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It's All Greek to Britney

10/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Opa! It's Britney dines around the world week! The pop mom was spotted at a Greek restaurant in Malibu last night with her two tots -- and both couldn't stop crying!

TMZ was outside of Taverna Tony, as Brit, Sean Preston and little Jayden James showed up for a quick dinner. Britney carried Jayden into the restaurant, and had help bringing the two boys out after eating -- with the brothers Federline crying as they were strapped into mama's Mercedes. Didn't they like the spanakopita?

Brit showed that she does indeed know how to use a car seat, strapping her booboos in herself! The only thing Spears loses point for: having a pack of cigarettes sitting in the car.


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Those kids should never be taken out in that mess. Since her legal woes and child custody issues have sprung up, we see her everywhere witht the kids. It likes she is saying look at me, I am a good mohter --NOT!!! Previous posters are correct why take you kids where you know the photogs are out in full force??

2548 days ago


FYI- most kids that age CRY when they are put in their car seat...not to mention all the camera flashes going off in their poor faces! I think the media needs to lay off making money off of her children!!!! I think it is pathetic the way you exploit her innocent children!!

2548 days ago


It's ashamed that BS can't take her kids out to dinner without having crowds of paps surrounding here car and shouting. that's why the kids r crying. BS needs to understand and wait until her kids r older and can understand what is going on. Brit keep the kids at home and hire a chef. i know u can afford it.

2548 days ago


#20. If the paps wouldn't follow her every move the kids wouldn't be so afraid... but what would you say if she left them at home... you would say "boooohooohooo take your kids with you you stupid whore booohooooohooooo bad MUM..." OH MY GOD... GET A LIFE!!


2548 days ago


I just heard that as of Friday, a court order restrains Britney from driving her kids around in a vehicle, due to the licensing issue. Court order courtesy of Federline. Obviously means nothing to her. OOPS!

2548 days ago


I don't think it has anything to do with that. Her kids cry because they don't know their own mother, she doesn't spend enough time with her and when they do there are hundreds of people around snapping photos. I am one of the people who personally feel Britney is an unfit mother because she brought those kids into this situaton they did not ask to be here. If she had any sense at all, she would just take her butt to the grocery store and buy some food and have somebody cook at home. That way she can spend some time alone with her kids, and the kids will get to know their mother. I do not feel sorry for her because everything bad that is going on with her is her own fault, there are plenty of big time celebs who have children and who's lives are going to pieces.

2548 days ago


The bird crap is still on the drivers side of the window since last weeks Britney clip ....GEEZ....can't she get someone to clean it off??

2548 days ago


Correction: Whose lives are not going to pieces.

2548 days ago


I normally wouldn't comment on Brittany Spears, but I can't help but wonder if people really think being followed EVERYWHERE isn't difficult. Yes, she asked for it by being a celebrity, yes, she does seem to feed on the attention, but, still, this girl can't make a single move without being under the microscope. She was young when she became famous, and she is still young. It's clear she is a very troubled girl. It also seems pretty clear she has a drug and alcohol problem. I wish the press would back off some and give her space. Maybe if they didn't always give her so much attention she'd find better ways to express herself. This is a girl begging for help and instead, we tear her to shreds publically. She's already a tragedy, but, one of these days, Brittany Spears will be found dead. She needs help not criticism.

2548 days ago


omg..leave this girl wonder these kids are crying...the camera's and people in their face whenever they come and would you feel as a little kid...they are probably scared. The paperazzi needs to move on and leave them alone.!!!!!!!!!!

2548 days ago


No wonder they are crying the flashbulbs and chaos from paps is too much for those little kids to process.......they should boycott her and leave her alone......

2548 days ago


It must be terrible not to be able to leave your house without dozens (hundreds) of paparazzi following your every move, cameras flashing all the time. I am sure she desperately wishes to be left alone. Leave her alone! There are BILLIONS of people worse than her. People who obviously has nothing better to do just want to force her to be a failure because she has had success in her life. Jealousy makes you nasty......... suckers!

2548 days ago


Ok people let's be real for a second. Celebrities know that when they are high profile they are follwed around and watched every second of their lives. They know they need to watch what they do because at any point in time there could be a photog in the bush ready to snap them at their worst or a fake friend looking to get their 15 minutes of fame by leaking personal information. With that being said I do not sympathize with Britney, because she is putting her children in this situation and endangering their lives by it. There are plenty of celebrities who where in similar situations as Britney, and raised their children completely out of the public eye. For some of these individuals we didn't even know they had children. The problem is that Britney craves the attention whether it's good or bad, (hence her pulling a photog into a bathroom to escort her out of Quizno's and her VMA performance). She will eventually learn when something bad happens to one of her kids or her kids get taken away from her permanently.

2548 days ago

Dexter Bernard Dirt    

Britney, you got to get the kids some shades to relieve the scatter bright flashes the paps cameras put out. Hell, I'll send Karliton out for some right now. Just stop by our lot on your way in.

DB Dirt

2548 days ago


No big deal about kids, they cry. But why does she insist on wearing such short dresses and then climbing around in her car so the whole world can see her privates? Does she not own pants?

2548 days ago
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