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If Aliens Attack, Rudy Is Ready

10/16/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The next President of the United States will inherit multiple dilemmas, but unforeseen ones might arise -- including an alien invasion. And if that day should arrive, the American people can count on Rudy Giuliani to be prepared!

On a campaign stop in Exeter, N.H., a young boy asked the former NYC mayor, "If we find there is something living on another planet, and it is bad, and it comes over here, what would you do?" Kids today!

Giuliani laughed it off, but did try and give the lad a serious answer. Good to know Rudy has his eye on the ball.


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Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Oh My, we now have a nut on here preaching to us about the conspiracy of 9/11 - who takes Wikipedia for fact AND POSTING ON TMZ?! I'm glad B.I.T. just straightened me out, here I was all these years thinking that Bin Laden was responsible! Thanks!

2530 days ago

Go Away    

Yes...I think it was Rangel (D) that wanted to re-instate the draft and it was resoundly rejected both parties. (in case you were not paying attention).


2530 days ago

dr tim    

What would RUDY do. He would get dressed up in DRAG as he often does, and then slip away, un-noticed, unless the Alien was cute.

2530 days ago

Go Away    

Rudy Giuliani Unveils National First Responders Coalition

"Mayor Giuliani is a strong and principled leader," said Safir, who served under Giuliani. "I saw firsthand his leadership in helping transform a crime-ridden New York City into the safest large city in our nation, while increasing preparedness by opening the city's first Office of Emergency Management. He has always shown uncompromising courage in the face of challenges. I am proud to lead First Responders across America who support Rudy for President."

"Mayor Giuliani has a proven record of supporting firefighters. As Mayor, he implemented policies that improved firefighters' safety and preparedness. Firefighters across the nation are supporting Mayor Giuliani because they admire his leadership and support his vision for our country," said Bowie.


2530 days ago

Go Away    

DR. Tim...and if it were fred thomson he would wave a wad of cash in their face for a lap dance and then would eventually marry long as they were his grand daughters age, that is.

2530 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

#44. I read that PM article a long time ago.

2530 days ago


Thanks Brit Tears, my husband is a veteran and you're an idiot. Why don't you do something worthwhile instead of playing monday morning quarterback on the Iraq war.

2530 days ago

Bash a Pap    

This is from the Fire Fighters Union of NYC's website:

"Regrettably, the situation with former Mayor Giuliani is very different. His actions post 9/11 rise to such an offensive and personal attack on our brother and sisterhood — and directly on our union — that the IAFF does not feel Rudy Giuliani deserves an audience of IAFF leaders and members at our own Presidential Forum.

The disrespect that he exhibited to our 343 fallen FDNY brothers, their families and our New York City IAFF leadership in the wake of that tragic day has not been forgiven or forgotten."

2530 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Here's where to find the article by the Fire Fighter's Union:

2530 days ago


There is a section in the FEMA Fire Dept manual that deals with Alien attacks.
Check it out...

2530 days ago

Go Away need to come up with something mor substative than the IAFF UNION. Are you serious with that crap? ROFLMAO!!!

The IAFF gave $2.1 million in political donations in 2006, with 72 percent going to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The IAFF gave $1.78 million in the last presidential election cycle, with the same share – 72 percent – going to Democrats.

So now you tell me...and think real hard about this....could it be they wont give Rudy an audience because they are already in bed with his opponent?

Pull your head out.

2530 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Mika, what the hell are you on about? Typically, you attack the messenger instead of the message itself. I think it's tragic that Americans (and countless innocent Iraqis) are dead and dying due to this unjustified war. What is the war for? WMDs? Nope. Terrorists? Nope. Saddam? He's gone - so nope.

The war if for oil and to line the pockets of the owners of Halliburton, Blackwater and all the other war profiteers. Don't get mad at me. Get mad at the government you elected!

2530 days ago

Go Away    

Rudy cant be bought off by Union Thugs like the dems can so they BMW (B*tch Moan & Whine)!

2530 days ago

Go Away    

The IAFF was the FIRST UNION to endorse that loser Kerry.

Them coming out against a major coup!

2530 days ago

Go Away    

Actually Britney was you that started in with the name calling. Mika never called you names. It was YOU. So I guess if we apply your own logic to your own posts...its is you that is angry and attacking people. But this doesnt suprise anyone as its well known that anger and wild accusations is all the loony left...has left.

2530 days ago
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