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David Spade Donates to the Family of Fallen Officer

10/8/2007 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David SpadeDavid Spade may be best known for skewering celebs and inexplicably dating attractive women, but beneath that sarcastic exterior lies a heart of gold.

Spade read the story of Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle, who was fatally shot by an undocumented immigrant last month. The story of the officer -- who had returned to patrol after overcoming a bout with cancer, and left behind a widow and two children -- touched Spade so much, he sent the family $25,000 to help them get back on their feet.

Spade had never met the officer but we're told Spade often donates to police charities in L.A. and this particular story "just touched him."


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Lenn K.    

This from the dumb guy who said they are Mexico's problem, because they are from Mexico. What does Mexico do with the people that cross their borders illegally. Mexico puts them in jail, rape the women and sell all their money. And you got the nerve to tell me that this isn't Mexico's problem. If your neighbor's kids kept coming to your house and you had to feed them and clothe them, who's fault is it their father who won't take care of them or you because you're complaining about it. The true is the true no matter how you spin it, we should be trying to overthrow the government of Mexico, not Iraq!!!

2541 days ago

mickey lou    

George pleads for the people of Darur but not for the people of Iraq who were being tortured & murdered by Sadam. What a hypocrite!

2541 days ago


Where David Spade spends his money is his own business. It makes me feel happy that he chose to share his wealth with a deserving family.

OMFG, you have some nerve to come on here expounding on how much the "criminals" do for everyone. They don't do it for me. And you aren't welcome to detract from a noble David Spade story helping our fallen police officer's family. Go rant for the Spanish newspapers.

2541 days ago


The truth is the truth. Here is the story. Shame on you Joe.

2541 days ago


I'm with you Mickeylou. Clooney and his cronies are the biggest hypocrites! President Bush has sent milliions, probably billions to Darfur. They hypo's want us to get more involved in the Darfur crisis, but don't want us to make a difference in Iraq. It would be genocide in Iraq to pull out, but the celebs don't care, because if it's not their idea or celeb cause, they are against it. They hate Bush so bad, they don't recognize what he has done in Darfur, but only critic what has happened in Iraq. good thing these celebs weren't around during WWII. My God, we would be controlled by Hitler's Germany for sure.

2541 days ago


Great to hear this..$25,000 is pretty NICE..THANKS DAVID..The story is terribly sad..Id give them money if I had it...

2541 days ago


David you did good my condolences to the family offallen officer bill r

2541 days ago


Thats why I LOVE BEING AN AMERICAN... it's called freedom of speech ... : )

Not at all... #45 I love DAVID SPADE and I am sooo thankful he did that I wish more celebs would share their money too and help out regular citizens like you and me!... i wasn't trying to go off topic it just upset me that people were also expressing their freedom of speech by lying so i decided to tell the truth so ignorant people like you and them ... and YOU ARE A LIAR I would bet $25,000 on any day that somewhere along your day , AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT was part of your day! and I would rant for the spanish newspaper BUT no hable espanol (did I spell that right????) but if you want to translate for me... That would be great!!! HAVE YOURSELF A GREAT DAY AND JUST REMEMBER "they don't do it for me" DENYING IT WON'T HELP!!!!!!

2541 days ago


oh almost forgot #47 you wanted the limelight too right???

#47, answer these questions then comment all you want...
How long is the wait to become a legal citizen NOW?
How much does it cost to become a legal citizen NOW?
How long was the wait to become a legal citizen BACK THEN "when your ancestors came"?
How much did it cost to become a legal citizen BACK THEN"when your ancestors came"?
YA THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE... I'll have to admit I agree on 1 thing illegals should get there citizenship but until then we can not discriminate towards them! but i disagree with you "that a CITIZEN could be doing." ...should be doing it... would be doing it IF WE WEREN'T SO DAMN LAZY!!!! I would rather live my life style pay a low price and still help out an illegal immigrant support his or her family, then clean toilets myself!

2541 days ago


"all you gotta do is get your citizenship"

That just shows how ignorance is dominating all of you people who have posted comments like the above. Criminals are criminals, no matter where they come from - but what I've witnessed in these comments is DISCRIMINATION. What year are we all living in?

Surrreee - all you ignorants believing all Illegal immigrants are from Mexico - or that all illegals are doing is just making this country have more problems. Legal residents ruin this country on their own, and I too am included!

But I do have many friends and close people dear to me that aren't that fortunate and I know what a struggle it is everyday. For anyone complaining - shut the hell up and stop being so blind - many immigrants (legal/illegal) are here to just get on with their lives and start a better future. Not everyone's perfect - and neither are those originally born here!!!!!!

If you really understood the system, you will know how unfair and difficult it really is to "just get legal" already. Like all people had to do was submit an application. That would be a dumb, typical thing for an ignorant to say.

I applaud all countries that are now closing it's borders to US citizens. Oh, how marvelous for anyone who has been able to go live in Europe for a year, 2 years, their whole lives. You will understand when you EXPERIENCE the feeling of not being accepted, not being given the opportunity, and to hear other discriminate against you like all of you have done here.

2541 days ago


Thanks TMZ for letting us say thank you to David Spade for his generous gift to the slain Phoenix officer's family.

