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It's All Greek to Britney

10/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Opa! It's Britney dines around the world week! The pop mom was spotted at a Greek restaurant in Malibu last night with her two tots -- and both couldn't stop crying!

TMZ was outside of Taverna Tony, as Brit, Sean Preston and little Jayden James showed up for a quick dinner. Britney carried Jayden into the restaurant, and had help bringing the two boys out after eating -- with the brothers Federline crying as they were strapped into mama's Mercedes. Didn't they like the spanakopita?

Brit showed that she does indeed know how to use a car seat, strapping her booboos in herself! The only thing Spears loses point for: having a pack of cigarettes sitting in the car.


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1. She is STILL allowed to drive with an EXPIRED DRIVERS LICENSE!!??
2. She is NOT wearing a seatbelt!!??

Apparently laws do not need to be abided by all. Southern California's DMV sucks. Wasn't it just a few days ago a sheriff ESCORTED Ms. Spears inside a restaurant or a Starbucks!??? Does this woman ever stay home and cook for her children? Doesn't she have a maid to cook for her? It's obvious she is trying to maintain her "popularity" by regularly going out in public for the attention.

Next she'll be crying to the media that her boys are mentally harrassed by the photographers. Perhaps beginning to think of her children first before HAVING to go out to Starbucks for her frappazappacinolicious beverage would be a start to exhibit the natural mom tendancies of putting your children FIRST!!! JUST STAY HOME!!!

2549 days ago


i'd be crying too if those 2 people were my parents!

2549 days ago


The Paps are cold hearted, self centered monsters. What kind of human being does that to children? This breaks my heart.

And as for her as a Mother, how could she? She either needs to take the paps head on...take extreme plan ahead measures if she MUST drag these poor babies around all over the place and make it stop. Driving with the top down is just another example of her lax attitude toward it all not sheltering these babies. She seems very self centered, very bad judgement and her maternal extincts are virtually null.

Most other celebs know how to protect their children from this. They DON'T allow it, and go to extreme measures to avoid it...not Britny...not only will she not just keep them in and stay under the radar, or take extreme security measures when she MUST take them out...she rides with her top down!

I think she does this on purpose, I really, really do. She's a rat.

2549 days ago

Allred Tree    


IS SHE undergoing drug testing as she was ordered to do?


Where does she go for the drug testing? Why are there no pictures of her going for that since there are of her going everywhere else?

2549 days ago


i don't like the bitch but i mean it can be pretty hard to be the best mother when u have a gang of photographers all in your face and all in your children faces as well. Her motherin skills can be improved but what u expect to her to do, yall not helpin the situation

2549 days ago


Oh yeah!!! Her 2 lil boys are the cutest things in the world!!!

2549 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

That was just so horrible to watch,
Why would a parent that loved their children take them out in that fashion?
her children were scared to death,, crying,, the paps were sworming her,, as she wants and needs because she an attention seeking nut,,
then she drives later with the kids with the top down,, in full view so the paps can scare them more,,
that is just horrible parenting,, she is totally nuts!!!
you should never expose your children like that for eating out,,
that is insane,,
I'm sure there are places she can go,, with covered walkways and body guards to shield the kids,,
she does this to be on TMZ and other rag mags online,,
I hope she loses the kids,, she does not deserve to be a parent,,
stay home and cook for them you sicko
this is just horrible!!!

2549 days ago


She's intentionally taking those kids out so everyone can see that she's with them, why else is she suddenly taking them out. She still sucks as a mother because she purposely put the top down on her car so everyone could see those kids with her!! No
good mother would subject their kids to that unless they really had to!! You're not
kidding anyone Brit, the world is not stupid!!

2549 days ago


Who takes toddlers to a GREEK restaurant...especially if you know they are troubled already and being hounded by photgs...take them somewhere fun for a change!! HELLO CHUCK E CHEESE anyone?Brit makes me sick. She is not a mother...shes a fame whore seeking more photo ops..using her kids and pawns. Its sooo obvious.
Kfed looks like dad of the year compared to the Brit-trainwresck.

2549 days ago

Click It Or Ticket    

Britney~Use a seat belt please-stay safe! I think it's fine for Britney to eat her meals out, but to subject the kids to that mania is pretty ridiculous. Order in and have it delivered!

2549 days ago


GREAT POINT and ONE I have ALWAYS wondered myself that was made in a previous post. WHY the 2 door coupe? Duh??????

I'm not a celeb and I wouldn 't dare drive my babies in a convertable, much less a 2 dour coupe where I was climing over seats and they were not in the safest vehicle I could afford.

SHE CERTAINLY could afford to drive them in a blacked out, LARGE SUV OR NICE VAN for their safety, security and privacy. Celebs get in wrecks all the time because of the Paps...didn't she just have one recently?????? Wasn't a Pap also yelling when she was leaving a bar they ran over his foot?

This is not PICKING on her. I wish more than anyone for the sake of those kids she would just get a bit of common since and stop being so self righteous. Again....there are measure she could take and chooses not to.....just because she can. But, who pays the price for her defiance and indignation? Those innocent children and their father, and grandparents watching helplessly as she allows this exploitation of them to continue.

Stop being so flaky and selfish Britny.

2549 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

LOL...that makes a lot more sense......she goes in...holding her kid for a staged photo....then....when she comes out......some old pervert is holding her kid.

I don't remember seeing that old pervert guy going in....he must of found the kid wandering around after Britney left it alone to fend for itself.

2549 days ago

Allred Tree    

Well, I guess she didn't trash the restaurant or smash food all over her face like she did at the other chic place recently that threw her out and ordered her not to come back, 'cause we would have heard about it.

She just can't get enough attention and loves every minute of this. Do not be fooled and DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER! Look at how inappropriately she was dressed AGAIN! She CHOSE to wear those WAY TOO TIGHT RED SHORTS with the BOOTS knowing she would be sticking her big fat ass in the air when she had to put the kids in their car seats! Then she chose to drive WITHOUT A LICENSE in a convertible with the top down.

Besides having NO TALENT, she has NO TASTE and NO CLASS. She is not a "pop tart princess" - she is more like the Queen of the Sluts and Slobs and looks like a two-bit hooker!

2549 days ago


All I'm going to say is God never gives us more than we can handle!!! If he knew she couldnt handle it she woudnt have those boys leave her alone as for the cigs big deal I smoke and I have 2 kids but i dont smoke in the car it is against the law here in Louisiana

2549 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

That was a total publicity stunt.

"See Y'all.....I'm a gooder mom... I be take'n my kids everywhere y'all...I be even using the kids seats y'all.

2549 days ago
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