PETA Talks Dogs

10/17/2007 1:40 PM PDT

PETA Talks Dogs

TMZ contacted PETA to get their expert opinion on the whole Ellen vs. Mutts and Moms ordeal, and the animal protection group is standing by Ellen!

PETA said, "At a time when so many people in Hollywood, like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, are making impetuous "pet" purchases, PETA commends Ellen for adopting a homeless animal from a shelter rather than buying a dog. Every animal purchased from a pet store is a virtual death sentence for an animal desperately waiting in a shelter for a home." Although PETA doesn't fully side with Ellen, they do think that Ellen had only the best of intentions. "We know that Ellen was trying to do the right thing in finding the dog a new home. She just missed a step in neglecting to contact the agency first. We hope that if the new home she arranged turns out to be as good as she thought, the agency will allow the family to take the dog back. PETA does think that Mutts & Moms' policies of doing home checks and not allowing people to transfer animals to others are good rules that protect the animals. Ellen was just trying to do the right thing -- she is a huge animal lover -- and surely has learned from this experience." Even for a dog, that's a mouthful!