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What Really Went Down in That Minnesota Bathroom?

10/17/2007 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Craig was on "Dateline" last night, trying to explain what happened in a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport back in June.

The tap-happy Senator said he never peeked into other men's stalls and said he "go[es] to bathroom to use bathroom, for bathrooms sake."

Last week, TMZ TV aired a video from our buddies at that offered up a different explanation of what went down.

Watch both videos and decide -- Larry Craig: Gay or not gay?


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Ding Dang Y'all    

He is gay , come out already....I think Matt likes it in bathrooms too

2529 days ago

Tail Gunner Don't Know    

I have in my hand a list of 205 members of the Gay disgruntled! I would like to use the power of the US government to investigate all of them to make sure that we weed the Gay disgruntled out of the State Department, Army and other areas of government!

2529 days ago

Fake People Suck    

#9 you are so right!
I think that it was too, I don’t know if anyone has taken the time to listen to the interrogation tape but his story has not changed! And I think that the police over reacted .....because most of the cops out there are bully’s on an authority kick anyway!
I feel bad for Craig and his family.......and I think that all of you who are basing it on this need to listen to the recordings and you can see that he is innocent.
Oh dear Lord he tapped his feet and grabbed toilette paper from his shoe..............He's Gay...He's Gay!!!
Please and even if he was, that is not a reason to dis-credit all of the work that he has done.

2529 days ago


And no gays or democrats tried to push him out of office. No, that was the other ignorant closeted replublicans. No one cares if this guy is gay, bi or straight! There are two problems that he has created though..........1. possible initiating sex in a public restroom. As someone else stated, kids go into these restrooms, get a room! 2. if this guy is in denial...........why try and punish others by openly targeting gay rights and destroying them??? Of course, this is VERY common in closeted married gay Republican white men in congress.

Oh and thanks for that conspiracy theory someone gave............LMAO!

2529 days ago

Uncle Samma    

How do I vote for "WHO CARES!"

2529 days ago

Real Deal    

I don’t think so...And to all others coming to the Senators aide...Enough already!!!!

As a public official, it is his duty to be hones to the citizens of his state and of course his family.

There are two obvious flaws in his argument. First, who gets embarrassed for things that they are not guilty of???? If you get pulled over speeding and you were not speeding, you get angry not embarrassed. Someone accuses you of stealing, you get angry not embarrassed (bad examples) but, If some says you were picking up men in a bathroom and you were not, you get angry and fight for you word and honor. You do not roll over and say, "I was embarrassed ". Embarrassed of what??? Being wrong accused? Incorrectly profiled? How can this guy be a seasoned politician and roll over so easy? How did this politician think in this day and age of technology, access to information and news, did he think for a second a guilty plea would make it go away??? All actions were that of a guilty man. Innocent people do not plead guilty and hide it from their family.

Someone pulled me off the can and said I was under arrest (before I heard this story) I would have been on the phone with my lawyer so fast especially being a high profile Politian.

Another thing,(among many others) that is wrong, when he was asked about the toe tapping, foot touching and toilet paper picking up, the response of a straight man who is unfamiliar with the code would have been more like, "so what" " what does that mean" "Sex with men, what are you nuts" "who does that" " I never heard of that" " A law for foot tapping?" :What is this nonsense" “ This is bull”, “That can not be a law?” I did not know what that meant, sorry but you are wrong” “Coincidence my friend, now let me go”
Again, his reaction clearly indicated that he was aware of the gay bathroom code. He is a liar and should be ashamed.

2529 days ago


#20 makes so much sense. That is all so true and another thing what was the "Guilty" plea then the change of plea. That was so lame, and IF he were so innocent he would have been angry and told his wife immediately "Hey you will never guess what happened to me today." Instead he hoped it would all just "go away." Not happening Senator.

2529 days ago


His big mistake is trying to get out of admitting he was guilty.

Why not just tell the truth?

His dishonesty hurts him more than admitting he is gay...

2529 days ago

just me    

The Senator was charged with lewd conduct but agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct to avoid prosecution on the more serious charge and now he says he is not guilty of either charge.

I think he is guilty of lewd conduct, otherwise he would not have pled guilty to the lesser charge. An innocent person does not plead guilty to a lesser charge unless the facts are such that they believe there is a substantial possibility they would be convicted of the more serious charge.

I think he is gay and ashamed of it. I don't buy the Senator's story.

2529 days ago


Everytime I hear about this Senator, he's always changing or taking back what he said. First, he pleads guilty, then changes his mind. Then he said, he is no longer going to be a Senator, then decides to change his mind. WTF? No wonder our country is screwed up. We have Senators who change their minds every 10 minutes.

2529 days ago

Julian Tebye    

#9--sounds vaguely plausible--but he didn't get arrested for tapping his foot--his foot must connect with the shoe in the next booth for contact to be made--and for an arrest to be made

2529 days ago


Airport bathroom ho!

2529 days ago


He pleaded, not pled. There is no such word as "pled".

(Yes, I know it's in the dictionary. So is "ain't", but that doesn't make it correct.)

2529 days ago


Talk about light in the loafers. I'm sorry, but twinkle toes vacuums.

2529 days ago


What I find so funny about this is the fact that people think this is something uncommon. Sorry folks but it's not! There are far more "straight" married men that like to have man to man action than what most people think. I know I have "had" my fair share of them. Quite a few repeat visits too I might add. About 70% say it is because their wives do not like oral sex and they do. Some say they simply like the way another man does it. I'm really not sure why but they just do.

One in particular that I met by was one of the worst about sneaking away to the cruise park whenever he could. The man literally left his family at his teens football game to come to the park to cruise. I have met him many times like this over a 3 year period of time. The first time I walked my legs off with this guy following me all over the park. I finally got irritated and asked him if he wanted to play or not and in an instant the shorts were down.

Yes they all know what they are doing. They just slip up and make suggestions to the wrong people a.k.a cops. Who can really blame them? If we bait an animal won't it get caught in the trap? Larry Craig was no different! He was there for a reason, opportunity knocked and he answered. It just happened to be the wrong person on the other side of the stall. All will be forgotten soon and Larry can resume his bathroom duties normally. This time just a little more careful and selective.

2529 days ago
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