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Suri Undergoes Training on Life with Paps

10/22/2007 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suri Cruise is the cutest kid this side of Kingston Rossdale!

TMZ caught the adorable Scientolotot walking (and walking, and walking) with her lifelike mother in New York on Friday afternoon on a jaunt through oh-so-posh Madison Ave. The bottle sucking Suri even waved at paps, who surrounded them on their security escorted stroll.

The duo met up with daddy at the Carlyle Hotel, where they were greeted by throngs of paps and fans screaming for the family's attention.


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2536 days ago


Bottle rot not only looks horrible, but the treatments for such are painful and tramatizing for a child. I had a day care center years ago and one of the toddlers still had a bottle! However, she didnt use a bottle while she was at my center and did very well with a cup and food (at least some of the time) Poor child had to endure a dozen or so trips to the dentist for oral surgery between the ages of 3 and 4. Her teeth hurt all the time because they were rotten. So that only made her problems worse because she didnt want to eat. So she was on pain pills for that and to get through the surgeries. The oral surgeon had to cut into the gum to get the rotted teeth out all the way. Its very sad and highly preventable. Only if there is an exterme medical reason should a child beyond the age of 1 have a bottle. My sons were 10 months old when I started them with a cup and by the time they turned 1 they threw their bottles away themselves! I imagine that her toddler will also be in pampers till she's 4 or 5. We need to go back to diapers. In those days parents seemed to have no problem successfully training 18 month olds to use the toilet! (pull-ups just delay the potty training process too)

2536 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

How do you judgemental people know Suri doesn't take a sippy cup as well. Weaning is a process. Bottle Rot coms from lazy parents who dont brush their kids teeth. Or you could give them a drink of water after a bottle to clean their mouth a little. Suri is fine...

2536 days ago


Me and my fat ass say I have a granddaughter who was off her bottle onto sippy cups at 1 year old. She is nearly 2 and is in the process of potty training and I would think before she is 2 in Dec. she will be trained. It is up to the parents to begin training this child. I can see her having a night time bottle this is in the middle of the day. I am sure her Dad has a thought on it per his religion.

2536 days ago


Why does she still have a bottle

2536 days ago


She is a doll.

it's getting tiring reading post's from miserable bitter snivelers!
the same ol crap from them, whine bitch moan groan. Next artical!
whine bitch, moan groan.....well when my kids were little!
( but do they visit you now?) Next artical...

2536 days ago

Mary Worth    

Suri will one day be the "Poor Little Rich Girl". She'll learn, like her mom, that money cannot buy happiness.

There's an out, though: If Katie can somehow come to her senses, and flee from the gay, controlling dwarf, with Suri. But that's wishful thinking, because scientology is even more controlling than Tiny Tom! And she probably feels threatened by events such as the recent, alleged "suicide" of the man who tried to extort money from Tiny Tom!.

2536 days ago


why does suri's papa take it up the butt from dudes?

2536 days ago


She's not as cute as Shiloh. Now that's a cute baby!

2536 days ago


No child should drink from a bottle to begin with. Women should BREASTFEED their babies like they're supposed to.

2536 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

That kid won't be off the bottle until the Church of Scientology says it's OK. They own Katie Holmes and that kid, and nothing will happen without their consent.

2536 days ago

Julie G.    

Reading the comments, why worrying about a drink from bottle. Every child has their own timing of weaning. My first son stopped drinking from a bottle at 1.6 years old and sippy cup from 1.6 years old til 3 years old. My second stopped drinking from a bottle at 1.8 year old ( almost his 2nd birthday) and hate sippy cuppy prefers to drink from mommy's cup with lid on. Both of my boys have different personalities and how they prefers and when to wanted. In the end, things turned out fine.
The worse scenrio that I ever went into when one day I was visiting my formerly home town to see my brother. I never forget this one, one late afternoon, He took me to the resturant called Paradise Cove on Pacific Highway and I was sitting on a table about three tables south from where the woman who was breastfeeding her child who look like 4 or 5 years old. It almost could not close my mouth while eating my lunch!! It made me think twice its better for the child under 4 on any kind of the bottles or sippy cuppies instead having the little children clinging on breast feeding that long! I would be glad to see any babies drink from the bottle or sippy as if they are only 3 years old. If you seen that woman breast feed the child, you will have the different perceptive! Believe me or not!

2536 days ago

Mindy C    

Suri is 18 months old, time to introduce a sippy cup and take the bottle away.

2536 days ago


THAT CHILD IS TOO OLD FOR A BOTTLE. Plain and simple! The child is WAY TOO OLD. Plus she's not really 18 months old, she's two years old.

Katie is too busy shopping constantly to worry about it though. Katie, don't you have ANYTHING ELSE TO DO? Shop, shop, shop?

2536 days ago


The kid is cute but for Gods sake I have seen much prettier.and they are not even stars.

2536 days ago
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