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K-Fed Fights for Kids, Brit Does Photo Op

10/3/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kevin Federline went to court to fight for his kids, Britney Spears took her dog for a ride to get coffee.

Britney left her Malibu home this afternoon and drove down the 101 Freeway, through Coldwater Canyon, and then went to Starbucks. After photogs snapped several pics in her car, she then went to a nearby Shell gas station ... where she posed for more pics. Then she went back to her other home at the top of Mulholland Drive.

Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?


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I can't believe she didn't even bother going to court! No, she didn't "have to." Wow, so if she doesn't "HAVE TO" fight for her kids, she just doesn't bother. She has done nothing to prove she even wants them, didn't bother with the parenting cleasses, which she really needs, and this ALONE would have shown the judge she cares about her kids. So here she is, out posing for the paps, going to get COFFEE (can't make it at home, can't pose for the paps at home, ya'all) so she can run all over town, but not bother going to court to convince the judge she cares. Kevin DID find the time, so anyone who complains about Kevin, just remember who showed up to court. KEVIN and not Britney.

At least the kids are not in danger anymore, it's their lives that are important. Britney shouldn't get them back until she has been off drugs and drinking for 6 months with drug tests twice a week to prove it. The children are too important for anything less.

2546 days ago


poor babies, they'll see this some day

2546 days ago

PS NY    

The kids probably asked her to go get coffee, instead of showing up in court.

2546 days ago

Scott R    

Once my favorite I am embarrassed for my friends to see her cds in my collection. She could still change people's mind about her if she would only try, but she acts more like an ass everyday!

2546 days ago

hang it up    

and one other thing... Kfed got paid 3-4 million starring in chaotic, 2 million wedding gift from brit, paid for u got served, plus 6 million and change for the sale of the house he and brit had when they married, all told over 12 million, he does not need to work, or to ask for additional funds from brit, but the court will order additional child support without him having to petition for it.

shar does not need brits $$$ she has worked in tv since she was 3 yrs old, she has her own millions stacked back as well.

2546 days ago


Lest we forget SHE DROPPED HER CHILDREN OFF TWO DAYS EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that is how much she loves them. She got a driver's license. Oooooooooo. ONE thing you did right to get them off your back. Ok, so what? A mother who loved her children (let's forget a good mother wouldn't be a drunk, druggie whore) would have been in court to SHOW HOW MUCH SHE LOVES THEM AND HOW SERIOUS SHE IS ABOUT GETTING THEM BACK.

2546 days ago


my god. She looks insane in this pix.
this is going to be a long night. Look out
for the umbrella paps

2546 days ago


Irene, tinted windows are against the law in California.

2546 days ago



"22. Is there some reason BS seems to have a handicapped parking placard in her SUV in the final frames of the vid?

Posted at 8:37PM on Oct 3rd 2007 by X"

---------------- How DID she get that license so fast?

2546 days ago


My kids mean everything to me. Leave them alone. Leave me alone. The truth about Kevin will come out people. I promise you this.

Peace and Love,


2546 days ago



Coffee, or kids?

Coffee, or kids?

Coffee, or ki-

Ooh! Cheetos!

2546 days ago


No, Kerry, Britney does NOT "have the right to live her life as she sees fit" when she is being an unfit mother and endangering the lives of her children, which the judge defintely saw as being the truth about Britney. Children must be protected from selfish, self-centered, immoral druggie mothers, and the LAW says so, which is why the judge had no choice but to take Britney's kids away from her and protect them from her. Just because people are rich, that does NOT give them the right to be unfit parents and endanger the lives of their children, and our laws protect children from rich unfit parents just as much as our laws protect children from anyone else. It is scary, some of the people posting on here, you and others show such little regard for these little babies, well, the judge disagrees with you, because the judge has to uphold the laws of this sate, and of this country. And Britney's money does not give her the right to break ANY laws, and her money does not give her a right to be an unfit mother. Takes a lot to get children away from a mother, and we probably don't even know the half of it, so if Britney lost her kids, the reason had to be pretty bad or they would still be with her.

2546 days ago


How incredibly stupid is she?????
She is riding through congested traffice and she's NOT wearing her seat belt/shoulder harness!!!!! Or, if she is then she's not wearing it correctly. Nowhere in the video can her seatbelt/shoulder harness be seen!!!
So much for the obeying the law.

2546 days ago


Geez, enough already! Do none of you realise that K-Fed is simply after her money??!! Do you think he seriously wants the kids fulltime???! (I'm NOT saying he doesn't love them at all). Can't you see that Britney is hounded by the media? She can't fart without everyone knowing! Oops.. Britney farted - it makes headline news!! This whole thing is ridiculous. There are children out there, living in violent families - whose own mother can't protect them... .. and then they end up dead. Yes, Britney is going through a rough time - but it's all in the public eye, which can't make things easier. But that does not make her an unfit mum. She's made mistakes. I'm a mum of two little ones, i've made mistakes!! Lucky the world aint watching huh?! Seriously, give the girl a break! See K-Fed for what he really is.. .. or rather, why he's REALLY applying for custody. Ask yourself, why is he not after his first two kids from Shar?? Because she aint worth millions of dollars..... duh!

2546 days ago


Hmph! I went to Starbucks today too; did anyone even notice? (sniff) :(

2546 days ago
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