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Britney the Hotel Hopper, Part 3

10/5/2007 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's hotel tour isn't showing any signs of stopping -- as the media mess checked into a different hotel for the third night in a row.

TMZ cameras caught the Britster at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway last night, proudly showing off her terrier while someone pumped gas for her. From there, Spears hightailed it to the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, bringing her brand of crazazy for yet another panicked hospitality staff to enjoy.

Sources tell TMZ that Brit left the hotel with an unknown man in a white Lamborghini just before 2:00 AM, though it's not clear if she returned. We hear she pulled the same express check-in-check-out at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills the other night. The exact purpose of Britney's hotel exploits, other than resting up between photo ops, is unknown.


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Hotels = drug dealers

2544 days ago

Allred Tree    

Child Protective Services is watching all this just as the judge is.

I just watched this video and was sickened at Britney's total disregard for safety behind the wheel. She has that poor little dog ON HER LAP just like she did her kids. It does not appear that she is wearing a seat belt. Who is the man in the car with her?

It would take just a split second for the dog to jump or make a move that could EASILY CAUSE BRITNEY TO LOSE CONTROL OF HER CAR.
I fear she is going to cause an accident and kill some innocent person before she ever harms herself. She is too selfish to commit suicide IMO.

2544 days ago


Oh, tracy!

Wonderful meltdown!

Thanks for the chuckles.

2544 days ago

Allred Tree    

Leave it to the Queen of Sluts and Sleeze to have a baby shoe dangling from her rear view mirror like some low rider! Where are the dice and the rosary beads?

Pop Princess - EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2544 days ago

Over it    

Oh brother. What is wrong with these girls? Doesn't she care at all about her kids?
Read the blog about "Britneys" of the world Funny and true.

2544 days ago

Fran Ruh    

Boy, do I agree with Tracey (above). Brittany has worked since she was about 14 years consistently, and continually pushed by her mother. She also supported everyone in her family for years. I think she eventually took them out of her will, so that is why that her mother is hanging out with Kevin (that is where the money is). Her mother had no parenting skills, so she was a horrible role model for Brittany. Someone said, which I think is true, is that Brittany is now having her childhood. She went downhill when she hooked up with Kevin Federline. He is a slime, money seeking, parasite who obviously doesn't work. Why didn't he work when he had 50% custody with Brittany. Where would he get the money to hire all these high priced and prominent lawyers - courtesy of Brittany. All his expensive clothes, also courtesy of Brittany, does not make him any different, he is still the money hungry parasite he always was. I worked in a methadone maintenance program for many years, and I have seen how patient sabotage themselves. You really have to understand addiction to know what addiction is and how it affects everything you. Brittany running around town smiling, is a defense mechanism. I don't think she realizes how serious things are, and loves her children very very much. I know her addiction is masking alot of her problems, so by using drugs she is medicating very severe those problems. Also why didn't the judge order Kevin to undergo drug testing.

2544 days ago

rock I.Q    

Meltdown...who? me? or Britney? hardly...rasputinsliver
You love britney just admit want to be her.She is so awesome.
you know it, you want to shave off your head and get an umbrella.
you wish you were followed by the paps boys.
you so would not kick her out of bed.
if any of you on here, ever met her or seen her in would say "uh Uh hey uh Um brit yea uh can I get a photo Opp Girlfriend..uh wanna Starbucks Ill fetch you a latte..uh uh um..yea
Jack a$$
she is hurting leave her alone...
I just wish her the best and hate to see people who are young and so troubled get kicked while they are down.Its sad she is a Single mom.

2544 days ago

Allred Tree    

Has Britney even visited her children yet? She did not appear in court Monday but was allowed monitored visits every other day (which seems very generous). I don't think she has visited even one time.

Maybe the judge allowed this visitation as a "test" or indication of her interest in and love of her children.

Rather than visiting them and complying with the other court orders, it seems all she has been doing is driving around all over town WITHOUT WEARING A SEATBELT AS REQUIRED BY LAW and checking in and out of different hotels so she knows she will be chased by the papparazzi.

2544 days ago


She needs some SERIOUS help...YESTERDAY! So sad to see someone get so lost...j

2544 days ago


She is ready to OD if she really loved those children she would have straighten up her act. She never cared about her children. I am glad that they are with their father at least he will pay some attention. Its about time that the justice system stepped in and took them away. She is a poor example for the young girls to follow . A good mother won't go out night after night drinking and coming home in the mornings. If she goes to a rehab center it needs to be one where they are not fancy. She needs to come back to reality and face the fact of what she has lost. She is a good singer but that is all she is. She loves to be in the press all of the time. A price to pay for losing her children. People need to stop making excuses for her and tell her the truth.

2544 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Where is the coverage of Kfed (or is he throwing Britney's $ your way also)?

I wish you would "repost" the post showing him arm in arm with Britney's mother from a couple of months ago with the speculation of "Kfed and Brit's Mom being an Item"?!?! Bring that one back please. A few people on this board should revisit that [choking sound] story.

Want coverageof Kfed 24/7.

2544 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Where is the coverage of Kfed (or is he throwing Britney's $s your way also)?

Please repost the post showing Kfed and Brit's mom from a couple of months ago - along with tmz's speculation that they may be "An Item". Bet you don't have the guts to do that - Kfed might get mad at you and cut you off the gravytrain - poor tmz. I don't know who is sleezier - tmz or kfed - that one is really a toss up.

Please "repost" that - many would love to read it NOW - then it didn't hit, um, home like it would now!

Got the guts?

2544 days ago


I am a European and I am not surprised that Americans like her. Americans love McDonalds, are fat and have no culture or taste whatsoever. So again I am not surprised. Britney should be crowned Queen of the USA, for she shows the world what the USA is all about: EMPTINESS and BAD TASTE.

2543 days ago


October 6, 2007 -- AN L.A. judge has ordered Britney Spears to pay for her own parenting counseling and drug-testing before she can regain custody of her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and friends are worried it will cause an added drain to her rapidly depleting funds. "People are very worried about Britney because she is running out of money," said one source. "Her fragrance didn't do well. She has no cash flow coming in and she's spending money like water." This week alone, Spears dropped dough on three different hotel rooms in three nights. "Performers make money off touring," said the source. "And we all know she can't do that."

2543 days ago


Anyone ever stop to think she could be meeting with a family counselor? She is only at these hotels for about an 8 hour period. Maybe she doesn't want the media to know who that couselor is, that is why she isn't at home.

Seriously, ya'll.....LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! ; )

2543 days ago
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