating what his parole officer told him .Now he is trying to make everyone think he came up with this concept. What a joke!

2564 days ago



How you gonna try to talk about someone when you can even spell.. You the real idiot. I read the comments on here on tmz and they just make me laugh. I can't believe the idiots on here. I'm only posting today because of T.I. I am a true fan. My boy handles his business. So all yall haters need to FALL BACK!!!

2564 days ago

ur WRITERS suck    

HAHAHA u guys r mad.. aw boo hoo i bet tmz makes u feel real big huh.. u dont even have HALF the money he's got so stop being jealous of black ppl who r coming up while u r still n the dirt.. u probably dont even know him or what he does so ur opinions dont even matter lol

2564 days ago


To number #13....I agree with what you said BUT I don't agree with that people is hatin on T.I because he is black......Come on now !!!!! I like him and his music and I am white !!!! Just because people is hatin on him dont mean they hate against his color !!!!! Someone always has to go to left field...something that has no sense !!!!! People talk crap about all kinds of famous people thats all the colors of the rainbow!!!! I really don't think you know what ur talkin about !!!!!!

2564 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

wow Viewsonic, and i guess spelling is something you don't understand. sad part of it is there are free spell checkers you could use...

finiancial,tod ,Comeon ,Trogonometry, bussiness?

2564 days ago
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