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Malibu Celebs

On Fire Watch

10/21/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron and Olivia Newton-John have been evacuated, and there are many more celebs in the Malibu area whose homes are in danger. Numerous homes along Pacific Coast Highway have been evacuated.

The Malibu County and Carbon Beach residents include: Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Bill Murray, Nick Nolte, Robin Wright Penn, Mel Brooks, Tatum O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Goldie Hawn, Linda Ronstadt, Jeff Bridges, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg,Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The fire is believed to have started when arcing power lines, downed by fierce Santa Ana winds, ignited dry brush around 5:00 AM Sunday. California has had one of the worst droughts in years, leaving hillsides especially vulnerable to brushfires. Over 1000 acres and numerous structures have already burned. More than 500 firefighters from all over the area are fighting the flames -- still being fanned by gusting winds, which are expected to continue for several days. Roughly 200 homes have been evacuated.

UPDATE: Sources on the scene tell TMZ that homes belonging to Mark Hamill, Sean Penn and David Duchovny are all in danger.

The below gallery shows the Polaroid House this past summer. The nearby LG house sustained fire damage.


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Frieda Jane    

I would not wish anyone, no matter how much money we think they might have to have ahouse fire. That being said, why on earth do they insist on building or buying in an area that has fires at least twice a year that take everything out. Can't begin to imagine the insurance premium, if they can even get insurance. It is also these folks that get the grants from the Government to rebuild, over and over and over again. Somebody needs to wake up and make a law...........

2524 days ago


For those of you who laugh at the "rich" peoples houses burning... have never lost all your possesions, sure they can buy more houses,more cars and more clothes. But you can't retake pictures of loved ones who are all grown up now, or no longer alive. I am not rich, but I will tell you this, I would not sell "my stuff" for all the houses on that beach.

2524 days ago


I hope there are no more homes or people and pets lost in any of the wild fires. The fire fighters are doing the best that they can do in such strong winds. When I was much younger our home burned down thanks to a neighbor and we lost everything so I know what it is like to be burned out and many things cannot be replaced. Our family has never been rich with cash but rich with love for each other, our hearts feel for everyone no matter what.

Today, I have a fire burning inside of me for Jennifer Aniston. Leave those rich boys that you never seem to have a lasting relationship with and come to someone that has everything you will ever need... A LOVING HEART

2524 days ago


ya if their not at one of their other 4 "homes"....I do fear for them. But I must say their "homes" come way after my fear for the fire fighters the unwealthy homes and objects, pets,and of course EVERYONES health. actually oh no without the rich and famous homes how can we watch MTVS cribs or lifestyle of the rich and famous.....maybe we should put their "homes up there....get out of here

2524 days ago


Jen ..come and stay with me ....Your the one on fire!

2524 days ago


This has nothing to do with this story even though I'm praying for all effected by this fire.

TMZ and AOL, your recent advertisements are a serious pain in the butt. I have to reload a page 2-3 times just to read the bloody article. This has been happening on different computers recently, and it just needs to stop. I'm not coming here to have the text of the article covered by a video and a bunch of stupid graphics advertising a cell phone. It is seriously annoying.

2524 days ago


Well i wish her that her house wont catch a fire.

2524 days ago


I wonder what would happen if the insensitive jerkoffs on here that complain about the rich and famous losing their homes would do if the tables were turned. If you had 10 million would you still be living in your tow trailer with snotty nose kids and empty beer cans or would you build yourself a larger home or two Would you go traveling Would you buy cars and toys. of course you would so stop acting like what the stars do is so anti human. Your jealousy shows what fools you are and how you think the rest of the world should pay attention to your worthless life. Oh yeah next time I see you I'll take fries with my shake losers.

2524 days ago


Some comments are are really ignorant especially the ones saying these celebs are rich so they can buy another home. Its not about the actual home you morons its about the personal possessions inside that can't be replaced such as photographs and other items. Of course they own homeowners insurance, which every homeowner rich or otherwise should have, so they will be paid for the structure but you can't replace childhood momentos or photos. I hope everyone gets out ok and the loss is minimal.

2524 days ago


Even though alot of these people have money, does not make them any less human than any of the rest of us. They are just luckier at times. As a fellow human being, I feel sorry for anyone that has to go thru the stress of losing something.

2524 days ago


i feel bad for those who might loose their homes but in a way i dont cuz these people are rich and go out and buy more stuff and get it replaced but somethings cant and i feel for them on that part. i struggle every month with my income and bills and wonder if i lost everything in a fire would those rich people come and help me and others like me. but by all means i dont ever wish anyone to be hurt in this rich or poor.

2524 days ago

chin chin    

Since "Dubya" is guilty of everything, I sure he plotted with mother nature to somehow make this happen.......

2524 days ago


My thoughts to the people who have lost or in danger of losing their homes to these terrible fires, and to the firefighters and everyone risking their lives to fight it. I just hope all the celebrities will remember afterwards how everyone worked so terribly hard to help them and donate money to the efforts in the future. No matter a person's status in life no one should have to have their personal possessions and family heirlooms lost forever in ashes, hey people, have some compassion! I am a grandmother and i worry about my grandchildren's future in a state where water is such a precious commodity and is so wasted, we have to stop people from wasting it, wake up!!!! Sorry, but i truly believe global warming is going to destroy our children's future unless we do something now! My prayers will be that these fires will be over very soon!

2524 days ago


Lovely...I vote for your comment above all. Botox and silicone and fire -- Oh My! You started my day with a good belly laugh. But you have compassion...a good mix.

2524 days ago

steve odell    

in lesser news: war, disease, famine, pestilence, poverty, etc...
***american media heads don't deserve their paychecks****

2524 days ago
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