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TMZ Tape Subpoenaed in Brit Custody Case

10/3/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ video will become an exhibit in the Britney/K-Fed custody fight.

As we first reported, one of the reasons L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Brit of custody was because she was driving her kids this past weekend without a valid California license -- a direct violation of the judge's order.

Turns out, Gordon found out about Britney's Malibu drive after TMZ posted the video this past weekend.

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan subpoenaed our video yesterday. We complied with the subpoena today by depositing it with the court. There's a hearing today at 1:30 PM, where Brit's lawyers will argue Britney's non-compliance was all a big misunderstanding.

Spears got her California license yesterday, so she is now free to drive to the fast food restaurant of her choice and has the blessing of the state of California.

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TMZ is just riding the coattails of something that is obviously very personal in nature to gain their own notoriaty and fame in this - which is disgusting - isn't anything sacred anymore? i know she is famous, she loves the spotlight, blah blah blah, but your saying how sorry you are for her kids, and how shes a trainwreck, but yet you're reporting every rumor and "source" before you even know it's true... and then continue to publish pictures of her children?!

i really dont care about her career, but this site will be going downhill quick - Perez Hilton is actually already taking a hit for his crap, and this site i'm sure will soon follow...

2586 days ago

no no no    

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" would you like it if we talked about your momma? or your kids? I bet they're dumb and ignorant just like you....oh, did I touch a nerve...yeah I said your kids, your momma, your daddy, and/or the person you love and care for most in the world is just as ignorant, dumb, self-centered, obnoxious, stupid, ugly, nosy, illiterate, and just plain mean as you are!
Man, leave the girl and her kids alone. We all know she has issues, who doesn't? Move on to something else.

2586 days ago


TMZ, I wish to hell you would back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think you are so smug in getting all the trash on everyone, but it makes you look like thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do not respect anyone's feelings!!!!

2586 days ago


I think it is time everyone stop with this Britney ,unfortunately she never had a childhood. I would like to see how many people could deal with those miserable animals taking pictures.
They were talking about Princess Diana and those animals taking pictures I don't think Princess Diana was the most photograhed person in the WORLD is is BRITNEY!!!! TMZ
is just as as bad as those ANIMALS.

2586 days ago

Al Zator    

As huge a mess as this woman is, it seems to me that your (and every media for that matter) unsatiable fetish for following her around 24/7 is more than a little bit "unsettling". Brings to mind the medieval hangings, torture fests and the Roman sacrifices before that.

I know people are eating it up, thus your "justification" for non-stop coverage. But I wonder.....who's worse? The obviously sick woman or the deliverers of this stuff?

2586 days ago


She is so selfish! Could she get a family (mercedes) car that her kids are not driving with the sun and wind in their faces? If she has an accident on that convertible, how protected are they? She's got the money, not will power. Have u ever seen her strolling around with them in a baby stroller? No, that would be too much for her, she pays bodyguards to hold them. She takes them to dinner but not to the park...Hope she doesn't get them back!

2586 days ago


Are you proud, TMZ? Do you feel validated now? Do you feel as though your highly intrusive, rude, in-your-face coverage and commentary on a troubled young mother now has meaning and relevance?

My God.

If the judge has half a brain, he will use this tape to order cameras and reporters to stay 100 feet away from any parent with children.

2586 days ago


Susan B--Aren't you the liar who said your a lawyer? Yet you can't spell? And Your nuts, to boot. Brit is a sick pup.

2586 days ago


$720k a month + no talent has been + no brains = trainwreck barrelling to the cemetery

there's no way she deserve those kids, despite all the wailing from the doublewide dwelling crackheads with few teeth and fewer brain cells who manage to hit a couple keys on the keyboard. what sane person looks at this woman and her life as it is now and says, "yeah, lets entrust the safety and wellbeing of young children into her care?!...why????!!!!....because she can afford a nanny?!?!?!.....just goes to prove that drug addicts hang together and have each others back....sickening.

2586 days ago


#32...What?!!! You are joking, right? Britney has does that make her a better parent? Britney works...when was the last time that really happened (unless you call shopping, trolling nightclubs to the wee hours of the morning and going to fast food restaurants work). Britney knows how to drive...having a drivers license does not mean you know how to drive. SHE HIT A PARKED CAR and left the scene of the accident. Not to mention she drives her kids around in a convertible without them being properly restrained which makes them human projectiles I am glad I am not your child.

2586 days ago


I am SOOO sick of people saying that TMZ stalks her. Britney goes to the most photographed places and that she knows the paparazzi will be. SHE PUTS IT OUT THERE!!!!

stop feeling sorry for her. its really pathetic. she does it to herself.

2586 days ago

Susan B    

To A legal mind

You must be the judge who is apparently on a power trip...........Do you think you are GOD? I have worked the legal system also and know that judges are very arrogant.
Britney is a licensed driver......period

2586 days ago

kevin hater    

TMZ is just a bunch of haters! Getting Brit in trouble about her license and OJ has to give up his Rolex!!!! WTF is wrong with you people? When these celebs become hermits because of all the crap they are subjected to because of losers that go around clicking a camera, what will you do then?

2586 days ago


At first I thought it was Britney, but people should give her a break including the media (they can make you or break you) for the sake of her precious children. I am a mother of two and my prayers go out to her and her family. Nobody is perfect.

2586 days ago

open minded    


2586 days ago
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