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Britney's Potentially Explosive Mistake

10/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught Britney Spears yesterday, smoking a cigarette while parked at a gas pump! Does she surprise anyone anymore?!

Brit never got out of her car, just puffed away as paps pumped her gas and washed her windshield for her (the car still hasn't been washed since an irate woman threw coffee on it).

Girl gets her gas pumped, car cleaned, tire changed, drive-thru food ordered, she has someone else around when she watches her kids -- is there anything she can do on her own?


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The TMZ staff must have little to do. That's why they have this extreme focus on this zombie of a girl.

2517 days ago

Blah blah blah    

#14 If the trouble makers should be prosecuted lets start with BRITNEY. All her antics cause so many problems for people trying to get to work or just do everyday tasks. She creates all this by calling the papz to let them know where she wll be and circling round and round until they are ready for her. I'm surprised someone hasn't verbally attacked her long before this. How can anyone support a woman that gives up her children?

2517 days ago


#57 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just grateful it WASN"T a pic of her 'other' taco!!! The smoking a cig doesn't bother me so much!!

2517 days ago


Britney killed the Kennedy's and kidnapped Jimmy Hoffa. She is Eric Cartman's biological mother and she wasn't really very good at basketball in high school. She can't sing or dance and the good people of TMZ and Perez (I got my ass beat at recess alot)hilton hate her yet they're pumping her gas and washing her windshield while she sits in her car smoking and listening to her chart topping song. She's making a fool out of alot more people than herself.

2517 days ago

Blah blah blah    

WOW I can't believe what morons the papz are. What the hell is the deal with them going on coffee and food runs and now pumping her gas and washing her windows? She sure is making all the papz look like fools.

2517 days ago


Boycott TMZ & AOL they are garbage!
Hopefully one day this young lady will get it together. Then she can have the mind to sue these stalkers.

2517 days ago


why do we sit and read this crap thast all lies anyway

2517 days ago

rock I.Q    

Raputinsliver is a paid blogger from tmz..
he only comments when they put ridiculous useless news on britney and everyone defends her on here for acting normal.
which I relize as a sane person that its rare behavior for her but does happen.
where are the photos of her visit with the kids and on the phone they took yesterday.
come on tmz slackers.

2517 days ago


I'm with you, bobbi. There're some fine looking "tacos" to be sure.

But...not hers.

Alsmost hard to tell which is fuglier, her face or her taco. Oddly, flip her over and it'd probably be hard to tell you're not looking at her face.

ARRRRGH! Think I just made myself ill, man!

2517 days ago


Ha! That last comment fo mine, I discovered too late, was for bjs. Still, I'm with both of ya in your comments.

2517 days ago


She didn't get out of the car! That's not any kind of violation, you morons!

2517 days ago


Good Lord! People come on. Brit has a problem. SO WHAT? We all has our problems too sometimes. No need to made a big fuss or tease her about it. Why can't you people just give her a break? So leave her alone and get a life.

2517 days ago


if only britney had put as much effort into complying with the judge's edicts (drug testing...parenting classes...get her license) as she does on her daily trips to starbucks, fast food joints, tanning salons, and gas stations her children would not have been taken away from her. people reading this you not understand sarcasm...tmz does take things a little far..but they are giving us all these updates to highlight the asurdities of britney's daily life. the things britney seems to do are not abnormal...if you are a teenager without any responsibilities....but once britney had those 2 little boys she became a parent. and as a parent her primary focus in life should be her children. i really wonder how many diapers and bottle feedings she was able to fit in between trips to starbucks. if you don't like the way tmz is reporting on the whole britney thing..there is a simple solution..don't click on any britney stories! i personally am enjoying the way that tmz is not kissing her ass and giving her a free pass just because she is britney. i mean really america..she is britney spears..a pop star...not marie curie or mother teresa. some of the posters here are making her out to be a saint! maybe the patron saint of strippers and mothers without interest in their own children. if you don't like the way tmz is portraying britney...don't read tmz. (back away from the computer...back away from the computer)

2517 days ago

Deanna DiPietrantonio    

I wrote it before and I will Write it again.......

ODE TO Lohan and a Bit od Brittney

Entrain me in a movie
I dont care who your Screwing
Make me laugh make me cry
I dont care how you Drive
Give me a show I can talk about
Not if your wearing underwear out
Give me a Break can't you see
WHY won't the MEdia let them BE!!!!!!!

2517 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Adverse health effects aside, why would Britney, who has skillfully parlayed her looks and other assets, allow her beauty to be washed away in pillows of smoke? Puff on, girlfriend, for that rugged, truck-stop-waitress look.

2517 days ago
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