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Britney Gets Bronzed and Bratty

10/18/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney hit up Sunset Tan with her new assistant yesterday, and for once, acted like she didn't want her BFFs the paparazzi, in attendance!

The freshly tanned and annoyed Brit went down a back stairwell, complaining, "This is why I wanted cops here!" Then snapped, "I'm never coming here again!"

Brit's "impromptu bodyguards" were Sunset Tan employees, who became Britney's verbal punching bags as they escorted the cranky "singer" to her car. The popwreck seems to make everyone around her an instant employee -- then rudely dismisses them! Ding dang diva!


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Frank Davis    

What a bunch of bitches the LAPD are - Britney complained her personal cop service wasn't there, she gets to drive away in a car with illegally tinted front windows, and takes her damn dog into stores you and I would be denied entry if we had a dog. Bend over, for Britney, LAPD .

2559 days ago


Right... LAPD has nothing better to do than enable her addiction to attention.

2559 days ago


One of my co-workers is in the process of getting a coffee table book published......all of pics of Britney's beaver shots!!!! Thick book, too! Never in my life have I seen anyone who so craves attention and then complains when she gets it. What a BITCH! I hope she totally loses custody of those babies. They deserve more than she is capable of giving.

2559 days ago


She doesn't use a tanning bed, have her people get her coffee, etc. because she loves to be worshiped when she goes out in public. Come on y'all if ya see her SCREAM WE HATE YOU BRITNEY! How can you people honor a child abuser? Bottom line, that's what she is!

2559 days ago


Britney has every right to go about her business. But, she is acting like it is "business as usual", and it's not. Why not just stay in, get one of your assistants to get your smokes and gas and coffee, and buy a tanning bed until all of this dies down.

She's a joke who clearly doesn't understand that being in public is the worst thing to do right now. Britney needs her attention, though, and she gets it.

2559 days ago


#52. She must be very strong to be seen out in public. If a court told me I could not visit my kids, I would be locked up in my house getting hammered. Posted at 2:07PM on Oct 18th 2007 by sunshine

We don't know what time this was taken yesterday, it could have been before the surprise hearing, no one nows. To assume she went out tanning after hearing her loss of visitation is not fair. We don't know the whole story. If some of the info was left out, the Judge could have simply asked Brit's lawyer to get that information; he did not have to suspend her visitation. JMO

2559 days ago

Blah blah blah    

This is soooo funny, how does she ever fit through the doorway with that fat head of hers.

2559 days ago


Did Britney say she will never go to Sunset Tan again? Well, I think i just found my new tanning spot for life then.

2559 days ago


Harvey Levin, why don't you stop "reporting" her every move ? You are such a parasite.

2559 days ago


britney, you have millions. why not just buy your own tanning bed and have it installed at home? hell, when i was 25 i had my own, and i wasn't even rich!

2559 days ago


Now I see her major attitude where I didn't before.
She was careful not to let that slip out in public.
But in the court room that is how she was, I see now.

The cops need to start charging her if she wants them there, they are not security gaurds for Britney Spears!.

2559 days ago


She needs to be more concerned about getting her children back .She is the most superficial shallow person I have ever seen. She really thinks the world revolves around her.
Kevin Federline is the better choice to have full custody. I personally dont think she cares anyway. She will care a bit more when the child support starts . It is and has always been about money. I just hope her so called fans dont give 2 cents towards her crappy CD. She needs to come down off her thrown and join the real world !

2559 days ago

Cooter Flasher    

-If some of the info was left out, the Judge could have simply asked Brit's lawyer to get that information; he did not have to suspend her visitation.-

You honestly think that the judge didn't consider that? Judge's don't change formal orders for stupid reasons. This is no conspiracy. Her lawyers work for her, and are only as good as she lets them be.

2559 days ago


67 I agree we don't know what the true is here,she has been looking good. this is just a thought ,maybe all these trips to get gas,coffee,cigs are her way of wearing them out now that it's not working she is getting pissed off ?? and NO ONE knows if she actually calls them either, she has some issues yes but k-fed does to and he gets father of the damn year totally not fair using the kids as a pawn and doing anything to destroy her,just my opinion...

2559 days ago

kim suck    

she did this all to herself!!!

2559 days ago
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