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TMZ Photog to Brit -- Remove Tire from Foot

10/19/2007 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got intimate with a TMZ photog yesterday -- she ran over his foot!

It happened -- ironically -- as Spears was leaving a Bev Hills medical building.

With one hand attempting to cover her freshly acquired Jolie-esque lips, Spears attempted to exit the parking lot in her Pumpkinmobile while using her other hand to steer. As she tried to make a quick left, with paparazzi by her side, Spears' tire ran over our sandal-wearing photog's foot. Spears stopped the car, trapping our guy for what must have seemed like 4 hours. Ouch!

Spears looked shocked once she realized what she'd done ... but didn't get out of the car to see if he was okay. Our photog went to the emergency room and fortunately, nothing was broken. But, in tire terms, it has not been a very Goodyear for our guy. It's rough out there!

Tune in tonight to TMZ TV to see how it all went down -- and Britney's reaction!


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That guy got his foot run over because he was too damned close to her car. If I had 50 people surrounding my car at all times taking video and popping flashes in my face I'd probably hit things and run things over, too. Get out of her way!

2538 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

The Paparazzi need to back off when people are driving their cars. Anything can happen just like this story.

2538 days ago


Britney must be an easy going person, with all the paps she has to put up
with, she is usually very polite unlike some of the other stars.
Back off paps give her a BREAK.

2538 days ago


Both hands on the wheel, stupid.

2538 days ago


Ha! That guy totally deserved it.

2538 days ago

Get over it already...    

You know if it were me...I would be aiming for all of you.

2538 days ago


Who cares, the idiot should have not been that close anyway, I guess he probably wants to sue now. These parasites should feel lucky they don't get run over the way they hound these people. If Britney takes a dump one of these idiots is there to smell it. Unreal

2538 days ago

Hop Off    

I'm glad the photographer is ok, but that's the risk TMZ takes for for stalking her! I would've ran you people down a long time ago. And then backed up and mowed you down again!

2538 days ago


Don't give her a break, she gave up her privacy when she courted the paps, now the Village Idiot wants it both ways, I think not. By the way, could this latest f**k-up end up with VI being charged with leaving the scene of an accident....I hope so........

2538 days ago


8. Good for him. I wish she had broke it. If my car was swarmed like that I would seriously just plow right through. I just don't understand why she even bothers to drive. Can't she afford to hire someone or get things delivered to the house?

Posted at 9:25AM on Oct 19th 2007 by kortni

definately the paps fault...

hiring someone, means someone else to tattle on her in her books
delivery?! but that means she can't go out and get her pics taken daily! not gonna happen.. she probably still come out despite the new asinine lip job.

2538 days ago


I've been watching this wreck spiral out of control since the beginning and I've never once had any sympathy for the predicament she puts herself in. That being said, I don't think she's at fault here at all. Why are these guys so friggin' close to her car (a car that's IN GEAR and MOVING)? All this talk about how she didn't even check to see if the photographer was okay - why should she? HE was wrong and, for once, Britney was right. He's lucky she didn't back up.

2538 days ago


Good I can't stand those sleazy creeps. I hope Brit-Brit isn't wearing fur anymore tho. Thats the one thing i can't stand about her.

2538 days ago


9. Another 'Hit and Run'?? Nice one Britney.

Posted at 9:26AM on Oct 19th 2007 by Daisy Duke

oops.. you have a point there... it's on camera and she could be charged again, whether or not the pap wants to press charges...

2538 days ago


WTF is wrong with you people, i hope you all break something one day. she's a stupid whore for not even checking if he's ok. JUST DOING HIS JOB, just like we all everyday, to put food on our tables. selfish stupid whore, karma's a bitch and she'll get hers.

2538 days ago


Dumb ass ............ he was to close ! They all need to let this girl breath ! Its no wonder her life is in shambles...... being smothered by media would make it hard for anyone to put a new beginning in perspective. What is she to do sit there all day LOL !!! not Brits fault ....

2538 days ago
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