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Britney Checks Out

10/3/2007 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Peninsula Hotel staff can breathe a sigh of relief -- Britney has left the building -- for now.

After a visit from cousin/assistant Alli Sims during the day yesterday, it appears that Little Miss Brit has obtained a proper drivers license. She jumped into her white convertible Mercedes with an unknown sidekick and took off from the hotel. She's legal now, y'all! TMZ caught her pulling out of the hotel's parking lot last night -- then she picked up a male buddy in Woodland Hills and retreated to her Malibu home.

She sure has some mighty mysterious goings-on -- but beware, Brit's back in the 'bu!


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As far as what K-Fed is doing? It seems like he AT LEAST has the sense to hire a nanny to take care of the kids when he is not around. Britany didn't even have the common sense to do that. Dang! She's dumber than a bag of bricks. With all that money and she is still clueless as to how to hire someone to at least be a better parent than she is. Oh, yeah, now, for all intense purposes, she's hired K-Fed. Guess, the perception of K-Fed that he is as dumb or dumber than her was wrong all along. Pretty soon, Britany will be buying him a house too for he and their kids.

2555 days ago

Britney the loser    

Britney the ho did not check out, she was asked to leave by hotel management because she caused quite a commotion. in other words, she was kicked out!

2555 days ago


I think TMZ.COM should be renamed BRITZ.COM cause that's all they have been reporting lately.

2555 days ago


I think everyone should just back off the whole Britney thing for a while. Its just plain cruel what everyone is doing and saying about her. Yes she has made mistakes and pretty big one too. But imagine the stress she is under and being watched every move she makes. I just hope she can straighten herslef out.

2555 days ago


#32. Britney the ho did not check out, she was asked to leave by hotel management because she caused quite a commotion. in other words, she was kicked out! Posted at 11:19AM on Oct 3rd 2007 by Grace

Where did you hear that? Or is it your assumption or you wishful thinking? Stop spreading rumors like this, you have no idea what went on with her. Unless you were there, which I doubt, stop spreading hateful rumors.

2555 days ago

Live and Sleazy    

Whoo Hoo -- Britney now has 684 posts, only 60 behind Paris Hilton!

Keep it up, you can do it, don't coke at the finish!

(This is an event that Brit can excel at...)

2555 days ago


Brit, you have money - I mean seriously. HIRE A DRIVER. You'd save yourself the headaches!!!!!!

2555 days ago



2555 days ago

Purr Kitty    

Again, "celebrities" are treted diffent from regular folks. The law s one gets a license within 10 days f moving to CA. All the police whol hae stopped Britney should be investigated for no citing her for not having a valid CA license all the times she was stopped. Why did she not have her picture taken and fingerprinted when she supposedly passed the written test in April? Something is not quite right. When I got my CA license, I was fingerprinte and had my picture taken before I took the written test. And one last thing-if the picture of her (by People Magazine) behind the wheel was taken aftershe got her license, it looks like she is holding a cell phone--ready to make a call.

2555 days ago


Brittney reminds me so much of my daughter. I look back now and relize that my daughter needed professional help from a doctor .
It's too late for my daughter now who was the same age as Brittney because she commited suicide
It's not too late for Brittney.
SOMEBODY pleaseeeeeeeeeee help her before its too late to do anything for her.

2555 days ago


I think it is sad, tragic and uncalled for that most seem not to have a life but post hersay, rumors and all and out slander. Anytime someone loses their children its sad. All we can do is pray she turns herself around. And TMZ you had a part of this. Stalk Americas most hated to Americas Father of the year the way you did Brit and let;s see how good he is, or will crack from the pressure. Is no one gonna be happy until this girl is dead. Oh wait Just as Anna Nicole the harassment don't stop. Sad day in America. Their should be laws to keep the papz far away from people and their families. Peace. I have never commented on Brit, but it is so out of hard. And I feel bad for her.

2555 days ago


I think charges should be dismissed.

2555 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Why is she always checking into hotels?

2555 days ago


So she legally has her license now but the man who has custody the boys doesnt- KFED Get A job, get A licese, get a life!

2555 days ago
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