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Britney Gets Bronzed and Bratty

10/18/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney hit up Sunset Tan with her new assistant yesterday, and for once, acted like she didn't want her BFFs the paparazzi, in attendance!

The freshly tanned and annoyed Brit went down a back stairwell, complaining, "This is why I wanted cops here!" Then snapped, "I'm never coming here again!"

Brit's "impromptu bodyguards" were Sunset Tan employees, who became Britney's verbal punching bags as they escorted the cranky "singer" to her car. The popwreck seems to make everyone around her an instant employee -- then rudely dismisses them! Ding dang diva!


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Momadukes - HONEY [sic] (You don't even know me, do you have that low of self esteem that you have to call complete strangers honey?? Or anyname for that matter.) Anyway, I think you ned to get a life, as of right know you are the only one who has supported Britney your probably her only fan and post different responses under different names. I think you need to get over yourself and you need to stop using endearing terms on people you don't know!

2539 days ago

Cooter Flasher    

Everyone Hates Momadukes-

You must be the poster child for the Britney Spears school of parenting.

What a waste of half a brain.

2539 days ago


Britney, Did you ever think of paying them to come to you! You should do that! I bet even the guys at starbucks and taco bell would deliver to you if you asked nicely! Please stay annoyed with the paparazzi!!

2539 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

After tanning its off to the gas station again to meet my dealer in the restroom

2539 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She is not a Queen or a Diva just a washed up nobody. Ordering people around-what a bitch! Buy a tanning bed loser!

2539 days ago


She calls the paps and lets them know where she is going to be all the time. She loves the attention.

2539 days ago


Maybe if TMZ would stop putting every stupid thing she does on its web site, this skank would finally go away.......

2539 days ago


I can't believe this chick still has fans. Insane!

2539 days ago


Wait till she needs gas again, I just know you guys are gonna walk away.

2539 days ago

Jim Beam    

Come on Britney, do us all a favor, especially your children, OD !!!

2539 days ago


B*TCH has $$$- ever thought of spending few grand, and buying your own tanning booth? Does she EVER think? I wouldn't waste my pity on this "singer"- she needs to go away. Call the cops? Pulleeze- she should be fined by the city for each time she does.

2539 days ago

Baby Countdown    

I LOVE that "singer" was typed in quotes....I dare this biatch to sing live for once in her miserable life.

2539 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Does Britney Desperately Seek Paparazzi?AOLPosted:
17:09:31Filed Under: Britney Spears, Star Scandals, Music News(Oct.
1) -- If you feel bad for Britney Spears having to constantly fend
off hordes of paparazzi, you may lose some of your sympathy if you
keep reading. In a new column, Chicago Sun-Times writer Bill Zwecker
offers some insight into Spears' daily workings. Zwecker's sources
claim that almost daily, Spears finds out where the paparazzi will be
that day, and then makes sure she heads to that area. Spears sometimes
even does the grunt work herself, Zwecker reports, calling hotels to
find out what press junket or celebrities will be there on that day.
Photo Gallery: Britney Hearts/Hates the PaparazziMost Wanted / ZUMA
Press Wherever Britney Spears goes nowadays, dozens of flash bulbs
are popping all around her thanks to a constant swarm of eager
paparazzi.1 of 9 "Even though her professional career and personal
life are train wrecks and she seemingly is paying little attention to
her appearance, she is doing everything she can to make sure she's
photographed almost daily," a source inside of Britney's camp tells
Zwecker. The source goes on to report that Spears or someone in her
entourage will call hotels, nightclubs and other popular paparazzi
hangouts to "find out what's going on ... who's there today." The pop
star will then show up to get her picture taken. "Britney is obsessed
with keeping herself in the public eye. She has told me several
times, "If they don't see you [in the media], they forget you ... I'm
not going to let that happen,'" the source said. The surprising
revleations come after a tumultuous year for Spears that included
many complaints about the paparazzi. In an interview with NBC's Matt
Lauer, Spears said that photographers "crossed the line" and said "I
feel like I'm a target." In another incident, Spears beat on a
photographers car with an umbrella in the days leading up to her
checking into Promises rehab.

2539 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Now that Lilo is back in town, it seems Brit is tryin' to glam it up a bit.

2539 days ago

kim suck    

HEY!!! to all the people who love this WHORE!! DIE!!!!

2539 days ago
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