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Vick Tests Positive for Pot; Ordered to Stay Home

9/26/2007 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has obtained court documents that indicate Michael Vick tested positive for marijuana on September 13, and will now face more strict release conditions from a federal court judge.

In court documents filed today, the judge ordered Vick to submit to any method of testing, "for determining whether the defendant is using a prohibited substance." The judge also ordered Vick to stay in his Virginia home -- with electronic monitoring -- every day from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. And he has to pay for the service! No Hyde for him!

In addition, Vick has been ordered to attend a substance therapy program and get mental health counseling. Vick will be sentenced on December 10, after entering a plea agreement in federal court on charges related to dogfighting. He faces up to five years in prison.


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If I were him dealing with the psychos calling for his death and life imprisonment, I too would be either hitting the bottle or toking. I think what he did was horrible and he should be punished but I think it is sad there is more of an emotional outcry over this story than of the one about the one black woman raped by 6 white men or the woman who shot her husband in the back and got no jail time. Just sad some people put the value of a dog over a human.

2582 days ago

Get a Clue    

Nothing like sparking up a fat blunt when you know the conditions of your release is to get tested for drugs.

I am sure this will help his cause to play in the NFL again.

How utterly stupid can you get?

2582 days ago


Oppps - things just keep getting worse for Vick!!! However, don't hate the weed, hate the player on the weed!

I truly hope this man sees some jail time! Teach his punk ass a lesson!

2582 days ago

She looks like hell    

What a waste this person is. I hope he rots in jail. Hard working people who can't get ahead exist in this world along with this piece of crap who violates all laws, murdering innocent animals and now he's a druggie. Booooooooo hisssss!

2582 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Bongtastic! What a stupid @$$.

2582 days ago


paging ricky williams.

2582 days ago



2582 days ago

Democrats are evil    

He made millions and still did the dog fighting. Now he's facing prison and what else would you expect from this loser. Of course he's not going to stay clean. He can't. He's unable to because he's a loser. Sits at home watching football and says, wtf, I'm going to roll a big one. Who feels sorry for this rocket scientist?

2582 days ago


Once a loser always a loser..plain and simple.. the only reason we have ever heard of him is because he could play football.. otherwise, he'd be a project loser, probably in jail.

2582 days ago


great dig # 6 ... t f f

2582 days ago


Hang in there Mike.

All this publicity is just to take peoples attention away from the real issues. Soldiers are subject to a worse fate, as they are forced to fight a modern day Vietnam...and people are in an uproar over some dead dogs.

These animal rights people are just a bunch of empty buckets!

2582 days ago


Nothing wrong with the weed , but it was not the time to be tokin up !! .. Wonder if he droped some acid when he came up with the wonderful idea of making dogs fight ..... I hope he Sits in Prision for atleast 15 years

2582 days ago


I had to read this twice because I couldn't believe someone could be so stupid.

2582 days ago


And look at that. Another crazy person who isn't bright enough to grasp that other crimes have nothing to do with this. I know one thing . . . I kinda feel safer with criminals on the streets rather than all these ignorant lunatics who are unable to process that one crime has nothing to do with another. Give me "crazy" dog lovers who spend thousands on playrroms and clothes for their pups over the ignorance and monsters it breeds anyday.

2582 days ago


Melissa--What are you? Some Valley Girl airhead? What gives you the right to call him a project loser? To master, or be amongst the best, of anything, even a sport, takes a level of intelligence. We all make poor choices, but it doesn't make you a loser.

Its not about where you are from either. Stop being so quick to insult someone's does not always reflect character...many great NON LOSERS come from the project.

Mark Twain was a substance abuser, yet, he is held as a great authors and his books are encouraged for reading amongst youth. You can make mistakes and still be a role model. One just has to take the good and look passed the bad.

You should check yourself before you start the name calling. At the end of the day, Mike will be better off than you will find your life was that of a loser, just because you chose to judge.
Your blanket statements are what fuel prejudices...

"Judge ye not..." Whats life looking like for you these days?

2582 days ago
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