The sidebar: Joanne, we know what year this is. It's the year that North Americans develope a backbone rather than a wishbone. If our president, certain congress persons, and ridiculous people like you didn't support illegal aliens, they would not keep hording in -- then, the Legal immigrants I know who applied as far back as 40, 35, 30 and 25 years ago from countries like Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Jamaica, etc. would already be citizens. Something is screwed up when a mexican enters this country ILLEGALLY with less than $20.00 to his/her name 8 years ago and already has citizenship!

2541 days ago


GRAY: Okay. Jose Medellin is a Mexican national who was in the United States from the time he was 6 and at the time of the brutal rape, gang rape and murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena in 1993 in Houston, he was 18 years old and these two young girls were late coming home from a party and so they cut across some railroad tracks and ran into this Black and White gang, they called themselves. And they were performing gang rapes and thought it would be fun to gang rape, torture and murder these two innocent girls. And he was subsequently sentenced, Jose Medellin was sentenced to death. He was given his rights, he was given a lawyer, everything was paid for by the State. Everything was taken care of by U.S. law, but he didn't apparently get a visit from the Mexican consulate and that's what (inaudible) now. So President Bush a few months ago commuted his sentence to life in prison. Texas is appealing that to the U.S. Supreme Court, and President Bush is siding with the International Court of Justice right now.

GLENN: Now, hang on. Here's the deal. So this guy goes to jail and we did everything right except the cop did not say, "You can appeal to the Mexican consulate," but why should he? He's been here in America since he was 6. He's practically an American. How could we possibly send him back to his own country? This is all he's known. Does this argument sound familiar to anybody? So he goes -- they don't say that you can appeal to the Mexican consulate. He then gets an attorney and they appeal to the Hague. They appeal to the international court, the same court that George Bush says, I am not listening to the Hague when it comes to war crimes, I'm not going to -- we are not going to subject our citizens to anything in the international court; we are a sovereign nation, right?

GRAY: Right. Usually he has, repeatedly has fought any involvement by the International Court of Justice over American sovereignty until now. Now it involves a Mexican national. Now that Mexico's all upset that we're going to execute one of their own, now he sides with the International Court of Justice and the Justice Department fights it.

GLENN: Here's the thing. You want this dirtbag back, let us build the wall so we know he doesn't come back to our country and you can have him. We'll release him on your streets. Let him rape and kill brutally your kids. I'm cool with that. Whatever, Mexico. You don't want him in our jail, you don't want us to execute him? Fine. As long as he doesn't come back here, you can do with him whatever you want. You want to have tea and maybe you can have birthday celebrations with your 15-year-old girls. You go ahead and do it. Not here.

So Pat, any -- besides the usual suspects, any kind of idea on why Bush might be doing this?

GRAY: Besides the usual suspects? Well, he claims, he claims that he's doing this so that Americans will be competed fairly when they're overseas and they go to prison and they are charged with a crime. When has that ever been a problem? We have fought the International Court of Justice our entire existence and we've never been a part of their system and fought it every step of the way. Only now does he use that, "Oh, I'm worried about the fairness for Americans being treated fairly." Baloney.

GLENN: You know, Pat, I mean, you know -- you've known me for since 1990 and you know who I used to be in 1990 and you also know I have always been, "Come on, come on, it's not a conspiracy, we're not -- we're the United States, we're not going to lose our sovereignty, we're not..." you know that, right?

GRAY: Right, right.

GLENN: There is no other way to explain this stuff. There's no other -- I've tried to explain it other ways.

GRAY: Right.

GLENN: We are losing our sovereignty. There is -- it's not a conspiracy because it's out in the open. To quote Professor Carroll Quigley who the Clintons and everybody else just love so much. It's not a conspiracy; it's out in the open. It's happening and nobody will pay attention to it.

GRAY: Well, and it's still out in the open that when you bring it up now, those who are trying to keep it, you know, sort of still in the realm of conspiracy will mock you with that: Oh, I know it's not a conspiracy because it's too out in the open. Well, yeah! (Inaudible) mocking that frame of thought because he knows it's out in the open. There's no other explanation for this now that I can see. I mean, if somebody can help me with that, I'm open to it.

GLENN: Oh, I've had -- you know what, I've had Michael met VIN, a very nice guy, a guy I can respect. This guy, he's come at me 600 times: Glenn, it's not a conspiracy. I know, Michael, I know it's not a conspiracy; explain it, explain it, please. In a way that makes sense, explain it. It is not a -- Bush doesn't think he's doing the wrong thing for the country. These guys do

2541 days ago

oldest sister    

as Officer Erfle's oldest sister, I want to say thank-you. Nick's sibling family is back in ND and MN, so we say thank-you. I don't even want to talk about the problems with Mexico, I just hope my brother 's death wasn't in vain, and something is done to curb
this problem. And again thank-you to the people of phoenix who were super to us
when we done there to bury our baby brother. Thank-you David if this is true because with this kinda of finicial support given to the Julie and the boys, we up here so far
away have one less worry about our brother's family.

2541 days ago

diana g    

if i were rich, i would totally have myself in good with the cops! that's clever!
i would bribe, i mean, buy, i mean help out the never know when i'll need helping.
why didn't that guy shoot my ex?? heck, he's an American and lives off of all of you, including me! He was born here and doesn't pay taxes or help anyone, works under the table and only gets into trouble! way to represent!!
let's get him out of here!

2541 days ago

oldest sister    

this is still such a emotional subject, so i am writing again to apologize for my incorrect
spellings and grammer. Again thank you from all of our family.

2541 days ago
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