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PETA Talks Dogs

10/17/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ contacted PETA to get their expert opinion on the whole Ellen vs. Mutts and Moms ordeal, and the animal protection group is standing by Ellen!
Ellen n Iggy
PETA said, "At a time when so many people in Hollywood, like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, are making impetuous "pet" purchases, PETA commends Ellen for adopting a homeless animal from a shelter rather than buying a dog. Every animal purchased from a pet store is a virtual death sentence for an animal desperately waiting in a shelter for a home."

Although PETA doesn't fully side with Ellen, they do think that Ellen had only the best of intentions. "We know that Ellen was trying to do the right thing in finding the dog a new home. She just missed a step in neglecting to contact the agency first. We hope that if the new home she arranged turns out to be as good as she thought, the agency will allow the family to take the dog back. PETA does think that Mutts & Moms' policies of doing home checks and not allowing people to transfer animals to others are good rules that protect the animals. Ellen was just trying to do the right thing -- she is a huge animal lover -- and surely has learned from this experience." Even for a dog, that's a mouthful!




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Merry Christmas    

What the hell is that in the corner - a crotch shot?!?

2540 days ago


FIRST Biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2540 days ago


the first time I've agreed with PETA

2540 days ago


The lesson learned is: Never cross Ellen or she will send her lesbian gang after you.


2540 days ago


While I think that PETA often gets too carried away with things, I fully support their position with this situation. I don't think that Ellen, being an animal lover, would do anything to put the dog (Iggy) in danger. It seems like she genuinely found a good home for the dog. Mutts and Moms could have handled the whole situation better by doing a home visit at the hairdresser's house and re-filing the paperwork. Despite what the contract says, it doesn't need to be so black and white.

2540 days ago


WE ALL LOVE ELLLEN .... it broke my heart to see her so upset ..... she is a KIND and GIVING PERSON .... BIG LOVE FOR A BIG WONDERFUL STAR!

2540 days ago


PETA are a bunch of liars. They think nobody should own pets.

2540 days ago

Mrs G    

If you don't show comments irrelevent to the story, why the did you allow the first two comments?

2540 days ago


TO NOT 2 PC .... LOL ..... very funny!

2540 days ago

The Monkey Zone    

I think PETA thinks WAYYYYYY TOO MUCH of themselves.


Just because you have Michael Vick suspended and celebrities doing porn for you doesn't mean you have to give your worthless opinion every time someone mentions the word "pet".

Everytime I hear a PETA rant, I'm gonna have a steak!

2540 days ago

Merry Christmas    

MissJ - the only the you are first at - is being 2nd!

PETA doesn't need to be involved. It's not like anyone is going to eat the animal or wear it.

note to peta - sit down and shut up!

2540 days ago


#1...How unfair was that statement? It is of course the dog, Iggy. There are so many people who think Ellen did nothing wrong that the place who took the dog back needs to rethink what they have done to two little girls and a family. Ellen could have just gone out and bought them another dog but she is very much into the "rescue" of animals that she would not go that route. The public certainly will also think twice about getting a pet from that place if they don't give the dog back. I know I would not go there for a pet ever again. How cruel these people were to these kids and this family.

2540 days ago


Ms. Marina Baktis and Ms. Vanessa Checroon threatened to contact the MEDIA if the dog was not returned….well they got their MEDIA!!!!

2540 days ago


I can understand both sides of this. I do commend Ellen for adopting but at the same time responsible adoption agencies and breeders normally require the dog be returned to them. They have a responsibility to make sure the animal doesn't end up in the wrong hands. I suggest next time, Ellen should read what she is signing a little closer.

2540 days ago

Lady Hadenough    

Why did they let the dog go back with these loonies?? I bet if the mom just told the cop and the agency woman at the door a firm "NO". That policeman would have just told the loonie agency woman to go get a lawyer and that would have been the end of it. Why are all of us such robots and never fight back? I bet that the mom wishes she had done that now, poor thing.....

2540 days ago
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