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Britney -- I'm Gonna Git Mah License, Y'all!

10/2/2007 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be the only prudent thing she's done in about two years; yes, Britney Spears actually went to the DMV yesterday and applied for a driver's license. The road to recovery!

People reports that after handing off her boys to K-Fed's bodyguard, the Britster drove with a pal to a DMV office in Van Nuys, Calif. She filled out some paperwork and took a written test, though not a behind-the-wheel test. For Britney, it probably should be.

TMZ first reported yesterday that Spears has been driving around L.A. for years without a driver's license, a fact that incensed the judge in her custody case.

Mariah and Mary J. -- the Next Fitty-Kanye?

It "worked" for 50 Cent and Kanye West, so could Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige be setting up their own record-release-date showdown stunt?

Not so, says, which reports that the diva duo won't be releasing their albums on the same day. Turns out that Mariah's going first, unveiling her eleventh studio album on November 20. Mary J.'s "Growing Pains" will drop on November 27, on Geffen Records.

Affleck – J. Lo Was a Career-Crusher

Not sayin' we told you so, but ... Ben Affleck is now admitting that his relationship with Jennifer Lopez wasn't such a good idea.

Ben, now happily married to Jennifer Garner, tells Details magazine that his thing with J. Lo was "probably bad for my career," mainly because the media "mostly lied and inflated a bunch of salacious stuff" and he ended up paying "a certain price" for that. Plus, he adds, there were (*cough*"Gigli"*cough*) "some movies that didn't work."

Meanwhile, Ben says his directorial debut in "Gone Baby Gone" is "the linchpin for my life ... I have a lot riding on it."

Party Favors: Avril Plays for AIDS ... Meet the Parent-to-Be Teri Polo

Nothing to spit at here: We're told that Avril Lavigne will join Sarah McLachlan and Angelique Kidjo, among others, at UNICEF's "Unite Against AIDS concert" in Montreal on November 28 ... Teri Polo, long-suffering wife of Ben Stiller in the "Meet the Parents" flicks, is expecting a child of her own, reports People. It'll be her second child, and her first with Jamie Wollam.


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Ben Affleck--what a douche you are for saying such an awful thing about someone you once professed to love...Shame on you! What a shallow character you are.

2492 days ago

She a freak

2492 days ago


Ben, being an actor was a bad choice for a career.

2492 days ago


Kinda makes me wonder how many Hollywierd moms will be lined up at DMV in panic now?!

2492 days ago


Ben,,,,,,,,,,,, This is exactly why No-one likes you!!!!!!!!!!! , it has absolutly nothing to do with Jennifer Lopez. It has to do with the way you talk and trash people you once dated or loved. You did to Gwenth Paltrow too and others exes. Grow up and leave the past in the past. No-one likes you because you have a big mouth. Period!!! and your wife is paying the price now, no-one likes her either now cause she's dumb enough to be with you!! You movie stars think that you have the right to trash people and still expect to remain famous, well I am glad it back fired on you. I had never once read an article or saw a interview in which J.Lo was trashing you. You need to take a que from her and grow up and move on!!!!

2492 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's always funny how the career comes before everything in Hollyweird. Maybe if you two had stopped acting like Britney is acting now you relationship would have been better. Mariah, I just can't handle you. By the way, here's a cure for AIDS stop having sex with people you not married to, one-night stands and unprotected sex now you can save your money!!

2492 days ago


Your Bad Acting Crushed Your Career!

Being Married To A Bad Singer Had Nothing To Do With It.

2492 days ago


He is not a bad actor. His choices on movies are not that great.
I agree with him JLo from the block, was not a good idea. I wish him well in his future movies

#4 Speak for yourself. I don't dislike the guy

2492 days ago


If any of us that live here in the State of California were driving around without a valid
drivers license we would first have a high priced ticket to pay and worst of all--our car towed away and impounded. The police are always around Britney when she goes out to her choice of the most public places (paparazzi photos to prove it). Why oh Why has she not
been stopped in the past??? I take that back--some months ago she was pulled over for
speeding and just given a warning---what is going on with the LA's finest??????

2492 days ago


Ben should have taken the "no comment" on this or just not said anything. It is true that Jennifer has never bad mouthed him or said she regretted the relationship. He is not a good actor. I think he believes his own hype sometimes. The Oscar was for writing NOT for acting. What a douche.

2492 days ago


Ben Affleck is a JERK to say the least. Where does he get off running down and
criticizing his relationship with Jennifer Lopez---and blaming the failures back then
of that stupid movie and other decisions he made? This goes to show what his true
character is. How did he ever get Jennifer Garner????? His wife and daughter are
the only things he has got going for himself in his personal life---makes me wonder if
he didn't have a lot of help in "Gone Baby Gone."

2492 days ago


Ben Affleck is a jerk for saying something like that about Jennifer Lopez. He seemed pretty happy when he was with her. So unlike now, when he can never muster up even a smile. If you look at pictures of his face in recent times, he looks like the poster boy for a man of desperation. He may claim to be happy, but his facial expressions and body language say something totally different. He looked alive and happy and with a spark of life when he was with Jennifer Lopez. Blaming his romance with her on his professional blunders is really low. Take a look in the mirror, Ben. Jennifer Lopez made you smile. Jennifer Garner seems to have turned you into a cynical, sullen man.

2492 days ago


It would be great for Mariah to have a comeback

she was such a strong chart topper in the 90s

Her songs were classics and she still has a great voice

2492 days ago


BEN blaming J LO for his career Ben, is a sorry A$$ actor was useing JLo to inhance his career it didnt work. Hers got bigger.

2492 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

We love them celebs!

Busted Celebrity

2492 days ago
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