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Britney's Potentially Explosive Mistake

10/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught Britney Spears yesterday, smoking a cigarette while parked at a gas pump! Does she surprise anyone anymore?!

Brit never got out of her car, just puffed away as paps pumped her gas and washed her windshield for her (the car still hasn't been washed since an irate woman threw coffee on it).

Girl gets her gas pumped, car cleaned, tire changed, drive-thru food ordered, she has someone else around when she watches her kids -- is there anything she can do on her own?


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can you see why she doesn't pump her own gas
I mean
we would probably have to see it on Good Morning America and the evening news if she did
but she should not be smoking a cigarette at the pump
as it is unsafe
we could all mind our own business and not encourage the media to tell us crap like this

2385 days ago


Get a life, who cares?

2385 days ago


Yeah it looks like she really hate those paps around her. I bet they even wipe her ass.

2385 days ago


YA"LL want yourr gas pumped ??????? Just go out in nighties with no underwear and look for men with cameras and ya'll, you can get your gas pumped too !!!!

2385 days ago

rock I.Q    

OOOPS * "angry" ex spouse lmao. he is not agreeable at all...

2385 days ago


Wow TMZ if you had her money would you pump your own gas? I think your reporters have a crush on Britney Spears, seems like she is the only person you can manage to stalk down and get pictures of!

2385 days ago

JeepGuy 98    

THANK YOU TMZ FOR KEEPING BRIT ALIVE ! If it wasn't for you reporting on her, she would fall over dead. If this skank spent one day without being followed by reporters, she would get so paranoid that she'd have a panic attack and die. Attention is all that keeps this skank going !

2385 days ago


I'm envisioning Britney and Allie Simms blowing themselves up in a freak gasoline fight accident & Paris giving the 'ugoogley,' asking if there might be more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking....

I don't understand why everyone gets so upset. These girls have made themselves into cartoon characters for our viewing pleasure. This is how they earn a living and they like it. If you don't like it, then go outside and play. Or more likely, go back to work!

2385 days ago


leave brittany alone i cant wait till you guys talk about the next person and anyone who smokes know that the no smoking while in the gas station rule only been here 5 maybe 6 years alot of ppl still do this i see it every day i work at a gas station so yes we know its wrong but more than your all mighty brittany have done it

2385 days ago

All I can say is "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

2385 days ago


Can she do anything on her own?
Well, right now her song gimme more is no.3 in the billboard hot 100, so I guess there's something she is pretty good at, apart from managing to sell 85 million albums since 1999.

Posted at 8:53AM on Oct 9th 2007 by Marten

Yes, and she also seems to be excellent at debauching/destroying herself and endangering and traumatizing her kids...

2385 days ago

rock I.Q    

she has been dealing with these paps since 1999. when she first hit it big.
Im sure when she was family feuding and going through a divorce.Maybe just MAYBE she embrased them as comfort during her time of lonely emotional distress.lots of people are saying she loves them and seeks out their attention.maybe that has to do with being in show biz since she was like what 11 yrs old
she did not have the normal upbringing that most of us had filled with stability.
perhaps this is why she not only acts as she does but also why she is showing the world she is not the most together parent...

2385 days ago


I feel sorry for her, the girl looks very unhappy. I think she accepts the attention because what else can she do? She must feel like a piece of meat.

smoking in a petrol station is a bad idea though :/

2385 days ago


Now she has the paps pumping her gas?!?!?! What the hell? She is such a lost cause.

2385 days ago


This prooves she googles the paps.

2385 days ago
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