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Kat Von Dummy

10/5/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D and her boyfriend got matching tattoos with each other's names on them -- but they've only been dating a month!

While most would wait more than 6 weeks to brand their lover's name onto their skin for life, the "L.A. Ink" hottie and her long haired, Shaggy-like boyfriend showed off their new unicorn tats at a Rolling Stone Hot Party last night.

Perhaps a tattoo removal show is in the works.

UPDATE: Thanks to astute TMZ reader Pam, we've been able to i.d. Kat's new man. He's Alexander Orbie Lee Kelton Orbison (yes, that Orbison) and he's the drummer for Cisco Adler's band Whitestarr. Who knew? Oh yeah ... Pam.

UPDATE #2: Kat was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week and told Ellen she'd never tattoo a boyfriend's name on any of her clients if it were a new relationship. Someone doesn't follow their own advice!


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my only beef is she may be the hottest woman on the planet and her husband was a mouse looking thing the new boyfriend makes the beast form beauty and the beast look good...i dont know how such a hot woman dates such wimpy weird shell be dateing pee wee herman

2572 days ago


I for one love tattoo's and if i had a body like hers I would cover it in tattoos and show them off. Even if they break up that is still a mild stone in her life maybe its something she wants to remember maybe they were friends before.. I have tattoos that people judge me for getting when they dont know tha whole story behind them. Why do you all care so much? She is just a woman trying to live her life, why do you gotta trip?

2572 days ago

miss 80's    

hey!! leave this cool chic alone .. shes in love and she seems like a very sweet chic. hopefully she will b tattooing me soon!! best wishes n keep rocking!!

2572 days ago


What I think is juvenile and stupid is people believing that everything you read on this or any other celebrity site is always true. It's television people!!! Was she doing Stevo too when she tatooed his name? Not! Listen, Kat VonD is a woman who has made it on her own terms, a trained pianist who chose that the art of tattoing was her road to follow. She is physically beautiful and shows conservative society that you can be inked from head to toe and be attractive, feminine and rich! It's really easy to talk crap online about someone you see on TV since you don't have to say it to their face. I admire her as an artist and as the iconic message she's sending to society. Stop believing everything you read or you'll fall for everything you read.

2572 days ago


You know we all have our own opinons but Kat is her own person not to mention an adult. If she wants to add another name so be it. She's still one of the best tattoo artists around and I only hope to be lucky enough to have her work on me. Besides remember don't judge least ye be judged !

2572 days ago

Heather C    

Dude, its her skin to do with what she likes. I never personally would get the name of a guy I was dating tattooed on me, but thats my choice.

And for all you stupid haters, just don't watch the show if you don't like it, no one is forcing you. Just pick up the remote and change the channel. Simple as that.
You're gonna miss out on some badass art though.

2572 days ago


HA HA just like Kat said herself this is QUITE HUMOUROUS!
it really is, but it's sad for the fact these people clearing have too much extra time, and care about what other people are doing with their lives, but why??
we don't walk by someone we don't know and say look what this person's doing with their life??
she's healthy and doing really good with her career! better than most of you can say..
are you guys completely happy? making a lot of money with a job you love, and loving life? i doubt it!
if i was THAT covered in ink, i dont even think something like that would be extremely noticeable from all the other mass amounts of ink!
which was obviously not even pointed out cause she has some weird/crazy stuff on her 'yearbook leg'.. she has a girls mom's name tattooed on her that she didn't even know, (she let the girl tattoo it on her because she had a cute story)
she also said on the ellen show 'she doesnt regret any of her tattoos because she see's them as landmarks in time; memories'

all i hear is JEALOUSY honestly :D

and honestly, i post this information because i just like making you all sound like idiots.. :)


2572 days ago


Kat has tattoos of people's names/ tattoos from her friends all over her... She is a free spirit, unlike many people now....

2572 days ago


I am born and raised in miami..I have been to Miami ink many times..And I have never gotten any work done from them..And I refuse to..... Those dudes are flash jockeys....Kat was the only kool thing about that show.. and now she has her own show...I am so glad.. I hated sitting there waiting for Ami to shut up ...He is always pissing and moaning about everything..I am sooooooo sick of those dudes thinking that they are all that and a bag of chips....They sling ink...Whoooopidie Doooooo.. And idiot can use a copier and apply thermafax... And like who didnt trace pictures as a kid...? Cmon ... I know soooooo many Artist's that are a million times better..But unfortunately they don't go down on people to get tv shows....

2572 days ago


what the hell does it have to do with all of you if she gets her bfs name tattooed, its her body and he can modify it how she wants, it doesnt harm anyone in any way so y the hell make a huge fuss about it, you are all sad for having a good bit ch about her when none of you even know her,

2572 days ago


Funny how Kat Von D posted this as a bulletin on myspace so all her readers could see what dumbasses you all are for finding nothing else better to do with your time but make fun of her. I don't see all of you successful and gorgeous! So get over it, i don't think what Kat decides to put on her body for the rest of her life is any of your buisness, it's not like she's tattooing his name on all of you, jeez!

2572 days ago


Kat is never DUMB! She's got the BIG $$ and a show of her own...she's a GREAT tattoo artist but she doesn't need all that crap on her show. People watch her show to see great tattoos so she should cut down on the personal lives of herself and her crew and get on with the great tat's!! Her private life is just that! 'Orbie' is the person she "jumped" on the date segment of the show, not a GIRL....cuz he has all that long shaggy hair. Not MY cup of tea, but hey....dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks...and KAT is definately DIFFERENT ....LOL!

2572 days ago


Honestly I don't care how she lives her life. It is her life. She does some pretty incredible tattoos and that is really all that matters when you are a TATTOO ARTIST! WTF? Leave her alone already. She is a gorgeous girl and chooses to display her art on her body. It is no ones business who she dates, what he looks like or what they do together. People need to stop being so cynical. I wish her the best in this new relationship and I hope that PEOPLES opinions of her relationship does not destroy it.

2572 days ago


If she wants 2 get a tattoo then let her! Its her decision, and maybe if they break up she still wants 2 remember what an awesome time she had with him. Its her business, its her life, get over it.

2572 days ago


hmmm and wasnt it either the last episode or 1 before that, she told a girl that came in to get the thor tattoo, cuz he was only her boyfriend....

2572 days ago
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