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Model Falls Through a Hole for Your Enjoyment!

10/18/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know models are taught to look forward when they walk the runway, but if there's a giant hole in the ground, it's okay to look!

Our friends over at caught this video during L.A. Fashion Week. A performer fell on his back during the opening of the show, leaving a giant hole in the runway -- which, apparently, no one thought would be a problem. But, sure enough, a lovely young lady (just the right size to fit) fell right through it!

If she'd eaten just one more French fry, she might have gotten stuck!


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Whatever, she's hot .

And it wasnt her fault, its not like she fell like an idiot by losing her balance, some ahole put on a freaking martial arts show at a fashion show and cracked the stage like an ass.

2530 days ago

Michael Richards    

My cooter hurts....

2530 days ago


Pulling your hair off your face also helps see where you are going (to fall).

2530 days ago


That poor girl never had a chance. She should sue whoever let her walk out there knowing there was a hole there. Terrible.

2530 days ago

just wondering    

.....oh geez......... I really do feel guilty for laughing sooooooooo hard!!!...and I have a life!!!!!!!!!....backstage people weren't on the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2530 days ago


Per$onal injury lawyer$ will be in a feeding frenzy after $eeing thi$ video

2530 days ago

cat hater    

Show the video! Show the video! Cat gets hit by truck? Awesome!!!!

2530 days ago

Fred Flintstoned    

Wish she wasn't wearing panties, that would have made for a better clip.....bever shot

2530 days ago


At least she had on underwear.

2530 days ago

Fred Flintstoned    

That model was hot too!!!!!!!!

2530 days ago


TMZ, you're making this sound like it was cute or something, but that looks like it was actually really painful. The edges around that hole weren't as jagged as they could be and that poor girl probably got some really nasty cuts and bruises from it. I have an idea of how much that had to hurt because I fell straight down through one of my front steps once and I got hurt pretty badly. I hope she's okay.

To people making nasty comments about her: Yes, she's a model, but that doesn't mean we have to hate her for that. We don't even know this girl. It's bad karma to enjoy bad things happening to others.

2530 days ago


Sorry, that last comment should say that those edges around that hole WERE as jagged as they could be.

2530 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I was waiting for the Pantene girl to go tumbling down the stairs in the commercial.

I do not wish this model any pain or ill will, but COME didn't see a huge hole in the floor. She was so hungry she probably couldn't see straight.

2530 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

If she wasn't doing something totally worthless, it wouldn't have been so funny. It's always a pleasure to see this in their fantasy land of make believe.

2530 days ago


That's not funny people, she had to have gotten hurt. Her bare legs went down and probably scraped the sides of that hole. I feel so bad for her. That hole should have been covered somehow before the show went on.

2530 days ago
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