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Ellen Breaks Down on Her Show

10/16/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The usually upbeat Ellen DeGeneres was anything but on today's episode of her show -- stopping her opening monologue to give a passionate, tear-filled speech about her recent dog troubles.

After walking on to the usual applause, Ellen quieted the audience and explained that, "Today is a hard day for me ... I am not capable of coming out and pretending to be funny when things are going so terribly wrong right now."

Wiping tears from her eyes, Ellen went on to talk about her ongoing battle with a dog rescue group that took back a dog Ellen adopted after discovering the talk show hostess had given it to her hairdresser.

Tonight's TMZ TV has all the latest on the developing story. Watch today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to see the rest of her passionate plea.


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This is exactly why you should just buy a dog out of the paper!

2529 days ago


they need to give the dog back to the family - if they REALLY cared about placing animals in loving homes. It sound more like the organization is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame instead. They'll probably place the dog in another home and ask for ANOTHER DONATION from that family.
If Ellen and Portia own the dog and they gave it away, they should call the police. That chick "Vanessa" cannot just walk into someone's yard and STEAL the dog from private property.

2529 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Take some Prozac for Gods sake and do your goofy show. You act like there was just another 911 you attention whore.

2529 days ago


This is Ellen's fault. The dog rescue should not rip the dog from the girl's arms but I have an adopted dog. It was PLAINLY STATED TO ME AND WRITTEN IN THE CONTRACT that should I, for any son whatsoever, be unable to keep the dog, to please notify the GR rescue and they would take the dog back.

They don't just give the dogs out to folks. The Golden Retriever folks came out to my house and checked out my yard, fence. etc, vet records, animal shelters to look for history of dumping unwanted "impulsive buy" pets, etc. You adopt the dog, but essentially, once a rescue dog, always a rescue dog. The want the dog back if you don't want it, so they can take the same care and research in finding it a new home.

These places take these animals in, spay or neuter them and then have the implanted with an identity chip that is registered to the rescue organization for the pet's life. If the dog becomes lost, a shelter will scan it and contact that rescue organization who can then contact the adopted owner. If an animal is given away without rescue's knowledge and ends up in an abusive situation, the animal is scanned and traced to the rescue people, this reflects very very badly on them.

I am sure that Ellen knew, as did I when I adopted my Golden, that she was not to give the dog away, but rather return it to the animal rescue. The people I went through stressed that over and over.

I do feel the agency should have left the dog with the girl while they determined suitiability of the family, etc. It is a shame that Ellen seemed to think she was exempted from the rules that apply to other adoptive pet owners. It would have saved this child some grief.

2529 days ago


What Ellen doesn't realize is nobody else cares!!!! Why throw a fit on a tv show in front of millions who don't know or care?

2529 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This Dog Rescue Group could have avoided this whole fiasco by treating this case with a little sensitivity rather than with bloated, self-important bureaucracy. This was ELLEN here. She could have been invaluable to their dumbass cause. All they had to do was hold the pooch while clearing the application for the new family with kids that already loved Ellen's pooch. The whole affair should never have happened, and is downright ridiculous and completely unecessary.

2529 days ago

Nan C.    

The fact I can't get over is Ellen coming out and crying because terrible things are happening and she can't just pretend to be happy... What if she had to broadcast REAL news... Her job is to entertain and I think she is using that platform to gain attention and pressure "Mutts and Moms" to change their policy because- Hey, now the media is involved... and you're gonna break people's hearts. She is using her profession to broadcast her personal problem. That's okay as people are interested in her and her life or they wouldn't be watching... but to say that you can't be happy because of this horrible event... when we're at war, and people are starving daily... that's so trite.

2529 days ago

tommy + pam + kid = STD's?    

Her little speech and tears might mean something if it were directed @ the lost lives of the unborn children that she and her liberal friends support killing through abortion.

Hug a tree, kiss a dog, kill a child.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

2529 days ago


How absolutely STUPID can these animal rescue people be..... the dog has a good home which is much better than keeping it in a cage for someone else to come along and maybe/maybe not adopt it ... What idiotic thinking is this.... the dog is in a good home.... we waste energy in the most inane and trivial ways....

I applaud Ellen for putting her heart out there.... this is who she is and it is wonderful that we all dont have to be robotic in our behavior because others may look at us funny.... WAY TO GO ELLEN!!!!!

2529 days ago





2529 days ago

Mina M    

I came across this petition earlier, a petition to reunite Ruby and Iggy. If you're interested, here's the link:

2529 days ago


This is TERRIBLE! All of you giving Ellen a bad time are mean... yes, kids are more important than dogs, but that doesn't mean that we should just give up on the dogs! Also I am sure she was upset because the new family was upset about losing thier new dog! I myself have adopted 2 rescue dogs (and BTW... rescue dogs are not "bad", many are displaced due the family just changing it's mind, moving, the elderly owner dying, etc) and the are the best dogs and a wonderful addition to our family. Yes, most people who adopt rescue dogs sign the contract stating that they need to return the dog if it's not a "good fit", but that is mostly because they want to make sure it doesn't end up in the pound. Whatever bozo at that dog rescue who removed the dog from the new home just did a "whole lotta bad" for all dog rescues. Yes, she disobeyed the contract she signed, but I believe it wasn't malicious, and probably forgot. This rescue should have just contacted the new family and screened them... I am sure they are a wonderful family, and the dog was just fine. Now, they look really bad (and rightly so!), and all the good PR that could have come out of this is now worse than bad PR. Shame on them! Please people.. if you want great dog... please look at local rescues first!!!!

2529 days ago


ellen was wrong to get the dog away after signing a contract.. yes
the agency was wrong in how they handled the situation.. YES

great way to treat a 12 year old litter girl, cops showing up to remove her pet.. most children love animals and become attached very quickly.

the best way to have handled it was simple.

ellen tells the agency, the puppy and her cats were not getting along, but she had a 12 years old child in a suitable home who wanted the puppy. the agency checks out ruby's home, adoptioned transfered and no publicity or hurt involved.

2529 days ago


To all you morons who say we are not dog lovers because we don't agree with what Ellen did......Grow up, grow a brain. There are rules and regulations this place abides by, and that does not mean people who follow rules are heartless. Ellen is acting foolish.

2529 days ago

cee cee    

good God Almighty. It's not like the kid has even had time to get attached. Give me an effing break. Idiots.

2529 days ago
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