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Kathy Griffin and Her New iMan

10/15/2007 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're going to date a mega-rich computer king, you might as well take him with you to Vegas!
Kathy Griffin, Steve Wozniak
Kathy Griffin and her new beau, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, hit up the grand opening of Diablo's Cantina at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino on Saturday night. Griffin, who split with her husband last year -- after accusing him of stealing over $70,000 from her -- must be over the moon happy to be dating a guy who has that much money in between his couch cushions.

Wozniak is so rich he plays polo ... on a Segway!


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they look like good people

2481 days ago

5 cent    

Which one is Kathy?

2481 days ago


Kathy is an awful human being.

Telling Jesus to "suck it" is just not very nice. God will get her for that.

And if her BF has half a brain he'll RUN!
Who wants to be with a woman whose 'gina has teeth?

2481 days ago


The matching black suits look awesome!

2481 days ago

Stan Marsh    

70K , I think that's how much he thought he was owed after doing all her bitch work.

2481 days ago


Ug & Uglier....hope there's no sequel

2481 days ago


I used to like to listen to her stand-up but after her remark about God and then her using Jesus's name in vain over and over again, she needs Jesus in her life.

2481 days ago


The guy looks stuffed...what is it with his hair???!!!

2481 days ago


What a hideous couple!

2481 days ago

TR sucks    


Does "george lucas" know that "kathy " is really a man??? As if wearing the same hairstyle for the past 3 decades isn't enough of a turn-off, the horse-face, billy-goat chin hairs, deep voice, etc are no accident. Lady is a dude!!!! He/she wears the infamous matronly outfits to hide the frank & beans!!!

He/she is one of the most disgusting no-talent whores around. With zero brains or talent he/she constantly resorts to unwitty, desperate attacks on other people, most of whom he/she has never met. Not much talent there, just plain old mean-spirited bashing. Real comics don't base there entire act on this type of "humour", they have more intelligence than this one-trick-pony.

Also, he/she simply copies jokes from other comics. If you follow comedy, you'll recognize the endless re-cycling of other comic's material, albeit from at least a decade or two earlier!!.

He/she couldn't hang with the genius of Seinfeld, so he/she has found a sugar-daddy as a back-up plan for income. Even with the "dumbed down" emmy award, this he/she hack's days are numbered.

Gross, gross, gross!

2481 days ago


All that money and he can't find a suit that fits him?

2481 days ago


They make a very cute leprechaun couple. LOL I like Kathy Griffin - am glad to see her happy. And Steve Wozniak looks like he just found his lucky charm and pot of gold....or Kathy did. :-)

2481 days ago



Hey kids after the age 35 we are ALL "Dented Cans"- meaning that we have maybe a

divorce's-boyfriend/girlfriend, chubbiness, wrinkles, life that has affected us in profound

ways due to friends/family/ loss and personal health issues.

So as you grow older... hopefully you will realise that looks fade fast and those that use

there looks to gain anything tend to be extremely self shallow and highly low self

esteem individuals(Nut Jobs)
It truly is what a persons self value and self worth that is attractive and fun.

The best and most lasting love is one made not just of looks, So keep that in mind when choosing a potential new relationship.

I think Kathy Is BEAUTIFULL inside where it counts the most and she is also beautiful

outside. I saw what "Handsome pretty boy Matt the money hound did to her and it was heartbreaking.

Kathy suffered the loss of that marriage but now I hope she See's how nice and fun and

loving a honest hard working equally honest man can compliment her and I am so happy for them!

Steve Wozniak is HANDSOME and pardon the pun a good Apple! Congratulations Kathy


Kristina & Drew - Cape Coral FL.

2481 days ago

Sir my ass    

Wait, HOLD IT. Kathy DOES look different's her face, it isn't the same as it normally is. Is she thinner? No. It's not the hair, that is the same. Hmmmm???...Oh CRAP, perhaps it IS love! Oh CRAP-OLA!!!! Is she going to be "all happy" now. YUCK!! This will NEVER WORK FOR US. We need someone to grip and dis everyone out to pieces!!! We want the OLD, UNHAPPY, NOT GETTING LAID KATHY BACK!!!!! Please, Don't get laid Kathy, Don't get hitched, us angry people need you to be as pissy as possible!!!!!! Just say NO to this dude, you can do it. OK, put down the cash and slowly back up...just walk away!!! OR RUN! AND STAY MEAN!!!! Don't fall in love!!! You're strong Girl, you got enough plastic toys in the can tough it out, I know you can!!! I'm counting on you - we won't stand for this "I'm so in love" shtick.... :-( !!! No No NO!!

2481 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Oh Kathy! I am happy for you but you will have to do all the work from the top you will not be able to move underneath him.

2481 days ago
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