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TMZ Tape Subpoenaed in Brit Custody Case

10/3/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ video will become an exhibit in the Britney/K-Fed custody fight.

As we first reported, one of the reasons L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Brit of custody was because she was driving her kids this past weekend without a valid California license -- a direct violation of the judge's order.

Turns out, Gordon found out about Britney's Malibu drive after TMZ posted the video this past weekend.

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan subpoenaed our video yesterday. We complied with the subpoena today by depositing it with the court. There's a hearing today at 1:30 PM, where Brit's lawyers will argue Britney's non-compliance was all a big misunderstanding.

Spears got her California license yesterday, so she is now free to drive to the fast food restaurant of her choice and has the blessing of the state of California.

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go brit--show them who you really are!! a great and talented entertainer and MOTHER!

2555 days ago


go brit--show them who you really are!! a great and talented entertainer and MOTHER!

2555 days ago


I think she should turn around and use the tape to show how TMZ stalks people.

2555 days ago


Susan B........You sound very childish. We all know Brits fans are 13 and younger.

2555 days ago

just wondering    

...#47...BANG ON!!!!,,,guess the judge wants a TV show like Shindlin or whatever his name is in FLD!!!!!!!!!!!...soooooooo sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

2555 days ago


uh uh....gee lets see here....uhmmmm......lets take away the kids from Britney, because she is driving without a liscence and wears no underwear, and acts imaturely.....(while out there drug atticks still have their kids cause ....uhhh they are not beating them) AND lets see give them over to........are you ready?........K-FED.........OH MY GOD!!!!!
and in the process...TMZ IS GLOATING!!!!!!! uhhhhhh remind me again people.....who in this paragrapgh needs help??????
un - frikin - beleivable........what has this world turned into????

2555 days ago

Dawn Day    

And y'all wonder why 'celebrities' flip you off!!!

2555 days ago



youknow, sounds like a good idea, what would she have to lose?
whoknows...? it may buy here a few days.

i'm sure some lawyer could come up with something, she should try and put something together, (like TMZ's editing of video makes it look bad or whatever)

2555 days ago


I want to kniow why they gave her a license when she clearly was disobeying the law for years& has a hit & run?
and whe are they going to test for drugs?

2555 days ago


What is so important that she must take her kids out with her everytime she needs a photog fix. The kids should not be put thru all the drama of that crap. Shed makes me sick ! It so obvious that she looks for every chance to be in the papers . If not then why is she always wearing clothes that show her azz ? It is like she has an addiction to being photographed . She should leave the kids at home when she MUST go out for her friviolous needs. She is a selfish biatch . Kevin will take better care of them than her . For all of you Britney lovers , you have got to be blind and stupid to think she is a good mother.

2555 days ago


#32---She knows how to drive? Guess you are the only one who missed the vid of her crashing into a parked car, and then laughing and walking away, with no regard for the person's car. Your a moron.

2555 days ago


I love how she goes back to where all the paperazzi are with the convertable top down so that she can get last minute pics with the top down. Oh poor Britney she's not an attention whore.

2555 days ago


Yawn. Who cares.

2555 days ago


Amen PIP! And by the way Joner, you're right, they don't take children away from the mother for JUST not having a driver's license.

But they DO when the mother ignores EVERY order the judge gives them in order to retain 50/50 custody. This worthless mother thinks she's above the law, that she doesn't have to obey the courts and everything will be okay? She has all the time in the world to comply with the judges requests/orders since she doesn't have a 9 to 5 job like the rest of us normal folks who obey the law, and what does she do? She goes shopping, tanning, and frappuchino drinking! She's pathetic. And I think she cares for those kids about as much as she cares for the little dog she carries around as an accessory.

If some judge ordered me to do a list of things to keep my kids, and I had the kind of resources at my disposal that Britney has, I would jump through flame-engulfed hoops to keep them! I really wish someone would beat some sense into her!

2555 days ago


TMZ really sucks right now (I normally love you guys) But come on give me a break how many of us have driven with expired licenses or even when our registration lapses we still drive. Are we all hell-bent on following her around and reporting everything until she off's herself?

2555 days ago
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