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Ellen, Portia Rush to Home Where Iggy Was Taken

10/18/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was the only camera at the home where little Iggy was taken Sunday night, when Ellen and Portia frantically arrived, only to find the dog was already gone.


It's emotional, raw and heart-wrenching. Watch Ellen, Portia, Ruby (the little girl) and Cheryl (Ellen's hairstylist) describe the blow-by-blow of how Mutts and Moms steamrolled through the home and took the pup.

Take a look at the backyard confrontation where Marina Baktis of Mutts and Moms scooped up the pooch as cops decided who would walk away with Iggy.


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I think that,that Lady gots some kind of problem with Ellen and Portia. Of some type cause,because she really wanted that dog back! Another thing is that she could secretly like her? (but she can't have her)? idk It could be alot of things .... One last thing she probably thought that this is her chance to get on t.v. just for rataling up Ellen's life..

2532 days ago

Do Something Good    

Confirm or deny that Iggy is safe? Thank you. I read he was put to sleep. I also read he was put in a new home. I also readit hasn't been decided yet. Is Iggy alive???

2562 days ago


What an insensitive stupid beyotch that Marina is. She should be ashamed of herself. Doesn't she have better things to worry about. I hope people stop donating money to her organization and adopt elsewhere.

What a loser Marina is.

2562 days ago

Little Mama    

OK, this is a shame and all, but ELLEN SIGNED THE PAPER. Don't tell me she doesn't read stuff before she signs! Typical celebrity, thinking the rules don't apply to them. And shame on her for using her show to ruin this rescue group. I hate that those little girls are heartbroken but ultimately it's ELLEN'S fault.

2562 days ago


Marina shows herself to be a heartless, callous, Nazi of a psychopath.
Please lets not stop until we get Iggy home to Ruby and her family.
If the rescue cared so much why didn't they look into Ellen more? She has been thru animals a lot. They should have known that. But they let her adopt. And they are responsible for the resulting chaos.
Why take it out on the dog and the kids? They are the only innocents involved.
Marina=BULLY from H3LL!!!

2562 days ago


These rescue people are nuts. They think dogs are human. They have lost all concept of reality.

2562 days ago


How mean is that Marina?! She wouldn't even let the girl hold the dog! Talk about heartless. That woman NOT be allowed to own animals or reproduce. And she's wondering why the public hates her so much? Wait til they see this video. She'll have to move out of town.

2562 days ago


I hope Mutts and Moms goes out of business and I really hope all of the animals are rehomed to another rescue that can actually look to the best interest of the animals.

2562 days ago


why is this place called mutts and moms???after watching these videos all i could see was a greedy women take a puppy away from a child and show no remorse whatsoever. ellen did what was right and i commend her on her decission to give the pup to a great home from what i saw.. if mutts and #### think they are right why do they not speak out surely they have been approached by the media. instead the are hidding

2562 days ago


Why would this puppy be adopted out sooooooo soon? Because Marina didn't want Ellen or her hairdressers kids to have it, that's why.

Marina I think you are a freak and a lowlife, lowclass POS. Got that???

2562 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Do these Lesbians ever let up? I still think Portia broke the vibrator and Ellen is a Cat Lesbian anyway.

2562 days ago


I suggest that Mutts and Moms be shut down. Wasn't the whole deal with them to place dogs in homes? Ellen found a suitable home for Iggy so Mutts and Moms should have been proud. The dog had a loving home. He was being properly taken care of, he wasn't being neglected. What was the problem? Oh yea Ellen didn't let Mutts and Moms know. Big freaking deal. Marina Baktis should hide her face in shame and humiliation. She is suppose to FIND pets homes not reposses them. Get a grip Marina. Give Iggy back to the little girl.

2562 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

I LOVE Ellen, but having adopted many dogs myself, she should have known that she couldn't just give the dog away. I believe this could have been handled completely differently, i.e. Marina go and check out the house that Ellen gave Iggy to and make sure it was a good home, then have them sign a contract stating Iggy would live there. It's sad, I feel REALLY bad for those girls - I hope they find a way to move on.

2562 days ago


#10 jimbo get on a site thats your level . one that caters to 3RD graders.

2562 days ago

The Flying Doucheman    

The victims are the remaining Mutts and Moms animals that won't get adopted due to bad press for the agency. Everyone wants to march with pitchforks and torches for one celebrity dog, meanwhile all the other animals are still left homeless because no one will want to do business with the animal rescue people. You call for a boycott, but are you boycotting and for what? This never should have become a public matter, and Ellen should have been professional enough to either suck it up and do the show or take a personal day and run a re-run. We shouldn't know about this personal issue between Degeneres and the animal adoption people. It was irresponsible of her to activate her Army of Ellen drones to blindly march to a cause that is not their business in the first place. There are no bad guys here. If it hadn't been blown out of proportion, it could have been handled discreetly or with legal measures. Now its a circus and the remaining adoptable animals will suffer because someone wants to ignorantly call for a boycott. Like you were going to adopt an animal to begin with.

2562 days ago
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