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Ellen DeGeneres' Doggone Nightmare

10/15/2007 9:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres is caught in the middle of a doggy tug of war that has left an innocent girl in tears.

Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) from Mutts and Moms, a dog adoption agency. But things didn't work out as Ellen planned -- her cats didn't get along with Iggy -- so she gave the pooch to her hairdresser, who has two kids, including 12-year-old Ruby.

Last night, a rep from the agency came to the hairdresser's home, claiming Ellen violated the contract by not informing the agency of the hand-off. The rep demanded to take the dog away. Ellen' s position -- yeah, she should have notified the agency, but she found a loving home and isn't that what counts? The agency rep stuck to her guns and removed the dog with cops present. Ruby is heartbroken; reduced to tears.

Ellen says, "I kept saying, 'If you want to be mad at me, be mad at me, but don't take it out on the family. Don't take it out on the dog.'"


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There are many ways to find a pet. People who want to buy a pet from a store, get one from a newspaper ad, or out of a card board box on the side of the road may find a great pet. They will inevitably pay ar more for the initial health care, neuter, and microchipping. They will not have had the pet screened for diseases, behavior problems, or parasites. They will not get the various benefits added by many agencies, which may include discounts on supplies, first puppy classes, or referrals to reliable trainers and petsitters. So, those of you that think its all about making a profit, do some work and add it up. Agencies can't break even on adoption, so additional funding comes from donations of services by vets, fund raising, and cash donations by members of the public who are informed enough to know how necessary their support is. Shelters and adoption agencies rule, they give their hearts to these animals every single day. Believe me, they aren't getting paid the big bucks for their service.

2562 days ago


Ellen should have cleared it with the pet rescue group before getting rid of the dog she adopted. Most rescue groups I've seen do have a contract like this, so that if it doesn't work out, the dog will go to back to them for re-placement in another home. They've invested a lot of time and energy in the pets and in the end, they want to best home for them. That being said, all of this could be settled without the cops and shame on Mutts & Moms for doing that. They could have visited the family, checked them out, and had them fill out a form instead, and told Ellen that she broke protocol, but reacting with cops is ridiculous.

2562 days ago


EMAIL them and ask them to give the Doggie back!!!!!

2562 days ago



2562 days ago

hello, it    

17. oh for god sakes give the damn kid the dog back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 4:42PM on Oct 15th 2007 by chicago

You said it perfectly!

2562 days ago


Ellen rented dog, ellen subrented dog, agency doesn't get to collect on dog subrental fees unless agency pays francishe fees. Bad also has ownership rights on Ellen's first born male son, not that this is likely to happen......

2562 days ago


I would bet that Mutts and Moms is a non-profit and I only hope people will never give them a dime. I know I never will....won't adopt their dogs and won't donate. If enough people shun them, they can hopefully be put out of business!!! Too bad the animal rights people are too busy obsessing over Brit because this is who they need to be investigating!!! Ellen made the mistake and punishing the dog and an innocent child who has grown to love the puppy is heartless!! The people behind this business should not be doing anything to help others because they have no regard for the feelings of others!! Such a shame we have such sickos living in our society!!

2562 days ago


A lot of these animal adoption places are really anally and absurdly militant about the animals. Isn't the main goal to get the animals into loving homes? Yes, so wtf is the problem? Give the kid her dog back - geez!!

2562 days ago


This is why shelters piss me off. When I was going to get a dog, I first went to shelters and I was SO raked over the coals. Even with a fenced in yard, even with previous experience with the breed, even with a perfect record of pet care (I've never given away a pet in my life), I was still not meeting all of their requirements. I eventually went to a credible breeder because I was sick of shelters giving me a hard time.
This is just another example. Instead of charging Ellen a fine and then keeping up with the dog's new family, they take the dog back. Yeah, that is VERY good for the dog's well-being.

2562 days ago

balanced reporting    

In a land of free press, it's important to tell all sides. Mutts and Moms is a super non-profit that does wonderful work. I have to believe there's a second story here and wish you were fair-minded enough to have gotten a quote from them before publishing. I wonder how many people won't go to them and those dogs will end up being put down because of it?

2562 days ago


All that has to be done is the normal background check that should ALWAYS be done before placing an animal in a home. If for some reason, the references, etc., don't check out, than okay, don't give the dog back to Ruby. If it's found that Ruby's family has a good, animal-loving home, than I don't see what the problem is.

And to all you haters out there...get a life and quit being so mean. Didn't your parents teach you any manners?

2562 days ago


To # ''what idiots''

Oh I know...I know..I have adopted many cats from the pet clinics over the years...and I tell ya..Its like you are adopting a king or queen....I totallt respect the work that they do and all...BUt...come on...they do take it way too far sometimes with all the backround checks and home visits and Freaking referances..going back 10 years ...GIVE ME A BREAK...I want a have to my vet..and Move on.....I bet they would give more pets homes..if they would be reasonable..Most ppl Do NOT want all kinds of ppl into their life , in their personl stuff...JUST TI GIVE A PET A GOOD HOME..I MEAN A CREDIT CHECK!!!..TFF


2562 days ago

b. posey    

give the dog back to Ruby! All these dogs want is a loving,safe,warm,clean place to live. Please they depend on us! They give so much can't we give back to these sweet babies. Please

2562 days ago


They are non-profit.......the people running it seem to miss out on their own purpose!!! Here is the link to their site.....I think people need to let them know they won't be getting any donations!! They need to take away their non-profit status because what they did was cruel. How can you claim to have the best interest of an animal and get police to yank it away from a child with whom the animal has bonded?!! You fix the error and take up the problem with the adult! They obviously care nothing about dogs because they punished the pet and an innocent kid!! That is sick!!!!!!

2562 days ago


Of course Ruby should get the dog. Her parents can probably go to the agency and put an application in. Our local Animal Shelter makes you agree to that same stipulation.

But I am going through the same thing with my new little dog. She is terrorizing my cats. However, I would like to find a way so that we can all live peacefully!

2562 days ago
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