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Lindsay Gives Paps the Slip

10/17/2007 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since she returned to L.A., Lindsay Lohan's every move has been documented by a pack of paparazzi -- but LiLo used her magic last night -- and disappeared into thin air! How does she do it?!

TMZ caught Lohan leaving an apartment last night around 7:00 PM, looking amazing in all black, and later arriving to the Raffles Hotel in Beverly Hills. She never left the hotel -- so it was thought -- then TMZ was tipped by sources inside that she snuck out the back door and took off in a different car.

She was rumored to be at one of her old haunts, Chateau Marmont, but it was impossible to find her!


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Lenn K.    

Lindsay stay down, they are after you and they will get you if you go out partying. They have their stalk patrols after you so if you are smart stay out of sight!!!

2561 days ago


good for lindsay, some times we've got to leave them alone.

2561 days ago

Dr. M    

Lindsay / Lindsay / Lindsay :

Watch the cig's (u smoked 2 much the last time u were there)

"My chest hurts"

Drink ur H2O / take ur vitamins / extra C /

Quit taking trips with no destination in mind !

Work hard / Stay str8 / Do good / Be nice -

The roads and trips you have chosen are really the hard way to go -

There is an easier way to get there -

Oh well -

Nosce Te Ipsum
Shalom Aleichem
Dr. M

2561 days ago


Pathetic attempt at a news story. Who cares?

2561 days ago

Dawn Day    

You don't realize how nice it is to NOT hear about Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay....or Paris, Paris, Paris until they resurface.....ugh. Enough already!

For some reason the Britney news is me weird, cuz I am!!!! HA!

2561 days ago


I wish TMZ would get more commercials to play before each video, I'M SICK OF THAT PANTENE ONE !

2561 days ago

Live and Sleazy    

Good for Lindsay! Proof for the Britards that it is possible to shake the Paps if you actually want to.

2561 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I want to know about the Stedman Dilo thing... someone?

2561 days ago


PLEASE leave her alone. She's obviously serious about changing her life around or she wouldn't have spent so much time in Utah. Following someone around hoping to catch a relapse 'on camera' is sick. Don't you realize that your constant attention could have adverse effect on her. Oh wait, I'm sure you do realize that. Paps are the lowest of all lifeforms.

2561 days ago


can we just leave this girl alone???

2561 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Hey - FINALLY someone else referencing the Dina-Stedman connection!!! I am amazed that this story keeps quiet. The Big O must be mighty powerful to keep this one under wraps.

My brother works at the restaurant where Gwen Stefani's kid had his birthday party - the Tara Reid throwing her mojito at Dina b/c she arrived arm in arm with Stedman is legend there! They all hate Tara - demanding and a bad tipper to boot. Stedman/DiLo were on their way quietly to their table when slobalicious Tara viciously emptied her glass right in Dina's face - truly horrifying! The Tara-Stedman thing had been over for MONTHS. She is so pathetic.

Stedman & Dina have been seen all over Santa Barbara and LA - it's definitely no secret out there. And it's also no secret that Stedman has been a regular visitor to LiLo in rehab and was instrumental in getting her to talk to her dad. Stedman is a true class act and Dina & Lilo are lucky to have him - he's been a good influence.

So glad someone else is on to this.

2561 days ago

Slim Shady    

come on tmz GET A LIFE!!!! No better yet get A REAL Story someone wants to read!!!

2561 days ago

who cares    


2561 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Slim Shady,

You obviously are interested or you won't have bothered to post. Get a life, you slob.

I hate TARA so much. I have a friend that works in the resturant where she went bonkers on Dilo. It took three big guys to drag Tara out. My friend said she looked so nuts he thought her head would turn around like Linda Blair's did in the Exorcist.

Go LILO GO! you look great!

2561 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Why can't TMZ leave these people all alone. It was not Tara in that resturant... I believe it was Charlie Sheen's ex. Well that is what I heard... anyhow... DIlo had it coming..she tole her man!

2561 days ago
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