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Malibu Celebs

On Fire Watch

10/21/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron and Olivia Newton-John have been evacuated, and there are many more celebs in the Malibu area whose homes are in danger. Numerous homes along Pacific Coast Highway have been evacuated.

The Malibu County and Carbon Beach residents include: Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Bill Murray, Nick Nolte, Robin Wright Penn, Mel Brooks, Tatum O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Goldie Hawn, Linda Ronstadt, Jeff Bridges, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg,Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The fire is believed to have started when arcing power lines, downed by fierce Santa Ana winds, ignited dry brush around 5:00 AM Sunday. California has had one of the worst droughts in years, leaving hillsides especially vulnerable to brushfires. Over 1000 acres and numerous structures have already burned. More than 500 firefighters from all over the area are fighting the flames -- still being fanned by gusting winds, which are expected to continue for several days. Roughly 200 homes have been evacuated.

UPDATE: Sources on the scene tell TMZ that homes belonging to Mark Hamill, Sean Penn and David Duchovny are all in danger.

The below gallery shows the Polaroid House this past summer. The nearby LG house sustained fire damage.


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Lets not forget that just because they have a unique job that pays them a ton of cash, they like the rest of who are not so financially fortunate, still have heirlooms and memorabilia that could be destroyed. So although they may be able to pick up and quickly rebuild or buy another home those items can never be replaced.

2522 days ago


Your comment sounds very callous Shanikuahh! Just because people have money doesn't take away the pain of loss. Yes, there are things in life that can be replaced but the original loss is still traumatic. We were given a bigger brain than a mouth for a reason!

2522 days ago


Okay, people. How can you be so mean? Yes, it's true, these stars have more money than my entire family put together.. But is that really any reason for the negative remarks and saying that you don't care because they can just buy a new house. Did any of you ever think about the fact that as true as it is that they can buy a new house..what about all of their sentimental belongings that can't be replaced? Some people care a lot more about that stuff than the money they have. So my prayers are with all of you! Stay safe!

2522 days ago


another fire every year!!!!!!!!

2522 days ago


Thanks for being wealthy! These people do not pay to rebuild, the American government does. Lucky rich people.

2522 days ago


168. "i remember, with horror that some of these "stars" had the audacity to blame the victims of 9/11 or their own murders....carma is a bitch aint it...."

Stop spreading lies. Many celebrities gave heaps of money to 9/11 charities, went to the site and met personally with rescue workers, etc.

Yeah, karma (spell much?) is a bitch...better watch out

2522 days ago

Peter Canepa    

Who really gives a rats ass if their places burn to the ground, do they care about us the people that made them stars by tuning in, hell no..
Screw them and all of the rest of their kind!

2522 days ago


I don't mean to sound heartless...but they can all afford to rebuild, several times over. So I couldn't care less. Events like Katrina are of more concern to me.

2522 days ago


COWARDS.... thats what you haters are.. cowards to not go out and make your lives what you want them to be... is that the reason you hate on folks in a tragic situation? you are a disgrace to mankind. complete trash in so many ways..
i had to evacuate my low rent one bedroom apartment in malibu last night. im not rich... im not famous...
im just a normal person who works hard for a living and chooses to live in one of the most beautiful places in southern california.. so you think you have a right to cheer that my house burns to the ground? you should be ashamed of your thoughts and actions.. karma will come full circle to those of you..

and this crap about living in a dangerous fire hazard area.. please.. it shows how ignorant you are. is san diego a big fire hazard area? no.. and its burning.. i could name a hundred areas you can call a fire hazardous area where people live.. many of them, poor areas.
so we should move to your specific "safe areas"? and who are you to say that someone cant live where they choose to? maybe we think you should move... maybe we should all live in prison style skyscrapers in one designated area chosen by our king who decides our outcome... think about how ignorant you all sound.. after venting, i just feel bad that you have to breath the same air as the rest of us human beings.. what an environmental waste..

2522 days ago


This is awful. I don't care how rich and famous people are... they are human nonetheless and it's awful that their homes and belongings are burning and/or are gone!!

Peter #214 ..... Boo hoo you little troll!! As if none of them legitimately work?? Please. There are plenty of celebrities who work their butts off doing what they do... who the hell are some of you people? lol. ridiculous!

I hope EVERYONE is alright!!!

2521 days ago


It doesn't matter how much money these stars are worth...they are still people. Money can't replace the memories...Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

2520 days ago

Sarah R.    

Wow. I hope these fires can be contained soon, and I hope no one gets seriously hurt. Celebrities or otherwise. I hope everyone stays safe, where they are.

2520 days ago

She Who Grew Up Poor in a Dinky Little Beach Town Called Carpinteria    

It's regrettable that some of the individuals posting comments here seem to believe that money is all it takes to replace a home. Regardless of material worth (or lack of it), loss of one's home can be devastating. A home isn't simply a structure with furnishings; it can be a repository of treasured memories, a safe haven from the outside world - it may represent security, and it might contain irreplaceable photographs, the baby shoes of a beloved child, or a teddy bear named Brownie who's been with you since the day you were born.
Many residents of Malibu live there because it's somewhat removed from "The Industry" in attitude and atmosphere. It's a slower way of life, and although it's far more pretentious than other nearby areas like Topanga Canyon, it's a far sight better than living in Beverly Hills. And last, but not least, for those of you who've never walked on a beach at low tide, living near the ocean is very restorative, regardless of your net worth. It makes you feel grounded.

2519 days ago


I could not believe how cold and uncaring you and your viewers were about celebs losing their 1st or 3rd home. We all have made them famous and able to make all of their money. We are all part of the same human race. Just because some people make more money does not make them less human or vulnerable. Maybe we all need to remember to be a little more caring and loving.

2519 days ago


a month ago i had a house fire slipped hit myhead concussion and all, all i could think about was losing preciouse momentos photos i tried to fight it i got the flames out now im recouping from a concusssion its horriblle rich or not you cant replace personal stuff and im missing work just terrible i hope lives are spared i heard 4 have died and yeah im not rich but i dont wish this on no one ever very frightnening

2519 days ago
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