The Three Faces of Britney

10/3/2007 4:48 PM PDT
Hey y'all. Do you remember what it was like before the crazazy, frazzazzled, hoocher-flashin', car-dingin', drive-thru eatin', lil' doggie carryin', weave-changin', judge-defyin' gimme more' Brittles? Are you havin' trouble recallin' the good ol' oops-I-did-it-agin' Britney? Here's a nifty way to spike up yer mem'ry bankin' buttons!

These fabulousified dollers are great for the kidlets, or even for some culturated desk decoration! That dear girl is loaded with talent -- and she's still gone make herself a great big gigoontic comesback! In the meantimes, she's right here, perfect in her original cellerphane containers!

It's Britney dolls, bitches!