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Britney Can Drive ... In Louisiana

10/1/2007 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver's license -- she does have one in LA, but someone should tell her that LA is Louisiana, not Los Angeles!
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TMZ did some digging and found that Brit has a valid license in her home state of Louisiana, but she doesn't live there. A rep for the DMV tells TMZ that in California, you have 10 days to apply for a license after arriving here as a resident, and Brit never completed the process. Examinations is hard, y'all! She did, however, appear in Louisiana in December of 2005 to renew her license, which is valid through December of 2009.

The L.A. City Attorney recently charged Britney with driving without a license. TMZ caught the unlicensed Spears driving through a Malibu parking lot this past Saturday, surrounded by paparazzi.


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Maybe she can drive to see her kids now?!

2549 days ago


wow sancou what grade did oyu complete 5th. Im so proud of you.

Louisiana can be both La and LA. As a resident of Louisiana I know that. And no not all state are big and small. Go back to school dumbass

2549 days ago


I beleive that Britney purchased a home in Louisiana long before she purchased her home in Ca. And as long as she continues to go between them it shouldnt matter if shes driving in Ca or LA with her LA DL. This is a petty issue and one that really could be argued at a higher court. Its all depends on where her legal residency is. I go to Ca all the time and drive using my TX DL. I've been pulled over and the cop didnt say squat about mine. Told me to slow it down and let me go.

2549 days ago


maybe the DMV will come to her home!!!!

2549 days ago


What a shame! Britney was never allowed to have a "normal" childhood--nor to be a "normal" adolescent. I don't believe she was ready to be a mother to the 2 beautiful little boys. We need to keep the family in our thoughts & prayers!

2548 days ago


Who said LA was her place of residency? I know many people who own "residences" all over the world, Madonna, G. Cloney, T. Cruise, K. Preston, The Beckhams, to name a few.

So where is their "Official residence?" Who says that just because you own a home in x place that it is your residence?

Some people may have a residence in one place, but pay taxes in another place. Where is their residence?

2548 days ago

La dee dee    

I really cannot understand half you people. There are so many Britney articles here that I cannot decide which one to comment on. Britney is a person just like you and me, we all make mistakes. She has a valid driver's liscense in Louisana, not in California and this is big news? The paps are crazy. They never leave Britney alone and she never has a moment's peace, no wonder she is on such a breakdown. You people need to lay off her, you are just as bad as the paps. I also do not think its clever to use phrases such as "ding, dang y'all" when writing about Britney. I am sure that plenty of people have made the exact lapse of justice concerning a liscense and yet their news is not splashed all over the internent. Every little thing Britney does is a chance for a new article to be written about her. Just leave her the hell alone. Yes, she has lapses in judgement but making fun of her and calling her an unfit mother for almost dropping her children or walking around the house naked, what parent today hasn't done something to that effect. She is as human as you and I are, she is not an attraction in the zoo. Just leave her alone, let her do her thing, and stop reporting the stupidest news ever.

2548 days ago
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