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Britney and Sis Run for the Border

10/7/2007 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unfitney and little sis Jamie made a stop at Taco Bell last night, in the company of about a hundred paparazzi. One problem though; Brit Brit forgot how to order food, y'all! How she gon' get her some vittles?!

The popwreck tried to order grub for herself and Jamie, but ding dang it -- she was yelling through her raised door window, and the Taco Bell employees couldn't hear her. How do you work these fancy electronical windows anyways?! Mama Lynne would know what to do!

Finally, photogs took pity and placed the order for her, even bringing ditzy Britz her food. Them drive-thrulaters can be tricky buggers!


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I think the girl was just afraid to roll down her window because of all the photograhers. I would be too. Why cant they just leave her alone?

2489 days ago

wyld turkey    

And now her 16 year old sister is pregnant too.....great family

2499 days ago


I think everyone who is sitting here and downing Britney needs to take a real look at what is going on in this situation.

She's keeping her window up for a reason.. because she has nothing but paparazzi around trying to shove their damn camera in her face.. and I don't think it would be too easy to order when that's happening.. if you notice.. in most of her photos when she's in her car, the window is always cracked.. and that's for a purpose.. not because she's an idot.. but because of the damn cameras.

Driving probably wouldn't be the easiest thing to do when you have 20 plus men standing around your car trying to take pictures of you...

She may have her problems.. but we all do... and for anyone who sits here and can't put themselves in her shoes.. needs to get a life and grow up. You have no idea what it's like to be her.. or have any right to make judgement on the type of person she is.

2499 days ago

Aussie Amanda    

Let the girl eat can't expect her to live behind doors her whole life and who would'nt get paranoid and act a little weird
having all those people watching you...leave her alone..she is looking good y hasnt anyone noticed that they only bring attention to what's not good about her at the time.

2495 days ago


who cares

2572 days ago


OMG she's so stupid. Stay home dumbass and work on putting your life back together to make your fans happy. Instead she's busy whoring it up for cameras yet again!!! God she's nuts.

2572 days ago


A bit of weed with yor meal?

2572 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Lindsay skank drug whore racist is out of Rehab!

2572 days ago


Leave Britney alone! She wants to go out and order her food in peace.

2572 days ago


Go away Britney.

2572 days ago


Wow, she is really and truly addicted to the press! If I had her money, I would have other people shop for me, get my Taco Bell, Starbucks, groceries or whatever the hell else I wanted or needed. I would be nestled snug in my Malibu mansion, rarely ever setting foot outside my pampered world. Especially, now admist a custody battle. WTF is she thinking?!!!! Stay home for Pete's sake!!!!!

2572 days ago


Taco Bell is way more important than her kids. Ding Dang! Soft taco y'all!

2572 days ago

Al Baby    

Hello 911 This is Jamie Lynn im on the 405 and Britnany has a gun to her head oh wait its a sguirt gun filled with vodka nevermind

2572 days ago


Do you expect her to be a prison in her own home? She needs to go out some of the time.

2572 days ago


Matbe, she cuold practice on the intercom at her home?

2572 days ago
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