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Kat Von Dummy

10/5/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and her boyfriend got matching tattoos with each other's names on them -- but they've only been dating a month!

While most would wait more than 6 weeks to brand their lover's name onto their skin for life, the "L.A. Ink" hottie and her long haired, Shaggy-like boyfriend showed off their new unicorn tats at a Rolling Stone Hot Party last night.

Perhaps a tattoo removal show is in the works.

UPDATE: Thanks to astute TMZ reader Pam, we've been able to i.d. Kat's new man. He's Alexander Orbie Lee Kelton Orbison (yes, that Orbison) and he's the drummer for Cisco Adler's band Whitestarr. Who knew? Oh yeah ... Pam.

UPDATE #2: Kat was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week and told Ellen she'd never tattoo a boyfriend's name on any of her clients if it were a new relationship. Someone doesn't follow their own advice!


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Why do you guys care so much what she is doing or what she is getting tattooed on HER body. Every person has a vise. Her's just maybe tat's. Its a love for the art. If u dont like the fact she got he new man's name on, dont follow in her footsteps. I really dont think she would care either way. Grow-up already

2567 days ago


if it doesn't sure Kat can figure out how to cover it up. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST GIRL!

2567 days ago


You all sound like a bunch of judgmental a**holes! Kat is making a serious dent in a predominatly male business and I am proud of her and the other women she works with. I would love to get inked by Kat!!

2567 days ago


i think its really funny how ppl have the balls to bash on someone kat von d is a amazing person and does awesome tattoos and is a unique indivial just because she "didnt follow on her own adivce" makes yah look really stupid for bashing on her if its love its love just cus you guys are freaking miserable beings doesnt mean you have to try and drag someone down with you y is it when somebody thats trurly unique or beautiful in thier own way that ppl like you have to come out with some b.s. get a life seriously do and ya need to stop bashing on britney to you reaking bastards

2567 days ago

legions mama    

Jeez people, she got a freakin unicorn not her boyfriend's name tatted on her!

2567 days ago


I think a lot of people on here need to get a life.. You dont even know the girl and some of you are being very nasty. Grow up.. Its her life right or wrong.. She will be accountable for all her actions good and bad.. Just like you and I.. She is very beautiful and very talented.. If she wanted to get a monkeys ass tattooed on her face she can.. We might not think it is appropriate but, again her choice.. So basically if you have never done anything stupid or regrettable then I applaud you and you say what you want.. So therefore keep your ignorant remarks to yourself.. Noone is perfect here..

2567 days ago


I think Kat is amaziing I wish her all the best she Rocks

2567 days ago


It was a part of her life what is so bad about that?! You embrace the past whether it was good or bad at least she can look back on that tattoo and be like I was in love and I was living life.

2567 days ago


Why do you people have to always bash somebody... who cares if she got a tattoo of her new boyfriend! And if she regrets it later then she does, but I doubt it.. she's so in love with this man that even if they do break up, that tattoo can remind her of al the GOOD times they had together. Why is this world always so negative? Can't you just be happy that a unique women like herself who's not afraid of being who she is finally gets her shot in the lime light? It's time to grow up people...

2567 days ago


as far as all the negative comments go...why do you care enough to take time out of your day to even write about it if you hate her so much. KAT is an ARTIST!!! and all the work ON her body is ART. and even if her and Orbi were to break up why laser it off???? every tattoo someone gets (although not always the case for everyone like people who are trying to be "cool" or "hardcore", u know who you are) has meaning behind it because it tells a little story about your life so why would anyone want to erase part of their life regardless of how good, bad, silly, or sad it was. haters!! LOL

2567 days ago


My God how bad off are you for news... who cares Kat Von D can do what the hell she likes it's her body!
Try and get out more...

2567 days ago

the dragonfly    

some of you people are so closed minded are totally wacked in the head... you obviously have no life of your own to be so negative and close-minded...get a life... EVERYONE does something that others would never do..get over it.

2567 days ago


Oh My God...You people sound like a bunch of old prudish jelous women with nothing better to do then talk about Kat Von D. If you dont like her style ( and she does have style..Lotz of it) or her talent( and she is VERY talented) then dont watch her . She's the one who is IN THE MONEY!!! mwahahahahaha...I love it...And I love her. And I dont have a bunch of tattos , but I reconize her talent. And to say she is a drug addiict..How the heck would you know that?...Hmmm sounds like someone needs to go to church and learn the number one lesson and number one sin in life....JUDGEING OTHERS!!!!!!

2567 days ago


i think all you people that are posting negative things about kat need to get a life! none you people even know her so who are you to judge! and the whole ellen show thing.. just because kat doesnt want to be responisble for someone having a regretable tattoo doesnt mean she cant make that choice for herself. she's happy and in love. LET HER BE!!!!

2567 days ago


You guys are sooooooooooooo immature!! You don't even know her and yet yo'r judging her. Kat, your an awesome person and whatever you decide to do it's your decision and no one else's. For God sakes people, get a life and stop acting as if your better than her.

2567 days ago
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