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K-Fed Fights for Kids, Brit Does Photo Op

10/3/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kevin Federline went to court to fight for his kids, Britney Spears took her dog for a ride to get coffee.

Britney left her Malibu home this afternoon and drove down the 101 Freeway, through Coldwater Canyon, and then went to Starbucks. After photogs snapped several pics in her car, she then went to a nearby Shell gas station ... where she posed for more pics. Then she went back to her other home at the top of Mulholland Drive.

Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?


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Can this thing get any more pathetic?? Not even go to court??? How's that for a slap in the face, judge! Maybe her attorney was afraid she'd be stoned and would do more damage, so told her to stay home. Sad, sad, sad..............

2577 days ago


AUNTIE EM??? AUNTIE EM??? I don't think we're in kansas anymore!



2577 days ago


I use to feel sad for her - but not anymore. She's asking for all this negative attention.

I just hope Kevin is being real and wants to be a dad to do right by his kids.

2577 days ago

just me    

An embarrassment smile is not the same as a happy carefree smile and it is not a photo op when one has no choice but to be photographed as paps stalk every move and peer in like hungry wolves at every stop.

And today's hearing had zero chance of favoring Britney if she has not yet complied with every item of the judge's order. I'm sure it has finally sunk in and she is finally convinced that she must comply if she is to have any chance of having custody. And since her presence was not required and her presence had no chance of reversing the judges decision until she has complied with every item in the order, to get a California driver's license, to enroll in parenting classes, to meet with a drug counselor, to submit to drug testing twice-weekly, and to consent to all of that by signing the judge's order, I expect the day would be more productively spent working on arranging compliance than volunteering to hear the judge pontificate and further scold her. I hope that is what Brit was doing. I do expect her day was more productive than a drive from one house to the other with a stop for gas and a Starbucks latte.

And I expect Brit's attorney presented to the judge today the court copy of his order with Brit's signature affixed and showed proof that Brit has obtained the California driver license and also assured the judge that Brit will fully comply with the remaining items of his order and show proof of that when she appears as ordered at the next hearing. Well, at least that is what I am hoping she will do.

2577 days ago


Not showing up for court because "you don't have to" is reserved for minor infractions where a lawyer can represent you and you don't have to be there. Sure, she may not have had to be there, but as a mother of 4, I know I would be there for each and every court proceeding. The fact that she is still behaving in this way just shows she just doesn't get it. Leaving it all up to a lawyer is all fine and well when it doesn't involve custody of your children.

2577 days ago


she really is a pathetic loser. she could help herself, but chooses not too. she loves the attention, even though it is all negative. where are her parents. i bet they are really proud. those poor babies, they do not have a chance in hell of growing up normal kids.

2577 days ago


We have absolutely no idea whats going on with Britney except for what TMZ says, obviously they are working undercover for the courts, they have covered everything she does except going to the bathroom, that's probably next . They have helped the Goldmans recover the few things that OJ has hidden, they have helped K-Fed get the kids, and more importantly TMZ has perfected their crappy southern accent. Nice going Harvey, you looked absolutely rabid on TV today, everything but the foaming mouth.

K-Fed didn't have a pot to Pee in until he hooked up with Britney and then she went downhill from there while he shopped and drank and gambled on her dime. Her mother went behind her back to conspire with this loser, no wonder Britney has no one, no one can be trusted. This was not the time to conspire against her. K-fed has a 3 carat diamond in his ear and is dressed in the best, all thanks to Britneys money, sure he wants the kids, its easier than working , he used her money to get a lousy rap record out, when that failed he was gone, no one would know who he is if it weren't for her, now he gets paid to show up at clubs. His alimony is up next month, if he gets the kids he gets half of her money, meanwhile he is still hanging out with his ex baby momma and his two kids by her, what a bunch of losers. Britney obviously has big problems, she needs help, not TMZ exposing everything she does and bragging about the judge reading the TMZ reports, meanwhile TMZ is living off the back of this girl, same as everyone else. Give it a rest and find someone else to report on, what about Julia Roberts, she is splitting with her husband, she should be fun, at least we know who the hell she is unlike most of the other "stars" you report about, who are these people? Your website is getting mean spirited and its not fun anymore.

2577 days ago


Please stop subjecting me to this garbage every day! She clearly does not want her kids. That is her choice. Find something worthwhile to write about.

2577 days ago


Okay HOLD THE PHONE! I cannot understand why this trollup is driving all the time, until yesterday she did not have a California driver's license! With all the videos and pictures of her driving as obvious evidence why isn't California police PICKING HER UP????????????????????????????????GEEZ!!!!! She does not deserve kids for crying out loud she is one!!! Just GO AWAY Britney Spears!

2577 days ago


I think Britney Spears needs to get her life together. She needs to focus on being a parent not a performer.

2577 days ago

Joyce Norman    

Hmm what dummie wrote "Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?", the decision to give kids to Fed-X was already made, why should she allow herself to be used to give Fed-X one more minute of fame. Any one that hasn't figured out that this is about ego and money for him is a ditz.. She has some real problems, and just like anyone else she'll be given a chance to learn parenting skills (not from her Mom), and kick the addictions. Hopefully she'll make some real friends, or get back to the friends she had before she was exploited and abused even as a child. Meanwhile, good christians should be praying for her and her children.

2577 days ago


Those poor kids may actually stand a chance in life now!

2577 days ago

Amy Silverman    

I knew she would be at Starbucks-loser bitch cares mre about coffee than her own children

2577 days ago


she should pose for playboy while she's got so much time on her hands and apparently she likes posing for pics.....

2577 days ago

Amy Silverman    

You Britney supporters must be 12 year olds or dumbass losers

2577 days ago
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