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If Aliens Attack, Rudy Is Ready

10/16/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The next President of the United States will inherit multiple dilemmas, but unforeseen ones might arise -- including an alien invasion. And if that day should arrive, the American people can count on Rudy Giuliani to be prepared!

On a campaign stop in Exeter, N.H., a young boy asked the former NYC mayor, "If we find there is something living on another planet, and it is bad, and it comes over here, what would you do?" Kids today!

Giuliani laughed it off, but did try and give the lad a serious answer. Good to know Rudy has his eye on the ball.


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Go Away    

More name calling. Britney Tears?? tsk tsk. ..I can practically see the froth coming from your mouth.

pass the popcorn...

2532 days ago

Go Away    

proposed "incidents" from "anonymous authors".

Ohh beafraid very afraid! /sarc

:rolling eyes:


2532 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

"It is not known whether the explosion was accidental or sabotage"
Then I guess it must be true! Thanks for straightening us out again, B.I.T. Seriously, before you start preaching, do some research of your own - NOT through Wikipedia (and yes, you can trace back, but ANYONE CAN POST ANYTHING THERE, so that does not make it legit)

Everything Shove It has said, goes twice for me! :)

2532 days ago

I am not a nugget    

I am in awe.

2532 days ago


god save us if this POS becomes president!!! "america's mayor" my ass, only if gummi bear is a hot sexy piece of ass!!!

PLEASE get out and vote so we can get this country back in the hands of people with hearts and brains!!!

2532 days ago

I am not a nugget    

If Hildog or obama were asked the same question, they would have similar answers. As a politian you have to answer all these questions, especially if they were asked by kids. Otherwise you just look like a jacka55, which nobody likes. Besides he gave a normal answer that made sense.

2531 days ago


#2 must be a lazy I don't wanna work for a living the Government owes me democrat. Because the economy has never been better for those who want to work. That's why the illegals are coming here doing jobs that Americans are too lazy and dependent on Government to do. People like Hillary & Obama love to keep people from working and prospering, that keeps their voters coming out to get free Governemnt money, health care, food , clothing, housing, etc... The pooer the more dependent on Government you are. And what keeps all these lazy, can't or don't want to make a living people up? The people that do get out there and work hard, by paying higher and higher taxes. Rudy for President? I don't think so. He has too many issues, but I would vote for the worst Republican before I would vote for the best (if there is such a thing) democrat. You want a socialist country keep putting democrats in charge. Look at New Orleans as a great example of how well the democrats run things. I know I know. It is all Bush's fault. Even when he is out of office they will be blaming him for everything that goes wrong for the next 50 years.

2531 days ago


Poor Democrats have nothing but namecalling which equals weakness.Oh and by the way other than yank money from the military how does Hillary propose to pay for her and precious party's socialized S-Ship healthscare plan better yet other than raise taxes what you libs are calling pay-go how else does she plan to pay for these plans that will cost billions?

2528 days ago
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