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Malibu Brush Fire: 1000 Acres Burned

10/21/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have now doubled their initial damage estimate, and are now reporting that more than 1,000 acres have burned in today's Malibu brushfire.


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Concerned Mother    

This is a very sad situation for many people. It doesn't matter whether you are a wealthy
celebrity or just a regular citizen - it is still devastating to lose your home and your possessions. I remember when Suzanne Somers lost her home on the beach - she handled it well but it was still a very traumatic experience for her. Also, please get rid of all the popups and videos TMZ - I can't even read the stories or comments anymore!

2562 days ago


first and am from jamaica. shaba

2562 days ago

Julie G.    

Please think about these neighbors with all of horse zonings and ranches.They would appreciate the help, if your living near the areas. I have been in that area many times, but I am in Kansas now., formerly Westlake Village resident( east of Malibu) Don't let the celebrities take over the subject of theirs. The celebrities have their insurance taken care by their millions of money.

2562 days ago

Desease control    

This x rated show on the pop up is a disgrace!

whatt he hell is wrong with TMZ nasty girl in the pop up.

2562 days ago


Most of those homes are just their summer homes, they are either not there or do not keep a lot of personal stuff there.
Those that do live there year round live with this threat and that of land slides in the winter so I'm sure they are prepared..
I could not live like a sardine, basically it's in a ditch between mountains and the ocean.
One day all that will be buried, The land is very unstable from earth quake activity too. But hey to say you have a home in Malibu is important.

2562 days ago


Stop with the pop ups! This is nuts, to have to try to scroll around this crap!

2562 days ago


I have to agree with those complaining about the Kim add, now It's interrupting video's here also, It needs to go.
I have my pop up blocker on high but her ass is so big it's not working.

2562 days ago


If I want to know about a fire I will go to cnn, Where is lohan and that slut britany? tanning, gym starbucks, come on guys!

2562 days ago
9. - Confess Today!    

Glad everyone is safe, as brush fires seem to be common in Cali land.

2562 days ago


For those who believe that only the rich live in Malibu, you are mistaken-- my father bought his property up in the canyon in about 1964 when no one wanted the property-- His house, which he built himself , after the original rustic cabin was destroyed in the 1978 Malibu Hills fire, is small-- two bedrooms-- and very modest-- This morning-- my father who was a self employed home inspector-- and who is bed ridden, stricken with cancer is waiting for an ambulance to take him from his home-- You should never take it upon yourself to evaluated another's suffering, another's tragedy-- Also-- wealth cannot ameliorate all human pain, all sense of loss-- If you don't sympathize then don't say anything-- and you will be respected for your modesty.

2562 days ago


First off I don't understand why this fire is a big deal .... trailor parks burn down everyday and no one cares.

Second TMZ needs to fix its page because the videos poping out of the left side of the screen is annoying

third my bf slept with my male best friend and i am devo and wrote a blog

love you guys


2562 days ago


Really. i am sick of hearing about celebrities being the main focus of these fires. Those people have plenty of money, insurance, and can go somewhere else of rebuild with no problem. As long as none is hurt, it is the people who dont have much money who suffer, To hell with pitying the celebrities , as long as human or animal life doesnt perish.

2562 days ago


I am sick of this damned Kim Kardasian pop up. it is annoying as hell, and i dont give a damn about this woman.

2562 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

In Hollywood you don't need to look to far to find a Douche. In fact, paparazzi can just turn the cameras around 180.


2562 days ago

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2562 days ago
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