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Andy Samberg Gets His TMZ On

10/8/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is comedian Andy Samberg the new Paris Hilton? Mop-topped Samberg graciously signed autographs outside of the "Saturday Night Live" after party at NYC club Compass -- and was excited by all the paparazzi attention.

"You guys TMZ-ers?" he asked the crush of waiting paps, before victoriously shouting, "I did it!" Who's a hot rod now??

He is.


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Logo Designers    

andy is hot

2507 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who is this weasel???

2579 days ago

Narko Nerko    

This guy has NO talent. His SNL skits are just terrible and his new movie.... What, it lasted all of 3 days in the theaters? He sucks

2579 days ago

He's Boring now    

Damn as if the other story wasnt lame enough....hanging around Compass waiting for SNL host and cast and than pushing it on to the public as if its noteworthy.

TMZ staffers are lazy. Pushing no content stories on us. Big Deal, Andy shows up at the Cast party---duh, he's supposed to.

2579 days ago

It's An Outrage!!!!    

He should fix his nose then MAYBE he will look a little better.

2579 days ago


I think he is the best that SNL has had in a very long time.I hope he has a very long career.He is very funny.

2579 days ago

Narko Nerko    

I agree with #2. This guy should thank his God, because he has no talent to speak of.

2579 days ago

He's Boring now    

I cant wait till the day the plug is finally pulled on this Mainstream Media Conglormerate, SNL---a Factory that is now a requirement to work at before automatically being moved to the big screen.

Requirements: Be able to babble in baby speak and hi jinxs, that 80% of the time are not funny to the masses, save a select few who are part of the Industrial Complex Corporate World.

Secondary Requirement: Once reaching the big screen, be able to play off of a striking actress, skimply clad who wants a serious relationship, but you continue with the baby babbling and dress shabbily needing a haircut.

SNL was great for the upcoming Boomers when they needed a laugh while stoned. They're older now and dont get stoned anymore so the humor now doesnt play.

That news bit with Chevy Chase on Saturday summed it all up. Boring, Overdone and Patronizing.

This Andy guy is kind of funny, but he's in the wrong group and format.

2579 days ago


He is by far the most overrated comic on SNL. If it weren't for the videos, his ass would have been gone a long time ago. Simply, the guy is not funny.

2579 days ago

Young Hollywood    

Loved Dear Sister, and lazy sunday! I give him 2 enthuastic thumbs up

2579 days ago


Andy Samberg, like the rest of SNL, is BRILLIANT! The only people who disagree are people who aren't smart enough to get the jokes. You must remember-SNL was created for and is still being produced for the intelligent, counter-culture crowd. It was never meant for a mainstream audience because the mainstream is not smart enough to get the jokes. The only people who who have anything negative to say about SNL are the people who aren't smart enough to get the jokes-and SNL was never meant to be enjoyed by those ignorant people anyway. Those people should go enjoy some NASCAR and leave SNL to people with an IQ above 4.

2579 days ago


Brilliant comedian. SNL is still great-only TV show worth watching anymore.

2579 days ago


This guy ain't funny. A popcorn fart has more talent than he does.

2579 days ago


I love Andy! He makes me so happy!!

2578 days ago


Andy Samberg is an awesome person. He doesn't take himself seriously and he's nice to everyone. What a sweetheart. He makes me happy too.

2576 days ago

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